FFT:  How Do Church-going Christians Live With Cognitive Dissonance

Don’t you ‘love’ the church going Christians who step over bodies on the way to church? Makes one wonder how do they live with cognitive dissonance?  Then it occurred to me while toying with a few on Facebook: They ignore the content and apply labels to the person.

Do you know why black people have been called angry for stating the truth or a fact? It’s because the truth is in conflict with the stories these church going Christians tell themselves as to not live with the pain of cognitive dissonance (or rather the guilt).

What is cognitive dissonance? It occurs when one’s beliefs/values and actions are discordant, in conflict. As when a church going Christian who believes in God and Jesus murders innocent people. With cognitive dissonance, the body and mind feel psychological pain that can be very intense and lead to a host of other medical, physical and social issues. We as humans cannot lead normal lives when there is cognitive dissonance.

In order to prevent cognitive dissonance, these god fearing individuals need to make their actions seem godly or rather justified. That is when they apply labels:

It’s acceptable to walk over the body of a “terrorist” or a “thug.” And it’s okay to ignore or even kill an “angry black person. “

It’s ‘saving a life’ when you kill a doctor who performs abortions.

Next time church-going Christians attempt to justify an ungodly  act or their lack of compassion, then label you for pointing out the hypocrisy, remember they need to do so for their peace of mind.

In addition, labelling is a learned behavior /strategy to detract from the facts.

What are your thoughts?


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

20 thoughts on “FFT:  How Do Church-going Christians Live With Cognitive Dissonance

  1. I believe cognitive dissonance explains why I often feel internal conflicts. It is difficult to love everything and everyone when there is so much evil in this world. Most of my best friends are white. Not only do I love them but do not see color when around them. They are really good people without question.

    My struggle is how to reconcile the evilness I see inherent in anglo culture, especially those god fearing Christians who torture and murder innocent people.

    The part of anglo culture that wants to put me in a box then roll me into a ball in order to gain acceptance or access. The part of anglo culture that fear differences. Fear loss of power to the point where the color of one’s skin is enough to threaten their very existence.

    1. Don’t forget that the African continent is no stranger to genocide either and that in Myanmar Muslims are also targeted. There is no Anglo culture at work there. IMHO all cultures suck because they are too easily manipulated into being exclusive, not inclusive.

      1. Yes all cultures exhibit the same but Anglo culture is exceptional in its deception. That difference can be seen throughout history. I don’t think there is any other culture that has exhibited such greed, hypocrisy and violence than Anglo culture. Most other cultures own their violence. Anglo culture scapegoats, blame others and rarely accepts accountability.

        1. Perfectly formulated. On the same page, that’s what we are, sistah. Well…..um……..this time 😎

          Time for you to go to the UN and tell those bastards that.

        2. no angela, there is a 1% of the 1% who sit above the 99% who are satanic in nature and actually manipulate this world towards their own occult agenda. in dismissing our God in the way that you do, and in dismissing the Ultimate Plan for evil mankind reconciled through Jesus’ death and resurrection, you miss out on so much of what is happening in the world and consequently, you deeply scratch the surface of the issues. black, white, whatever nationality, all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God but for the satanic 1% of the 1% there is no hope. theirs will be a fiery eternal destruction.

  2. I’ve often wondered how one obeys the ten commandments without objecting to the Death Penalty while filling out one’s W2s. I also think it laughable that Little Rock Arkansas laments the loss of a monument to the 10 commandments that was placed in violation of the Constitution’s separation of state and church and still maintain the Death Penalty. What part of “Thou shalt not kill” do they not understand? Oh wait, .. let the cops exercise their Constitutional gun rights and explain it to them.

    Other groups/religions are not much better; they all torture and kill, but are not making the headlines right now.

    1. Hey Onno, hope all is well.

      They all don’t have military bases in just about every country. They all don’t sell weapons to the enemies they declared war on. They don’t police the world while simultaneously being the worst and most cruel offenders of violence, torture and human rights abuses and violations.

  3. I think all religion was created in order to keep us all fighting among ourselves, they don’t care what we fight about, or hate each other about, just so long as we continue to fight and hate so we cannot fix this nasty mess, as they steal all the wealth, and marginalize or worse, leave whole races to literally starve to death…..because they’re poor or because they’re black, how else would we justify stealing all their wealth and chances and even their hopes and dreams?

    1. oh, martin luther king? you mean the wife-beating, double-crossing, alcoholic martin luther king? that one? i. wonder how your cognitive dissonance will cope with that? or whether i will be moderated into oblivion for you to cope with such a truth? your views on God are also revelaing and show how you dont @ctially know the Bible or the Goodness of our God in a fallen world. id be happy to carry out a public discussion with you on this if you would like?

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