21 thoughts on “You must know that we know!

  1. “Why have we the people allowed this travesty of justice and trampling of human rights to continue?” Yes, why have you?

    Oh well, don’t bother, you must know that I know.

          1. Roald said: Happy new year to you too in-law (friendly manner of speaking), with much joy and filled with prosperity. Hope that helps 🙂

          1. My point, Onno, is that if one has problems with whatever situation, then do something about it, which means seen from my perspective, not only babbling and complaining about it, actually only waiting for other people do the real dirty work.

            I met too many so called activists sitting safely in front of their computers, in their clubhouses drinking coffee and beer, on the streets following their charismatic leaders ‘courageously’ throwing stones at whoever is against their quests and in frustration looting other people’s properties, that I would even consider to take them seriously. I once did this. Not anymore. In fact I think they’re cut from the same cloth as the ones they say they’re ‘fighting’.

            1. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Actually, I agree with you on all points except one; some folks need to spread the message and build a community, that’s the way the herd works. As to the dirty work, I’ve tracked and traced 1381 dirty cops and I’ve started to publish some info using my real name. I’m now trying to figure out a way to use 184,000+ search terms, the names of the people they arrested, and use their methods against them without building a website to get it done. I’ve been advised to back off. Saludos Roald, enjoy the week end. Paranda?

            2. Well, good for you, man.

              Paranda? Nah, I don’t divide my week in workdays and weekends. Besides, that kind of leisure time could never get my full attention.

            3. Just for on page SEO I tried a page on Blogspot, but it limited me to about 24,000 names, that barely got me into the letter B. That means I have to create 10 pages, just for the names, it’ll take days LOL! Then there are the keywords, hashtags, etc……..
              I haven’t tried WP yet to find it’s limits. Instead of building a site, I want to use this method because it can’t be DDOSed or shut down all at once, …giggles! Oh, ..and it’s free! Greetings 🙂

            4. Why not put a few “computer activists” to work to speed up your work? I’m sure Andreas a.k.a. Herr SchlĂźter is standing in line for the job already. He also could be the one testing the limits of WP.

            5. LOL, not every one is a programmer, neither am I. What I’m doing is already being automated. Industrial solution to an industrial problem is what I aim for, even articles can be re-written by machine so it looks like a completely new and different article, even if it says essentially the same thing to the human reader, computers will not know the difference.
              Thanks for the suggestion, but the position has been filled. Groetjes.

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