American Sanctioned Torture

Nationalism is power hunger tempered by self-deception. -George Orwell

Nationalism  is patriotism. The term patriotism triggers feelings of loyalty, integrity, selflessness and a committment to a ‘higher’ cause, country.

But is patriotism a noble or higher cause than human rights?

4 thoughts on “Nationalism 

  1. Wonderful the Slogan: “No flag is large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent People!” Great! That is it! Have a wonderful week, dear Angela!

  2. A “higher” cause? Hierarchy is in session again? What a superior thought. >:D

    “Country” can be that “higher” cause? Ah, I get it. The rock and sand, surrounded by artificial borders you happen to live on/in, are way superior to others’ sand and rock, and must be defended against savages and other evil, and worth to die for in the process. 💀 ☠️

    “Flag”? Just another symbol of “us-against-them”. Yeah, let’s get those bastards, and burn their flag. Of course while singing our national anthem, eh? 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑

      1. “Most” internalized what was forced down their throat from day 1 they left the womb, then believed these were their own private values, and because they never had the guts to question them (or the so called authorities that fed these values to them), they happily embraced (among other things) the crap about flag, country, etc.

        Tell a coward he/she is brave, and she/he will blindly obey and follow the messenger, from here to eternity.

        You and I were cut from a different cloth. Personally I’m carrying the label: If Pete (or Susan, or Jim, or Angela, or……) says it’s “A”, leave it to Roald to find somewhere a “B”. And if that’s not possible, he’ll dig up a “C”. People love(d) me for that. Um……you should have seen the faces (and actions) of the hot shots in the military, the time I created a little havoc there. 😎

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