Have you heard about the Palestinian Holocaust? Did you know American taxpayers partially fund this crime against humanity?

Killing Gaza by Dan Cohen and Max Blumenthal is a true story about genocide at the hands of the Israelis. The same people who will never let the world forget what the Nazis did, are doing worse to Palestinians. It’s terrifying when genocide occurs in plain sight with the backing of the US government and its media.

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If U.S. Television Showed ‘Killing Gaza,’ Support for Israel Would Start to Shrink
By James North

If documentary films like “Killing Gaza” appeared regularly on American television, public opinion would start turning against Israel overnight. The film, just released by Dan Cohen and Max Blumenthal, is inspiring and sickening. It is being screened at special showings, but has not yet been released to theaters. Fortunately, you can download it here.

Cohen and Blumenthal arrived in Gaza on August 15, 2014, during a brief ceasefire in Israel’s savage air and land assault on the besieged territory. Visitors to this site will recall Cohen’s powerful posts and photographs at the time, and in 2015 Blumenthal published an indispensable book,The 51 Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza.

Killing Gaza from Dan Cohen on Vimeo.

“Killing Gaza” is a strong addition to their previous work. In the background…

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