Warning:  This post contains sensitive language, images, and videos.

WTF is wrong with these white people? Is this insecurity?  Or self-hate?  Or just dumb racist white people?  Notice these incidents occurred in fast food type places or malls except the one at Yale, my medical school alma mater.

Is this a planned attack on black people unfolding in plain sight?  An attack to imprison black people’s minds in fear, obedience, and submission to white people.

If I were white, I would be mortified instead most whites seem amused by these videos with many copycats whites waiting in the wing for their chance.

I know many whites will say: “Stop generalizing.” “It’s just a few uneducated white people; they are the exception. ”
However, the only exception I see is white people who feel shame or who care.

White people minimize these acts knowing racism is the very fabric of their culture.

Boston, MA

Kentucky white woman yells racial slur

California white woman yelling racial slur at a Mexican man doing his job
White Yale student calls student police on a sleeping black Yale student
White woman yelling racial slurs at an Asian woman


I ask again, WTF is wrong with white people?  Truly can you tell me? If people of color started shooting white people on sight, don’t you think they would be justified in feeling threatened by whiteness?  The videos above are a sample of non-violent videos, the image below is white history.

If you have videos of whites violating the civil rights of POC, please submit or post here in the comment or contact form.  We need a database of images and videos before they are permanently deleted to alter history.  FailuretoListen.com can be a repository until an official database is created.   #BlackLivesMatter #BlackTwitter #WhiteHistory


Source of Images:  Pinterest.com