The last 10 years flew by with me still single.  Now I’m ready to find a mate but not so easy for this black woman.   I live in NH.   Will say no more, just leave the reader to wander between the lines and understand.

Saturday, I hastily completed a profile and immediately felt like fresh meat, dinner for “potential” suitors.  Well this is day 3 and so far, lots of likes but no interest on my part.

Why is it so hard to find a suitable man?

Partly because I faced a dilemma.  I was married to a white man.  My profession and location forced me to be surrounded by white men so I dated many white men.  There wasn’t much diversity.  A common question was, do I date black men?  (Where tf are they to date?)  

White men are wonderful! To really enjoy their world, I often gave up the simple and wonderful  pleasures of my culture  as well as my desire for diversity.   A cultural difference existed and it took a while for me to appreciate.

Today, dating a black man would be a novelty, an adventure. I know that sounds ludicrous, but it’s true.  And it’s no easy venture to find a suitable black man (or any man) for a woman like me.  

Any suggestions?