Sadly, this post captures the dark reality of medicine and healthcare.

The View from one Canadian

via Blacklisting Patients

Expectations influence perception.

Ever try to get iatrogenic injuries diagnosed and treated? Good luck.

There is a list of reasons defeating succeeding with that. For one thing, the knee jerk reaction of health care professionals is that your claim is frivolous. They just don’t believe you. But there are more reasons.

For one thing, there won’t be any record of it. For another, the person who caused it will brand you as a difficult patient, at the least, and spread lies about you. For another, it can damage the career of a health care professional to diagnose iatrogenic injuries because the rest of the medical community will turn on him or her for doing that. And “you can’t let one patient ruin your whole career.”

There are more reasons beyond those, but the point is that patients who have been injured by their treatment providers are treated…

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