Food For Thought:  Where Are The Black Developers?

Technology fascinates me. Atm, blockchains and artificial intelligence are high on my list. Every day I read a slew of articles about both and get excited about the future.

Projects that use AI and blockchains to analyze gazillion data then give answers, predictions, and solutions to everyday problems.   At the very least, we should have developers working on a blockchain to track police brutality or an AI that captures the demographics and context in which cops use excessive force.

This is an exciting time that will lead to a future we can’t imagine, the problems today may not exist in the future or be replaced by new ones that involve us working together.  Will we be part of that future? Or still protesting?

When I read white papers and look at the teams working on these future technologies, I don’t see black faces.  Thus far, only one project that I am aware of with two black men as advisors.   I have yet to see black developers on any project. That does not mean there aren’t black blockchain developers but our numbers are pitifully low and need to increase if we want to be part of this exciting future.

Where are the young black men and women working on blockchains and artificial intelligence? Why aren’t our children getting involved with these technologies? They have internet and can learn to code. This is an opportunity to have ownership at the table.

If we want to see change, we have to change our ways. It’s time we guide our children to prepare for a future that does not involve sports, rap or prison.  The world is moving on without us.

To learn more about Blockchains and AIs

  • Start with – Majority of blockchains and artificial intelligence groups have their blogs on Medium
  • Join a Blockchain or an AI Subreddit, Telegram, Discoid or Facebook group – Here you will find communities supporting the technology and specific blockchain or AI projects
  • Follow on Twitter experts in the field or  projects that peek your interest – Get current information on projects and about the field
  • Join Meetup Groups on blockchains and artificial intelligence – To network and gain knowledge of the industry and specific projects.

Many established projects have foundations to help new projects get started.  Blockchains and AIs are opportunities of a lifetime, especially for young people of color.