WTF Is Wrong With White People?

Warning:  This post contains sensitive language, images, and videos.

WTF is wrong with these white people? Is this insecurity?  Or self-hate?  Or just dumb racist white people?  Notice these incidents occurred in fast food type places or malls except the one at Yale, my medical school alma mater.

Is this a planned attack on black people unfolding in plain sight?  An attack to imprison black people’s minds in fear, obedience, and submission to white people.

If I were white, I would be mortified instead most whites seem amused by these videos with many copycats whites waiting in the wing for their chance.

I know many whites will say: “Stop generalizing.” “It’s just a few uneducated white people; they are the exception. ”
However, the only exception I see is white people who feel shame or who care.

White people minimize these acts knowing racism is the very fabric of their culture.


White woman yelling racial slurs at an Asian woman

I ask again, WTF is wrong with white people?  Truly can you tell me? If people of color started shooting white people on sight, don’t you think they would be justified in feeling threatened by whiteness?  The videos above are a sample of non-violent videos, the image below is white history.

If you have videos of whites violating the civil rights of POC, please submit or post here in the comment or contact form.  We need a database of images and videos before they are permanently deleted to alter history. can be a repository until an official database is created.   #BlackLivesMatter #BlackTwitter #WhiteHistory


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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

12 thoughts on “WTF Is Wrong With White People?

  1. It really makes one wonder about all of the madness. Part or my concern doesn’t just come from the perpetrators (although that concern is still valid), but the people who stay silent and/or do nothing. I’m thankful for having some White family members and friends who don’t stand for this crap, but I know that’s not enough and more people need to speak out against it.

    1. More people do speak out, but it’s attitude that needs to change. The truth also needs to be told and believed.

      I have white and biracial family members. I sincerely doubt the older ones speak out based on, but my nephews and niece do, I think. Friends, I doubt they speak out. Their silence bothers me but also makes me realize I need friends who share my values.

      1. That’s a fair point. They need to speak out, but for the right reasons.

        Oh, really? That’s interesting. I’m glad the younger ones are speaking out. There have been some times where I had to educate my dad about some of the lesser known issues like when I first told him about Black Wall Street sometime late last year. Some of my friends aren’t always aware, but they are thankful of me telling them about some of those things. To be honest, there are a few that I do need to straighten out more in terms of talking about racism.

        1. Curtis,
          Imagine a brave African warrior captured and sold to slavery in the US. He managed to salvage a teeny bit of happiness with a woman he jumped over the broom with and had children. Nightly, weekly or however frequently, this brave warrior was forced to have sexual intercourse with males including his son while his wife, children, and others watched. What would that do to your mind? How did slaves get past that? What did it do to the minds the sexually abused men, women and children? My eyes fill with tears when I think about it. Somehow, slaves learned to compartmentalize in order to survive. However, I can’t imagine the warrior, slaves, slave owner or wife witnessing or having knowledge of that kind of sexual abuse not having a mental illness.

          The books said the slave owners sodomized the males slaves to mentally break them. Slave owners were also devout Christians, why would they choose rape to break a man when less sinful methods existed? Why was sexual abuse common among slave owners, most of whom were devout Christians?

          1. That would be perpetually traumatizing, and it would break my heart over and over again. This was more than just physical and sexual abuse, this is clearly psychological to mentally wear them down. It’s no wonder the concept of historical trauma exists for so many ethnic groups. The self-hate I’ve harbored on for years was partially a product of racial dehumanization and I’ve been waking up to that. I know my mom’s side of the family NEVER did anything like that to any Caucasians, and this goes for so many families across the diaspora.

            Good call on bringing up the (fake) Christianity aspect. One could argue that the slave owners believed everything they would do would be forgiven because of grace and/or that they believed Black people were demons who deserved what they got which terrifies me.

            1. “The self-hate I’ve harbored on for years was partially a product of racial dehumanization, and I’ve been waking up to that. ” Most people of color struggle with self-hatred and doubt that is more the impact of a biased system on many levels and dimensions. When the system functions, people of color or people like us are ‘nurtured’ to grow up with self-hate.

            2. Yes, and I never realized how much it affected me until recently. These forms of self-hatred that came from mainstream media were more subtle than I thought. It just saddened me how I didn’t notice most of those things at first. When I have kids, I’ll tell them how they can spot messages that promote racial self-hatred. Sure, I mentioned some of those aspects when I educated some students about the Deggans Test last year at this summer camp for video production, but I know I can do more to teach others and myself.

  2. I know of a White woman who had no problem bringing all of the bad news to me over the phone, but wouldn’t dare share her opinions in public online. Her reason? Fear. In other words, she was afraid that Whites would do to her what she see them doing to POC. If she’s afraid of defending online, you can only imagine that in real life, she would run away as fast as her feet will carry her. It reminds me of the lyrics in a song by Sounds of Blackness; “everybody wants to sing my blues, nobody wants to live my blues.”

    1. Wonder if that white woman would deny white privilege exists? I watched a fascinating show about the Edwardian era. In the show, they hired people to play roles of the aristocracy and the servants for three months. The servants lived downstairs, the aristocracy upstairs and their every need tended, a couple of servants didn’t last a week. The servants felt the work too hard (beneath them) and tedious, hours too long and pay too little especially the job of a scullery maid. The whining was a testament of white privilege. Slaves worked much harder under oppressive conditions where they were abused around the clock, not paid and not allowed to complain.

  3. Being White this makes me feel ashamed. Although it is alien to me, being born in modern times and not in the USA, the near neighbour of mine being Belgium having a human zoo as recently as 1958 was a big eye opener.

    What is wrong with Whites? I have to agree with commenter Roald and state it was probably more what is wrong with devout {White} Christians and other religions? Sexual repression causes sexual perversion!

    And a manifestation of such is sociopathic behaviour that is sadistic. On examination, those who are sadistic are found to be from very religious homes.

    1. Hi Pete, I agree. Most white people don’t know they have a culture, and I am beginning to understand that culture more and more. At the heart of it is sanctimonious hypocrisy, using holy or patriotic justification for acts of evil. Slaves were not human, they were property, and so their children sodomized in the name of the Lord. They toiled long hours without pay because they were property, right?

      Notice today how every unspeakable act the US engages in is justified by demonizing marginalized group then using fear and violence to carve policies that when enforced fortify systemic racism and white supremacy.

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