F*&$ IT! I’m an “Angry Black Woman”

The Angry Black Woman

Written By Erin T. McMillon


Because there are also times when I am happy; times when I’m sad; when I’m frustrated; giddy; calm.

And then there are times when I’m just there.

Because I am a human being and I have a range of emotions, just like every other human being.

The problem is, as that as a black woman, I’m constantly labeled as angry.

But reality is that I am entitled to my emotions … ALL OF THEM.

And if there are moments when I am angry, I have EVERY RIGHT TO BE!

You see, black women are arguably the most educated group in the US … but are definitely the most undervalued.

Our bodies are sexualized and fetishized as soon as we hit puberty. But if we try to embrace that and the natural human sex drive, we’re seen as promiscuous.

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A revealing post by Erin McMillon about the culture most black women in America endure.  My twitter handle was once  #AngryBlackLady.   Today, I don’t give a fuck what people think. I am going to be me.  You can like me or hate me, that’s your problem, not mine.  It’s a hard line– one that is protective and reduces my stress levels. Many black women feel the same.


  • Angela Grant

    Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

13 thoughts on “F*&$ IT! I’m an “Angry Black Woman”

  1. That was a great post. I’ve noticed how people freak out whenever Black people are angry, but no one says anything when it comes to other races.

    1. Yup! They, meaning whites, want to deprive us of the right to appropriate feelings or emotions. White people get upset when you generalize about them but they do not think twice when they make generalizations about other races especially POC.

      In the case of the angry black woman I will generalize that most white people view black women that way.

      When I was at tortured at Tufts medical center ED, they used the angry black female narrative to distract from the egregious care I received. It worked. No one cared about the fact that the ED staff almost killed me. My complaints were overshadowed by Tufts narrative of the angry black lady.

      1. True, and I wish I knew that when I was younger. I’ve called out people on the times when they’ve generalized others even if I wasn’t in that ethnic group, and some people have freaked out. Don’t even get me started on people getting angry when I would talk about racist implications in movies or shows including kid’s movies I saw when I was a child.

        I see. I’ve also noticed that when people get angry, they tend to do something which I never realized until recently. Whether that something is productive or destructive is irrelevant.

        Shame on them for playing that card. They were at fault for their malpractice and negligence and you should never have suffered. My heart grieves hearing about that.

  2. I responded to a comment of yours on Erin’s site. But, oh, oh, oh, it was put in moderation. So impatient me repost it right here. For you not to miss it, eh? Here goes:

    “…….I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks.” Oh but you do, Angela, you do. I know you too long for that, eh? But indeed, why should you, as that “anyone” actually are a bunch of racist lowlifes not worth your attention! Or am I wrong, and does “anyone” really means “all people”, even including me (sigh, sob, sob)? <<<<<

    Signed: The Privileged Angry White Male ( well……um……given my hotchpotch background, I’m not sure about how pure I am, but I certainly look white, even with my sun colored body).

    1. You got what I meant. I’m going to be me, the people I like, know and like me as I am.

      You said: ” Or am I wrong, and does “anyone” really means “all people”, even including me (sigh, sob, sob)?”
      MBA, are you fishing for a compliment?

      1. I once roamed the North Sea as a fisherman. Was a great time. Unlike that shit on the menu in restaurants, devouring catch of the day was real then. Fishing is over now. Instead, one of my new activities became trying to see if people have the guts to show their true colors to me.

      1. It’s not in our nature to remain angry. In general, we are a peaceful and forgiving people plagued with the normalization of much psychopathology, wouldn’t you say?

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