FFT: Did Pedophilia and Homosexuality Originate In White Culture

Today, I can’t stop thinking about sex farms and buck breaking. That was the ultimate mind fuck where white slave owners without inhibition expressed their sexual perversion. On these farms black men, women and children sodomized and forced into incest and pedophilia by white men and women who watched and participated.

Given this history, it seems likely pedophilia and homosexuality originated in white culture. When whites went to Africa to spread Christianity, did they use religion to sodomize Africans?

My heart goes out to the children especially those under five years old separated from their family and will never see the parents again. What will become of these children under five? Those children doomed to tragic lives given the history of white culture and hate.

That brings me to the opioid epidemic which appears to affect mostly white families, especially, their children.   That is not surprising when their parents are bullies, racist, violent or sexual predators.  Most mass shooters are white males.

Please note this post was not meant to offend but to examine the sexual exploitation by slave owners.  I expect flack, but the evidence is all around us.   I can no longer bite my tongue while I hear white people destroy other races and cultures with labels.  Labels that tell more about white culture than the culture scapegoated.

FFT: Did Pedophilia and Incest Orginate In White Culture?
FFT: Did Pedophilia and Incest Originate In White Culture?

The History Of Male Slave Rape (Buck Breaking) And The Word MotherFucker [SD 360p]


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

75 thoughts on “FFT: Did Pedophilia and Homosexuality Originate In White Culture

  1. You wonder why these atrocities are left out of the history books?

    Some of this devilry goes back to ancient Greece. That was the same place where the Spartans would fight naked and sodomize each other while sparring. The island of Lesbos is the origin of the word “lesbian”.

    Those examples of buck breaking or how it used to be legal in America for White men to rape Black women are just horrifying and should be mentioned. There are even cases long after the fact of businessmen, doctors, lawyers, and rich people intentionally going to Africa, Latin America, and parts of Asia just so they can abuse children. One example that came to mind was Peter Scully. He’s this Australian guy who fled his home country for fraud and went to the Philippines where he filmed him and others doing sick acts to little girls before selling the videos on the dark web. He FINALLY got life without parole 3 years after he was caught by the Filipino government. Where was all the #MeToo and #TimesUp outrage when this case went on? Looks like all those feminists who were pushing against Bill Cosby, Tavis Smiley, and Jamie Foxx, were eerily silent on this and other cases.

    1. I use to think of slavery as forced labor with whippings but it was much worse than I ever imagined. I say many white women deserve their abusive white men. White women were also involved in this sexual perversion. They were partners in crime. They raped black men often claiming they were raped when caught. They probably raped black children and black women too. Some black children were referred to as favorites. The relationship these children were forced to have with the wives of slave owners seemed sinful.

      I remember when I was younger, white women would look at me as if I was candy, wanting to touch me, always made me uncomfortable. Their smiles were sinister and I would sense danger. I have no problems with the naked body but I would not get naked in front of white women in the locker room.

      I believe pedophilia and homosexuality originated in white culture. The Bible is a history book where sodomy was a sin. Not sure where those thoughts will lead.

      1. I used to think so, too. A big portion of it has to do with the minimization of slavery in history books and the media. Reading some more detailed nonfiction books, doing my own research, and seeing Birth of a Nation (2016) really opened my eyes a lot more. I definitely believe that about the complicit nature of those women.

        I’m saddened to hear that about your past. No one should EVER have to deal with that.

        Quite true even from a historical perspective like the Greeks, Romans, and I’m sure of it happening in other countries. Sometimes, I really wonder how much different we really are from the Bible times. Sure, technology is more advanced, but these vices and atrocities have never changed even on the legal level. I found out from the Advise Show that incest is still legal in New Jersey or how bestiality only just became illegal only a couple of years ago in I believe Ohio.

      2. Hi! I’m both sad and disturbed to read of those menacing White women and unsure how to interpret their behaviour.

        As for the word “sin”, in the context of sex and sodomy, I do have an explantation. And it is this: religions want big followings to carry on their dogma and even pay money towards, so this means babies, hence the making of homosexual sex acts into a sin. Funningly, though, is the fact that many heterosexual couples (particularly I believe in Islam) choose anal intercourse to avoid pregnancies they cannot afford. And in the Roman Catholic community, because contraceptives were frowned upon. Again proof that the Church wants millions of devout followers.

        Please excuse my cynicsm, but being so is a sign of not being a sheep. Beware the wolves in sheep clothing (priests)!

        1. Good point about anal sex is a form of birth control for many cultures. The history of the Catholic Church and its policies are fascinating. I don’t believe you are cynical but on target. It’s monetary reasons that benefit the Catholic Church why Priests can no longer marry. Many people don’t know priests were free to marry at one time.

          Even the word sin in the context of suicide is not correct. It became sinful when the Catholic Church realized it was losing money to suicide deaths of its congregation.

    2. Curtis, coming to light is so much hidden history that contradicts the myths taught in school. Shocking we didn’t read between the lines to suspect such atrocities. Understanding history even the myths fed to us in schools and the media will help us move forward and create an inclusive and diverse world where our differences lead to greater creativity and innovation.

      But does make me angry to think I believed the Christian Bible thumpers were going to Africa to spread Christianity all the while they were raping the continent and molesting its people.

      1. That’s true and I wished I pursued more of that hidden history when I was younger. Just imagine what the world (or at the very least America) would be like if all the history was reported on.

        Yes, and it enrages me, too. This is still going on over there, but in some different ways. My heart goes out to those who’ve been abused at the hands of those supposed to “save” them. It’s also no wonder why Ethiopia had an adoption ban this year (ethnic Ethiopians can still adopt though) when the government found out about their kids being abused and murdered by their adoptive parents. I even heard a story of an American family abusing their two adopted kids from Ghana while their biological children were treated just fine. It’s as if they want their own form of slavery when they adopt African children.

        1. I’m enraged when I hear such stories. Has it affected your interactions with white people? It’s impacting mine. I find myself trusting the prevailing culture less and less.

          I saw a urologist yesterday. He didn’t know I was a doctor, but mostly he tried to talk me out of working up a problem that if caught early is curable and fatal if not. I knew the risk if his educated guess was wrong. A less knowledgeable person might have taken his suggestion while he wrote the procedure was recommended and refused in the medical record to cover his ass. He was probably right but I will not allow him to be cavalier with my health.

          The more we unmask Anglo history, the more I hear a voice that says “blue-eyed devils.” I’m struggling as I have white friends and family who I love and would stand up for them, I know most wouldn’t do the same for me.

          White people have become so egocentric they think it’s only about their feelings and thoughts. They forget most of the world is not white and are watching.

            1. Lemme put it this way: Once there was a man called Peter (originally Simon) who was very dedicated to a man called Jesus (later some called him Christ). Of course, both weren’t white, but more blackish. The walked the world inseparable. Then on a certain fearful day Peter said: “Huh? What? I don’t know this man!” Remember that one?

            2. “Well you go on accepting then the filth you don’t like, but I will, for instance, NEVER accept a racist.” You said never say never–practice what you preach.

            3. I wrote, “NEVER”. If you read “never say never” instead of “NEVER”, I recommend you to visit an eye specialist.

            4. Seems you have more Anglo-Saxon blood running in your veins than you would care to admit. In that culture many too abhor to admit the errors they made. Instead, like you, they keep trying to fault the other party ad nauseam, oh privileged angry black woman.

            5. “In that culture many too abhor to admit the errors they made.” I see you agree with my observations about Anglo culture.

            6. You know my take on the concept of culture and this one in particular for a long time already.

              Of course, como custumber den situacion nan asina, you needed to change the subject.

          1. I share that same kind of rage whenever I hear about those stories, too. I last time I talked about anything like that was when I ranted about the Nate Parker situation in contrast to how Roman Polanski and how even Nobuhiro Watsuki (manga/anime creator known for his work Rurouni Kenshin) were treated when the latter two were guilty as sin for the crimes they did. The friend actually got upset, but at what Polanski and Watsuki did and thankfully not at Parker since he was totally innocent. However, one different white friend freaked out when I mentioned racist implications of a certain kid’s movie.

            That’s horrible! I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Since you have legitimate acumen in the medical field, you had every right to challenge him. Good on you for standing up to that doctor.

            That struggle is reasonable. I’m certainly in the same boat with having family and friends who I know they would fight for me while they are conscious about racial issues (or at the very least willing to learn more about them). Conversely, reading about ancient African history has given me more confidence. Even a few recent events like the peace deal between Eritrea and Ethiopia put a smile on my face.

            Those feelings can outweigh reality and I’ve seen it online and real life.

            1. You’re right! It makes me feel good when I hear good news out of Africa such as the peace deal between Eritrea and Ethiopia or the Namibia expropriation. Wish there were more such good news.

              As a patient, I can see why disease burden and complications are higher in people of color. It’s multi-factorial but at the heart of it is poor medical care and most don’t know when they receive poor medical care.

            2. That’s amazing! The Eritrea/Ethiopia peace deal was great and I’ve been following that story. You not only had both prime ministers hugging it out, but they lifted sanctions with each other, allowing trade, pulled back their troops, and redistributing the defense spending on infrastructure and education. I do agree about wishing for more good news.

              Definitely. There are racist and classist elements to so many hospitals. I forget which major former CEO bigwig (I think it was one of the Rockefellers, but I could be wrong) had 7 heart transplants during his lifetime before he died when he was over 100. Not a lot of people could afford even 1.

            3. So would I! As Africa is a continent, with huge natural resources and soon a well-educated people trained in modern technologies, with a preference for mobile communications and plenty of solar energy, the future is looking up. And if the African nations collaborate, at least in say three sections (northern, central and southern, or even just western and eastern) then more the better. Also, I would like to see the continent embrace ‘social ecology’ and ‘group economics’ principles, where all authority is localised and every resident is a stakeholder.

              And on a smaller scale, but still huge, the African-American community to build their own sub-economy and use their own specific local currencies, plus much feed themselves with many urban farms in disused sites.

            4. They would have to anticipate western sabotage, interference and false flags. They would also need a strong military stationed throughout Africa to defend against western policies of regime change.

      2. You were a nice gullible little girl in school? Wow! Much to their chagrin I always questioned my teachers from a very early age on. Of course I was punished for that many times, but it was a lot of fun provoking and upsetting them. To see those semi-confident assholes crumble under my questions felt great. Same shit happened when my parents forced me to join some boy scout club. Within a week its leadership kicked me out. And you were different? Wow!

            1. Right, the Palestinians are the Israelis scapegoat. The Israelis love to play the victim role with their narratives. Isn’t it cruel and illegal internationally for a country to torture civilians or target them on as Israel did in the war of 2014. One Israeli civilian was killed during that war while over 2000 Palestinian civilians were killed and over 100,000 Palestinian homes destroyed. It was a massacre of civilians.

              I read the most significant threat that Palestine presents to Israel are burning kites. That’s the extent of Palestinian weaponry. Meanwhile, Israel has the full support, backing, and access to the US military.

              Israel continues to pound the table demanding its right to exist, never mentioning Palestinian right to live also.

            2. Ah, you’re just biased. But if all this is so despicable to you, so wrong, and want it to end, why don’t go and help these people. You’re an MD, no? I’m sure you could do great work in that hellhole.

            3. Roald you disappoint me. You refuse to recognize the pain and suffering inflicted on the Palestinians by the Israelis. You make excuses for Israeli crimes against humanity! I guess you think the Palestinians are collateral damage until they are all dead. That’s appalling, and you are a psychologist.

              Btw, can I enter Palestine or what’s left of it without Israels’ blessing?

            4. It’s about time now, for you to stop putting words into to my mouth, especially when it’s about Palestinians, while at the same time ignoring what I posted about my feelings about these people who were, and are, abandoned not only by the current Israeli government, but also by their so called friends. And the only thing you and the likes of you are doing is hypocritically ranting and accusing others , me included, while safely sitting at home. So go and walk your talk yourself for once your Righteous Majesty.

            5. Roald I smh. It’s not a matter of guts it’s a matter of whether I want to be collateral damage for the Israelis. I am certain if I was murdered there no one here would question the narrative except my children.

              Isn’t it a bit childish and sinister to attempt to egg me on in a situation you know is very dangerous?

            6. As so often when things become a bit uneasy for you, you’re trying to avoid the core of the matter, e.g. by asking a silly question like “Who are their friends?”

              So, you only act when the situation is not dangerous? Come on, woman up now, be brave, go and help those poor Gazans, they’re waiting for you. Still hesitating? Ask Herr Schlütter to come with you. I’m sure that seasoned soldier would keep you safe. מזל טוב

            7. Roald I balance risks vs. rewards. To do otherwise is foolhardy. My presence there would be insignificant and as you keep ignoring it would be difficult for me to gain entry. Further, an ordinary angryblackwoman like myself could never hope to achieve the courage of someone as brave and worldly as you. I hear your spit could quell the wildfires in CA.

            8. Re: “………Roald I balance risks vs. rewards.”? Yeah, yeah, I heard that lame excuse too many times already. Typical Anglo-Saxon economy.

              Re: “………it would be difficult for me to gain entry.”? I could arrange that for you.

              Re: “………could never hope to achieve the courage of someone as brave and worldly as you.”? Well, at least I volunteered in 1967 without balancing risks vs rewards. Ah, but on the wrong side, eh. Damned Tzahal.

  2. Just some random stuff.

    You want to know more were “it” came from? Lots of resources available. Here’s a nice one you can explore on Kindle.
    Barash, D. P. (2012). Homo Mysterious: Evolutionary puzzles of Human Nature. Oxford University Press.

    This one could catch you interest as well

    I noticed you used the words “perversion” and “pedophilia” . Within the context of slavery and the abuse of children. women, and men, by foul and deranged human lowlifes, that would be ok I guess. Within a broader context, though, one has to be very careful when choosing such words. Rarely this is done by the herds, and thus keeping prejudice, stereotyping, and stigmatizing alive. To counter this a bit, I give you 2 videos for your perusal / to contemplate. In the MainstreamLand, both are considered controversial. Some (hmmm……..many?), not surprisingly, even found them disgusting, reprehensible, etcetera.


    1. I reblogged the article, it was informative and added to our discussion. However, I could not watch the Ted video justifying pedophilia. White men have been trying to legalize pedophilia for some time; I remember NAMBLA. Isn’t it now a legit organization despite pedophilia being illegal?

      Here we have a society that shoots black people because it feels threatened. A nation that imprisoned black people for years just for possession of a joint, now considers opioid addiction a medical problem and not a criminal justice one. A society that called Black Lives Matter, an organization that wants an end to police brutality and racial profiling, a terrorist organization and it’s members Black Identity Extremists sought by the FBI. That same nation claims pedophilia is illegal but allows white pedophiles to run for political office and pedophile organizations to have offices all over the country. This nation also supports white terror organizations that are benignly referred to as hate groups to avoid stigma and legal repercussions of being labeled a terrorist group. Many members of Congress support these hate groups and were former members.

      Surprised me it was a Ted talk!

        1. She was trying to humanize a pedophile when society is still dehumanizing black people. Don’t you think that is symptomatic of a sick society?

            1. Not exactly that tone. Wouldn’t it be telling of Anglo culture if pedophile lives mattered more than the innocent lives of people of color? Afterall anglo-culture values people who look like them regardless of morality, ethics or criminal activity. An example was that TedX video, an attempt to normalize pedophilia, make it lawful to have sex with minors, while innocent people spend years in jail without a charge. Why no TedX on that?

            2. “………make it lawful to have sex with minors, ……” Oh, is THAT was she was trying to achieve? Maybe it is what you WANTED her to say?

            3. Hmmm, she probably also doesn’t give a rats’ ass about those poor people in Gaza, don’t you think, and would fight only for the pedophiles over there.

            4. Personally I don’t care. If she wants to dedicate her life to the humanity of pedophiles that’s her passion and her business.

      1. A correction, Angela: paedophilia is not illegal, child sexual abuse is. The former an attraction/condition, the latter an action. Research has shown maybe as many as 95% of paedophiles don’t act on their impulses and live a celibate life, or if non-exclusive, at least no sex with children. Whereas most imprisoned sexual offenders when researched identify as primarily heterosexual teliophiles (adult-attracted).

        These figures do have variance, though, depending on what age a ‘child’ is, which much varies from I think 12 to even 21 in some countries. Whatever, being a paedophile does not necessarily mean an abuser.

        In defence of what you write, most adult-child sex is withIN the family, so yes it’s incest. Surprisingly, one would expect step parents to be the more likely, but research shows it’s mostly blood relatives.

        1. Pete, I always thought statutory rape was a crime in all States, was I wrong? Yes, pedophilia doesn’t mean intercourse with a minor, but when that happens, it is a crime in this country.

          You know more on this topic than I do. My feeling is that it is morally wrong for a significantly older adult to prey on children. What I’ve noticed in the states is children are charged as pedophiles. White adults who molest black children are usually not charged. I don’t have stats because the data is not collected or made publicly available.
          When my son was under 16, an 18-year-old white girl had sex with him. Do you know the school called the white girl’s Dad and did not call me? It was my son who was raped, but the school protected the white 18-year-old predator. The guidance counselor wanted my son harmed. What if I hadn’t known the Dad or he was a white supremacist? I think the guidance counselor hoped that would be the case and my son lynched.

          1. Hi Angela, I do think anyone preying on another is morally wrong, and with adult-child interactions, there is usually the power differential aswell. I state “usually”, as in a few cases a mentally-retarded adult could be manipulated by a mentally-superior juvenile.

            As for non-adults being branded as ‘paedophiles’ and on the sexual offender register (registry) for just sexting and such like those only a few years younger, I think that is very wrong and in almost every case is normal teenage hornyness. That said, many identify as paedophiles in their teen years and so probably should be offered counselling/therapy to cope with their identity.

            With what happened to your son that seems to me a clear case of what I would call ‘condescending racism’.

            1. Condescending racism???

              With my son, it was hypocrisy, racism, and Anglo culture. At the middle school, there were 13-year-old girls, a couple pregnant, and many with older 17-year-old boyfriends. The guidance counselor wasn’t concerned when these teenage couples walked hand in hand by her office.

              In school kids begin to learn from educators such as that guidance counselor that it is okay to be racist and scapegoat people of color.

        2. Pete, are you making a distinction between the sexual fantasizes of pedophilia that are never acted upon and pedophiles who have sex with children?

          1. I am! I appreciate probably most people will be disgusted by even the fantasing, but as someone who strongly believes in the cathartic benefits of masturbation and that repression causes “perversion”, it is the lesser of two evils. Similarly, many women fantasise about being raped. And some people enjoy thoughts of incest. Yet with them satiated they are probably less likely to do so with another.

            And from a libertarian standpoint, if we make thoughts as bad as actions we will lose our liberty. All of us, irrespective of our own primal sexual desires. Once we lose our freedom we will never get it back.

            1. Pete, we are on the same page there. I agree masturbation is healthy and an excellent way to meditate. Sexual fantasizes often remain just that, and live long lives. IMO, fulfilling some fantasies might make a person feel worse rather than better.

              Thoughts are probably our only real freedom. If my thoughts about Trump were known I might be thrown in jail and believe you me, they are not sexual fantasies.

  3. Interesting comments. Again I agree with Roald, that paedophilia is now considered by scientists as a sexual orientation, similar to homosexuality and other minority sexualities. To me the word “perversion” is when there is abuse of any form and particularly if there is sadism. That paedophilia is the condition/attraction whereas actual child molestation/rape is the action. As the slave owners raped children, or forced incest, was probably more about control and probably not done by adults naturally attracted to children. As Roald again wrote, the “herd” tend not to have such attractions.

    As for the laws in America, yes only recently incest and bestiality were legal in some states. And abroad, in I believe Germany and Denmark/Norway, there are legal ‘animal brothels’.

    Therefore, I think we can see the origins of what were called “perversions” (now paraphilias) in White parts of the World that came to the colonies from there. That said, I’m guessing there will be bestiality, incest and paedophilia in Africa, but I suspect nothing as much as amongst White people. I have, however, no scientific facts on this, just a hunch based on what I see.

    1. The idea that homosexuality originates in wypipos culture and was exported to Africa via colonization is wrong. It’s a myth, albeit a strong one. Example: In Yoruba the word adofuro means someone practicing anal sex, an activity as old as that language itself, and thus existed long before Europeans invaded Africa. Till then, homosexuality was not seen as objectionable. That came later. Homophobia was introduced by crackers forcing christian norms and values onto Africa’s indigenous peoples. If you want to know more then, for instance, read this:

      1. Ah yes, I know about homosexuality and similar manifestations being perfectly acceptable and normal in Africa, thanks. That the neurosis came from the White missionaries. We see the same in the Indian sub-continent, which used to be very sex positive (for example as shown in the guide book ‘Kama Sutra’), now people from there are mostly very puritanical. The cruelty of the sexually sadistic White Christians making their victims sexually negative.

        BTW, that link about hypermasculine (and I would add hyperaggressive) Black men was informative and explains much about the machismo music and manner of such that adds fuel to the racism of particularly American police officers.

      2. I’ve read about such a tribe but was not trustful of the information as it came from a traditional source. It is something I would like to look into more as almost every white man seems to know this history and readily recite it when the topic of white men bringing homosexuality to Africa is mentioned.

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