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My quest to become a freelancer is challenging. Presently I’m still working on the resume.

You see, while I have great training and I am a MD, I never had a title besides “Doctor”. Titles are very important in the business world, as they imply leadership skills. Most titles are shared by a few wearing several hats; you will see them at various meetings and be amazed they can juggle so many hats, until you see the hats falling to the floor with each throw.

When I practiced, my priorities were my family and patients. While I had opportunities to get a title I was uninterested. And in some cases left those jobs, not wanting to spread myself too thinly.

Sadly, I feel the need to explain my not acquiring a title during my career as a single mom physician, whose husband also happened to have committed suicide.

Now I could easily create a few companies and make myself CEO. Wait, I am the CEO of the companies I created (Engaged Environments, LLC and Angela Crane Associates, LLC).

Recently, a fellow physician complained about a MPH consultant who never practiced medicine, teaching doctors how to practice medicine. A job I would not be considered for because I did not complete the MPH degree at Harvard, despite my 20+ years in practice and the last 4 years as a patient. Interesting how short sighted businesses can be.

Yes the world of freelancing is not easy.   Not having a title, as well as my location and race, all work against me.

Over the weekend I will rethink my strategy to include patient advocacy and malpractice as possible freelance work. I will either get there or die trying.

If you need an expert (which I am!) to review your medical care and make suggestions, or want to know your care was appropriate, then please send me an email to arrange a free 15 minute consultation at

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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

31 thoughts on “Freelancer Looking For Opportunities

  1. “Not having a title, as well as my location and race, all work against me.” Maybe so, but only in the world you so wholeheartedly despise and hate. So better not try to find work there. Instead, focus on the benefits of NOT having a title, your location, and “race”. Oh, and don’t wait till the weekend. Start now!

          1. OK. Now start with writing down everything that makes you tick. It doesn’t matter if it’s work related or not. You don’t need to sit down for that and think, think, think. The best way is to log it immediately anytime something that you believe is your thing pops up in your mind. Can be in the supermarket, while dreaming, in the shower, while ranting about whatever online, etc. Take a week (or two weeks) for that. After that, and only then, read all you gathered, and see if there’s a red line. Then report back to me.

            1. Of course that’s not enough. You need to be more specific. Way more specific actually. Try to answer the question: “HOW could I use my head to help people?” And then:

              Well, I could …………………
              I could ………………………….
              And I could …………………..
              Oh, and I also could ………………….
              But wait, …..I could ……………….

              And if at a certain moment you would come up with:

              Nah, I never could …………………
              Yeah right, as if I could ………………

              then give that some extra thought, because sometimes stuff like that is really opening some doors.

              Got all that? Get to it then.

            2. Not a bad desire. A great one even. And the good thing is, you don’t need a silly resume to get started. But……um……any ideas how to get started?

              Hint: Take on those creepy cops first. How? Here’s an example of something that could work.

            3. How to get started? I have started by having an online presence. Are you suggesting I start with videos, perhaps maintain a video database of police brutality cases?

            4. You should go with what you want, not with my suggestions. To fulfill your desires it’s YOU who has to dig up what’s hiding inside you, what was there from the beginning, but was snowed under by all the crap people forced upon you from the day you were born, and at times even eagerly swallowed by you too. To create and get to your Valhalla, it’s by far not enough to tell me “I want to create a media empire specializing in human rights.”, then sit back, and again mainly depend on other people’s input. I, for instance, should only be a sounding board, a catalyst, or the one keeping you focused on the center of your universe, which is you, Angela, you, and you. I know it won’t be easy, as most people are not used to do this, but it’s the only way ( well….um….uh….uh…….as far as I know. eh?). If you can’t distance yourself from all the usual crap, you’ll end up with the same old crap again. Setting up a “video database of police brutality cases” is an example of that.

              So start digging. Expose what you already know from the beginning of your life, or at least for a very long time, but for one reason or another, is sitting in your blind spot, or you are afraid of to look into the eye.

              And…….since you’re so fond of quotes, here’s an appropriate one:

              To seek is to deny the truth that is right in front of you. <<<
              (Jiddu Krishnamurti)

              And …………………….


            5. Roald I am inspired and will use you as a catalyst while I tease out my passion. Passion and desires buried under society!s perception of what I should do and be. Thank you I feel liberated. 🙂

      1. Angela -I know a few not-for-profit that operating in Africa and the Caribbean that could use a skilled medical advisor. You will be traveling most of the year in areas, where your title and race will help. (not hinder. check our Having PURPOSE, Inc. on LinkedIn 😉

  2. This is one of the most brilliant compositions I’ve read…wait, maybe I shouldn’t say that, because that might throw a curb and have you questing for the title of “writer” instead.

    But, looking for opportunities is a hard job; fortunately we’re not as shortsighted as the companies mentioned and have ways of creating opportunities whilst looking.

    Blessings of success.

  3. You asked: “Btw, where is the door and where is the key? I can’t seem to find neither.”
    Huh? You can’t? You sure? Damn! Bugger! So what to do now, eh? Well……um…….remember Herr Schlüter, your eternal activist friend, that indefatigably warrior, who’s always there for you, having your back no matter what? You do? Then why not ask that powerhouse of a man, holder of the sacred key to free humanity from chastity and opening the revolving door to everlasting justice and happiness for all, for directions, and handing over the key to you, his mistress, his goddess, his role model, as well? You should give it a try, babe.

    Note: You should be patient, though, as it seems he currently is so busy relentlessly molding the world to his own image, that up till now he only could “wish you lots of luck and success!” But as we agreed upon a long time ago already: Gib niemals auf! >:D

  4. Dr. Angela, patient advocacy along with reviewing a clients course of medical care is a great idea! Maybe suggesting a more natural method of care?

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