1. Here’s a little thing (one of many) to ease the paranoia a bit.


    No time to read the above? Too bust? Here’s a little part of it.

    The way autism is defined in the U.S. has changed dramatically since 1980, when it first appeared in the DSM-III as “Infantile Autism” and could only be diagnosed in children whose symptoms began before they were three years old. Autism spectrum disorders have expanded to include diagnosis without a specific age requirement beyond the “early developmental period” and without requiring significant language impairment in the recently revised DSM-5.

    The vast majority of people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders today would never have qualified under the 1980 classification, and no formal classification separate from schizophrenia existed before then. So it’s not surprising that numbers have increased in the U.S. <<<<

    Um…..and to think I’m not even a fan of the DSM (any version) 😛

    Btw, I have a conspiracy theory too:


    1. Such reclassification is not unusual in medicine, what is unusual is the explosion in diagnosis of autism. This is rooted in real behavioral issues in children, a marked increase over the years.

      1. “……. a marked increase over the years.” Have you read the whole article?

        Remember ADHD? Zillions are diagnosed now with it, while even its inventor told the world it doesn’t really exist.

        I came to believe that many “disorders” are here as an excuse for some (um…. many) people for having messed up, but don’t want to be held accountable for same. Much easier, convenient, and comfortable, to find some kind of a scapegoat, no? “Yeah, you know, it’s not my fault, you know, I’m not to blame, you know, but it’s he, she, they, you know?”

        Um…….did you know that Planet Nine is now in the picture for all human misery? 😀

        1. Actually I could not access the article at all from my phone or iPad. All of psyche is as you criticize, it’s a field that categorizes abnormal behaviors that overlap with normal. Many of these people were mistakenly diagnosed as assholes. 😀

          1. Seems to be hard for the herd to live happily with members living one standard deviation (or even worse 2σ or more) from The Norm. Yeah, crackpots, that’s what they are.

            Now where is that smart dog guiding those fools into the right direction, huh?

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