Today, I can’t stop thinking about sex farms and buck breaking. That was the ultimate mind fuck where white slave owners without inhibition expressed their sexual perversion. On these farms black men, women and children sodomized and forced into incest and pedophilia by white men and women who watched and participated.

Given this history, it seems likely pedophilia and homosexuality originated in white culture. When whites went to Africa to spread Christianity, did they use religion to sodomize Africans?

My heart goes out to the children especially those under five years old separated from their family and will never see the parents again. What will become of these children under five? Those children doomed to tragic lives given the history of white culture and hate.

That brings me to the opioid epidemic which appears to affect mostly white families, especially, their children.   That is not surprising when their parents are bullies, racist, violent or sexual predators.  Most mass shooters are white males.

Please note this post was not meant to offend but to examine the sexual exploitation by slave owners.  I expect flack, but the evidence is all around us.   I can no longer bite my tongue while I hear white people destroy other races and cultures with labels.  Labels that tell more about white culture than the culture scapegoated.

FFT: Did Pedophilia and Incest Orginate In White Culture?
FFT: Did Pedophilia and Incest Originate In White Culture?

The History Of Male Slave Rape (Buck Breaking) And The Word MotherFucker [SD 360p]