What Happened To Darrius Stewart?

Our influence extends to three degrees. That means what you do affects you and your immediate friends, as well as your friends’ friends and your friends’ friends’ friends.  Studies show obesity follows those lines and tend to occur in clusters of friends.

Originally a study [ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_degrees_of_influence ] showed that if you wished to contact a person across the globe whom you did not know, it would take six degrees of separation  for the letter to reach that person. In other words, if I wanted to send the Queen of England a letter from me, it would take only 6 degrees of influence to get that letter to her. With that  said, let’s help Mrs. Stewart by sharing her story about her son Darrius Stewart, so it eventually reaches those with the authority to make a difference and help her get justice.

What happened to Darrius Stewart

Post by Reverant Revan on Tue Oct 06, 2015 12:44 pm

Source: @nook71715 (#DarriusStewartTruth), the Twitter account run by the mother of Darrius Stewart.  Link http://churchofequality.friendhood.net/t31-what-happened-to-darrius-stewart

What happened to Darrius Stewart

Post by Reverant Revan on Tue Oct 06, 2015 12:44 pm

Source: @nook71715 (#DarriusStewartTruth), the Twitter account run by the mother of Darrius Stewart.

This is what happened to my son that Memphis, TN doesn’t want the world to know.

An unarmed 19 year old Darrius Stewart was driven to a black church on the night of July 17, 2015 by Memphis Police Department (MPD) officer Connor Schilling & brutally murdered for no apparent reason…
Darrius was in the backseat of a friend’s car when MPD officer (Connor Schilling) & another officer pulled the friend over for a headlight violation.
Instead of just checking the drivers’ license & proof of insurance.
He looked inside the car and asked the passengers for their I.D also, unfortunately Darrius left his I.D at home.

After checking all three young men identification, he assumed Darrius wasn’t who he claimed to have been because he did not have any I.D on him.
The other two young men said that Schilling then, open the back door of the vehicle & snatched Darrius out and stated that he was detaining him.
They said Darrius looked at them & start saying, “I’m scared, and I’m scared.”

They tried to explain to officer Schilling that this happened once before in June of this year.
He was riding with a friend when the Sherriff pulled them over.
Darrius had mistakenly left his I.D at home but the sheriff allowed him to call home and I gave them the number off the I.D over the phone.
They said that it was a person with the same exact name Darrius Stewart with outstanding warrants in different states but his I.D cleared him & he was free to go…

Schilling continued to put him in the back of his squad car with no hand cuffs on.
Darrius’s friends asked Schilling, why was Darrius being detained & was he under arrest he didn’t answer them. They asked him could Darrius give them my number to call me he replied, no.
They also asked the officer what was taking so long, he replied “I’m waiting on the station to get back with me.”
So, they decided to drive around the corner to get me alone with his I.D.
By the time I made it there, all I saw was police cars & yellow tape outside a church not where they said Schilling & the other officer stopped them at.

The police were blocking incoming & outgoing traffic off so fast but I manage to ask one of the bystanders what was going on.
She said, “He shot him for nothing.”
One of the police standing by her started pushing her back & cursing me out.
I went back home and called the Ridgeway precinct.
I spoke to the captain/sergeant and asked him did he know if a Darrius Stewart had been shot.
He said, he did not know because they just called him not too long ago & he was about to go down there.
I called my son’s phone all night & prayed that it wasn’t him.
MPD did not have the decency to let me know that one of their officers had killed my son (Darrius Stewart).

One of Darrius’s friends called me the next morning to tell me it was him.
When we contacted them they were already performing an autopsy on his body.
Schilling intentionally kidnapped my only son (Darrius Stewart) against his own free will by putting him in the back of his squad car pretending to be detaining him without any probable cause.
When the driver & the other passenger drove away, Schilling drove off with Darrius to a different location where he claim he tried to handcuff him & arrest him outside of a black church (New Direction) on Winchester Rd in Memphis, TN…

At night this particular church can be used as a blind spot to commit all types of heinous acts.
Darrius was in the backseat of a car pulled over for a headlight violation when his life was stolen from him by a racist police (Connor Schilling) appointed to protect & serve.
Connor Schilling shot & killed an unarmed defenseless 19 year old teen because of his skin color…
He has been on a suspended leave with pay since he murdered my son.

Check Connor Schilling’s background, he should have never been an officer upholding no laws which you can clearly see.
MPD officer Connor Schilling should be held accountable for the crime that he committed; Murder.
He should not be on payroll, he should be fired & prosecuted for the Murder of unarmed 19 year old Darrius Stewart…
Thank you.

Mrs. Stewart agreed to have her son’s story posted here.   This story was brought to my attention by @PPete_En on Twitter.

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Re: What happened to Darrius Stewart

Post by Reverant Revan on Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:56 am

An unarmed 19 year old passenger dead after a routine traffic stop. His crime no ID. He was murdered by Connor Schilling.
An unarmed 19 year old passenger dead after a routine traffic stop. His crime no ID. Darrius Stewart killed by Cop Connor Schilling.

 When did it become mandatory to carry an ID?

I thought such requirements only occurred in the old Soviet Union.

Something is fundamentally wrong with a system that condones the murder of an unarmed innocent young man with no criminal history by a police officer.  Something is fundamentally wrong when routine traffic stops lead to cops shooting to kill American citizens because of a broken taillight, or because the driver was black.

Wasn’t Darrius Stewart innocent until proven guilty?  What did the now-retired Connor Schilling do to ensure he had the right suspect?

Darrius and his friends asked the officer to make one call to prove Darrius was who he proclaimed to be. Why didn’t Connor Schilling oblige? Darrius had no gun, or other weapons, and cooperated with Connor Schilling.  Why did Connor Schilling shoot to kill an unarmed Darrius Stewart who he (Connor Schilling) had not proven committed a crime or posed any threat or was the correct suspect?

There was a time when essentially all cops were KKK members especially cops in the South.  After Michael Brown was murdered, Americans learned the KKK is still very much part of the police force. Could the KKK ideology be the code of conduct for America’s 18,000 police departments?

Let’s help put an end to these extrajudicial murders by the police. Officers should not prey on the community they serve.

Demand that the laws change, police officers should  be accountable and not  above the law.

Demand mandatory tamper proof body cameras to protect the constitutional rights of American citizens.

In 2015, over 1000 dead while in police custody.   Based on The Guardian, the Counted, in 2016 so far 550 people killed by police and 86 of those in the month of June.

Please reblog and share with friends so this post will reach those who can help Mrs Stewart and others get justice.

Thanking you…

For more information about this case please visit DarriusStewartTruth.com  or @nook71715 or #DarriusStewart

Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

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  1. Each state should set up a tribunal of a cross section of community leaders to review questionable police and judicial actions. The tribunal should have access to the attorney general and the press to help ensure the review is taken seriously. Public officials need to be accountable to the public they are responsible to protect!

    1. Hi Kent, I totally agree! There needs to be community oversight and accountability. What happened to Darrius was not a tragedy, it was crime. A preventable crime that is now a daily occurrence.

      Thank you

  2. This sadly goes beyond who is hired in uniform. This is the justice system we live in and part of if is letting these crimes be handled in a state manner instead of a federal manner. These “cops” who commit these crimes hate federal prosecutors getting in the way. I feel they should also do more thorough back ground checks on the state level for these cops we have patrolling our streets; or is it “too much” of our tax money? Yet most of it goes to keeping our jails full of inmates; the more people especially minorities the better instead of focusing on how to keep our jails less filled? It’s ridiculous; it truly is. Rest in peace Darrius

    1. Those were some great points. On a state level, cops who resent the community they serve are preferentially hired. These cops have no respect for minority or poor communities and prey on its members.

      Agree, the public should seek policies that remove incentives to keep jails filled. As a country, the US profits from suffering and torture of its citizens. How disturbingly dysfunctional?

      Thank you for your comments.

  3. Interesting that I can do a post about coffee and get more responses than a post about the life of a human being, Darrius Stewart. Says much about the world we live in. 🙁

  4. Fact is, the guy is dead. Nothing can change that. From what I know of the case, this should have never happened, though, and would have never happened had the officer acted according to the protocols in force.

    After a quick and random Internet search I found, among other things this:

    “The TBI investigated the shooting and passed its 800-page findings onto the D.A.” and,

    “District Attorney Amy Weirich did ask for Memphis police officer Connor Schilling to be indicted for voluntary manslaughter and employment of a firearm during a dangerous felony.” and,

    A grand jury chose not to indict Schilling for shooting and killing Stewart July 17, 2015 during a traffic stop.” That says it all.

    It’s always the same story. When the shit has hit the fan, the public takes to the streets, comes up with all kinds of petitions, demands this and that, etc. I can understand this, but still find this silly, stupid, and not reversing the condemned action. Like I said, the guy is dead! So, if the public wants to change things, it should act BEFORE horrible things happen. Prevention should be the cure. Take to the streets and demand, for instance, a change in recruitment procedures of police officers. Organize meetings and demand, for instance, different procedures when it comes to prosecuting officers who didn’t follow protocol. Put the pressure on. Constantly! Don’t give these so called authorities room to breathe. Go after them BEFORE the shit hits the fan. Not after that event. But you know what? I think most of the protesters are too lazy and indifferent for that. After having blown off their angry steam, the majority will return home, watch the next episode of their favorite show, and pick up things where they left them, till the next shooting. As long as that’s the case things like that will never change and stay the same forever.

    Prognosis: Next killing in a few days.

    1. I could not agree with you more. We need laws to change so cops, prosecutors and judges are held accountable. Protests and petitions can help bring such awareness. Unfortunately they usually rally around justice for one individual who is already dead.

      We need to be proactive instead of reactive.

      Thanks for the additional information and your insight.

      1. As I wrote, the TBI report consisted of 800 pages, but it only took jurors four (4) hours to decide not to hold the officer responsible. Guess they all were extremely fast speed readers and highly qualified law people. In contrast to these powerhouses it took me more than an hour to make myself acquainted with only an abstract of that report. Now imagine how much time I would have spent with analyzing named abstract. And I won’t mention the time it would have cost me to make a judgement. But not that Grand Jury. Oh no, they read the whole report (800 pages), analyzed it, discussed it, and made a decision, within 4 (four) hours. Yeah, special bunch of people those jurors.

        DA Weirich’s office told the press: “What went on when the Grand Jury met, as well as the makeup of the jury, were kept secret.”

        Steven Mulroy, Associate Dean of the University of Memphis Law School, said during an interview: “”It is extremely rare for a Grand Jury to decline to indict if the prosecutor recommends an indictment.” He also said that it technically was possible for the DA to ask for another Grand Jury to again look at the case.

            1. Yeah, while the rest of bunch is frantically typing their asses off to comment on your “post about coffee”, we are busy with the real stuff. >:D 👿 😎

      1. It’s a fucked up world, Angela. That’s why. And that’s also why I built a huge fence around my home and offices, so I can distance myself from it at will. And if someone would still manage to come inside without my permission, that person would soon find out if there’s life after death.

  5. Reblogged this on United States Hypocrisy and commented:

    Darrius Stewart was viciously murdered by a cop in Memphis, TN for the “crime” of not carrying his I.D. with him. His mother is speaking out and trying to do what she can to achieve some sort of justice for her loved one.

    1. Hi, Great point! Sad and unnecessary! That point is not often brought out. Seems cops are not only judge and jury deciding the guilt of a suspect but abuse power when they create and enforce racially biased acts that require POC to have IDs when in public.

      Why aren’t cops accountable for abuse of power and excessive and unnecessary use of force? Are cops above the law?

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