This reblogged post adds to previous posts on the history of slave farms and buck breaking. Black male slaves needed to be “seasoned” by white male slave owners. Seasoning made black men docile and used homoerotic methods to emasculate the black man. White men found black men delectable. Sexual exploitation of people of color normalized in the days of slavery again normalized in mass incarceration. (Will write more at a later date)

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Written by: Storm Rafael

What is homophobia and hyper-masculinity, and how has it come to define the Black male experience? To begin, when reference is made to the term “emasculate,” it is describing the tactics used by White slave owners, to strip the Black man of his pride, causing him to feel vulnerable and subservient. Additionally, “homophobia,” is to be understood as the fear of the homosexual, and more precisely, being associated with the soft/subservient behaviors often ascribed to homosexuals. Furthermore, when referencing “hyper-masculinity,” it is a denotation of the need to showcase one’s masculinity through alignment with heteronormative behaviors, and shunning anything deemed “effeminate.” Throughout the body of this essay, the reader will come to undoubtedly realize that both of these social phenomena (homophobia and hyper-masculine identity) became intrinsic to the Black male experience through the amalgam of pivotal historical events, cultural assimilation, and severe sexual exploitation.

In her…

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