The Bombing of MOVE and West Philadelphia 42 Years Later

United States Hypocrisy

The vicious, racist police forces of Philadelphia unleashed one of the largest acts of terror on the city’s Black residents forty-two years ago today.

From – Liberation News:

42 years after the MOVE bombing

On May 13, 1985, police used C-4 explosives to blow up a home in a heavily populated Black neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While undeniably a criminal act in and of itself, the cops then deliberately prevented the fire department from extinguishing the flames.

Over the ensuing four hours, the police and firefighters stood by, allowing three blocks around Philadelphia’s Osage Avenue to burn to the ground. In total eleven people died and sixty-two houses were lost.

While this specific incident may not be well known, similar state violence against oppressed communities is a daily reality –especially when working people unite and organize to fight back.

The house on…

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