Americans Want To Know About Hillary Clinton’s Health

Hillary Clinton's Decision Fatigue and Provigil

Americans Want To Know About Hillary Clinton’s Health

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has what is known as ‘Decision Fatigue’, to the point of requiring the medication Provigil.

I had decision fatigue caused from chronic insomnia. It got so bad I left the practice of medicine, with me too being on Provigil to keep me awake.  I took it with an amphetamine-based medication, as pep pills, to function.

The problem with this medication was the pills had side effects, and when the side effects were worse than the problem, I had to stop the pep pills or risk death. Stopping was no easy matter, as my fatigue became worse on stopping the medication.

If Hillary Clinton has decision fatigue, that is symptomatic of an underlying illness for which the fatigue prevents her from functioning.

Provigil is indicated when fatigue interferes with daily functioning. At one point I could not drive, because I was falling asleep at the wheel, and this was on my pep pills. I was on both Provigil and Vyvanse when I had a syncopal episode (fainting) resulting in open multiple fractures of  my face and head injury.  The medications elevated my blood pressure.

I made the initial decision to leave medical practice and was never able to return because of decision fatigue.

You see, I put my patients’ health and my oath to do no harm before my need to make an income or to continue with my dream job. So shouldn’t Hillary put this country and Americans before her need for power and money?

If Hillary will be too tired to make decisions, who will make them for her? Should that person seek office? Decision fatigue affects more than one’s ability to make decisions, it also affects functional capacity, especially executive function.

Also, what medication side effects can we expect from Provigil? Is she on other pep pills? And what is the underlying illness causing Hillary’s decision fatigue?

Americans, and indeed other nationalities, need to be reassured that the person elected to the highest position is physically and mentally fit to make sound decisions.

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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

14 thoughts on “Americans Want To Know About Hillary Clinton’s Health

  1. Dear Angela, thanks for the clear and open words! I fear that the weaknesses of Clinton are irrelevant to the really deciding People. The US President is since long only in office, not in power. He/she is the executing power executing not the will of the People but the will of the “Deep State”. Thus her decision making capacity does hardly play a role, decisions are made elsewhere and the less she can make them herself, the better for the powers that (shouldn´t) be! But she might again and again be popped up by more money!
    See: „Deep State USA: Dulles, Dallas and Devilish Games“:
    It appears that any person who would still develop a chance to beat her in the process will njot make it till the election day, at least not till the Inauguration!
    Sad situation! Poor US, poor world!
    Cordial regards

    1. Oh come on, don’t be sad. As long as there are people among us like Andreas (Herr Schlüter for his poor friends), what in the world could go wrong, huh? So rejoice, join in, and sing with us……………..

      Um………btw……..a staunch leader like Andreas should run for Federal Chancellor next year, or at least hijack a place in the Bundestag, don’t you think? Just think of it. A new world order would be for grabs then, no? Viva lo nuevo. Viva la revolución.

      1. Oh, man, thanks for the funny song of the funny gang! And keep on looking at the bright side of life, as long as you can! I fear we´ll soon have little reason to laugh.

        1. “……..we´ll soon have little reason to laugh.” What you mean “we”? You mean, you know how to laugh? Awrrrrrr. Congratulations, man. Or….um…. lachst du wie ein Bauer, der Zahnschmerzen hat? 🙁

          Here, lemme help you to change that.

  2. Notwithstanding the “danger” that our “Psychologist” will turn up again to spread some funny things, here´s something I´d like to add, more so since my blog seems to be sabotaged.
    Things to Possibly Come
    Preface: At present my WordPress Blog WiPoKuLi is defect and I´m not able to post new articles. Thus I take this way to publish my analysis about possible developments.
    USA: New „Business Plot“ under way?
    The real US Power Elite might count just 100 People. It is made up of the super rich, the „Military Industrial Complex“ (of which already Eisenhower warned) and the most influential heads of the „Intelligence“ community and the military. Since Kennedy´s assassination no US President ever dared to go massively against the will of that Power Elite. But still there might be too much of Democracy in the US according to the taste of those 100 people.
    Now we see the elections coming up in the US. We see a female warmonger, who is basically to the taste of those guys but also seems to have serious problems. Her health seems shaking. More and more „casualitues“ around her and her husband surface. Alternative media talk about the „Clinton Body Count“. Adding to this are scandalous email cases regarded by many as treason. Leaving alone the financial scandals.
    I made a prediction: if Trump´s chances to win the race increase, something nasty could happen to him. The „lone weird gunman“ might already be waiting. Could I´ve been wrong and things might go the other way round?
    In 1933 part of the US Power Elite planned the aborted „Business Plot” of 1933. This showed the readiness of the super rich to do away with US Democracy. Those days power wasn´t as concentrated as today. What if another more effective Business Plot is „in the pipe“? What if a serious „False Flag“ is on the way? The US Power Elite has „qualified“ for such a thing already with „Nine Eleven“, preparing the way for the War of Terror against the world.
    One and a half decade after Nine Eleven: another False Flag?
    Let me present a scenario: those media controled by the Power Elite have already tried to tie Russia to the Wikileaks publications. They´ve tried hard to present Trump almost as Putin´s agent. Could there be a setup in planing to liquidate the weird sick woman Clinton and present it as a Russian Secret Service operation?! The „answer“ could be a „State of Emergency“. It would be declared “in order” not to let the US fall into the hands of „Putin´s Agent“ Trump. And quite a number of people might be happy to have the „Freak“ prevented. Democracy might be suspended for „the better of the US“. That might cause an uprising but strange things are already reported about FEMA camps. US Society would go full swing into militarization, even much more than already happened. The „allies“, maybe better called vassals, might hardly say something out of fear, the „terror might come“. Apocalypse Now?!
    Andreas Schlüter
    Berlin, Germany

    My articles on the USA:

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