Blacks Need To Step Up Their Responsibility


This is a video by @TJSotomayor where he lambasted  black people.  His despise for Black women  glaring.   Despite the biased rant, he made a valid point about blacks not adopting or willing to open their homes to state-owned or orphaned black children.  Something, he admired about the many whites who have.    Without actual stats, let’s presume this is true, why are whites adopting more black children than blacks?  Or is this true?

While I find his remarks offensive,  there was truth to his criticisms.   Do you agree with him?  Do you think Blacks should stop pointing fingers at whites and start helping each other?  Let’s hear your thoughts.

All thoughts accepted without comments.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

5 thoughts on “Blacks Need To Step Up Their Responsibility

  1. There is only a limited set of persons from whom you can demand accountability.

    You are entitled to comment upon others’ appearance of lack of integrity — failure to live their own words, provided your own integrity is intact.

    Everyone else is one to whom to offer your collaboration and cooperation.


  2. Dear Angela, I don´t feel authorized to judge the black community in the US, but the point that there should be more togetherness and heip among each other within the Black community should be wholeheartedly supported. Also I think the attitude of large parts of the White community doesn´t allow stopping to point finger at them. With the Adoption affair (White on Black) I fear there is also some paternalism mixed into it. If I and my son´s Togolese mother would have passed away during his childhood I´d surely not have wished him to grow with a purely White Family.
    Have a refreshing Sunday (what´s left of it). Cordial regards

      1. Well, luckily my son is now 37 years old, a grown man, his parents no more together. The answer is simple, talking about the average socio-psychic conditions within the White community, most whites are not fit to strengthen the black identity of a Black child in this world. The Lady I´m now living with (Afro-German, in fact as such we know each other since Age 15) was adopted by a White German Family. We often talk about the disadvantages of that situation, as good willing foster parents might be. Let me also refer to another Twitter friend, Catana Tully:
        I think, if a child is deprived of her/his natural parents, the child has the right to have her/his origin to a point represented in the adopting parents. One point is – maybe of minor importance – that the child is many times forced to give explanations on many occasions, but there are deeper more subtile aspects. Because of this right of a child to have the natural origin represented by adopting parents – if need be – I´m also strongly against Adoption by same-sex-couples, though I hate discrimination of homosexual People.
        Cordial Sunday night regards

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