Black Mother of 5-Day Old Baby Dies After Paramedics Refuse to Save Her Life

Crystle Galloway

Black Mother of 5-Day Old Baby Dies After Paramedics Refuse to Save Her Life

Nicole Benhamou, Galloway’s mother, said she called 911 and informed the responding medics that she might be suffering from a stroke. When they arrived, she also told them that she just had a C-section. But they didn’t examine her and only told them they couldn’t afford the ambulance.

“They never asked us if we had insurance, which we do,” Benhamou told WPBF-TV News.

Benhamou said the medics eventually told her that she could just bring Galloway herself to the hospital since they couldn’t afford the ambulance. She did drove Galloway to Brandon Regional Hospital but her condition was getting worse that she had to be flown to Tampa General Hospital, where she went into a coma and eventually died.

The medics dispute that claim and said that it was Benhamou who insisted on bringing Galloway to the hospital by herself. But there was no informed consent form signed to prove their statement. Instead, they allegedly falsified the records and indicated that the patient could not be found.

Why would a patient call an ambulance only to insist on driving herself to the hospital?   A woman is dead, 911 came and did not examine her.   The paramedics could have saved her life had they responded appropriately and so should be held accountable.  Their cavalier nonchalant attitude killed a woman, deprived her children of their mother.  I believe the victims’ family story because I had similar experiences with paramedics and I am well-insured.

This case is a reminder of why black people have high morbidity and mortality.  Discrimination results in poor healthcare and blacks are heavily discriminated against within the healthcare system.




  • Angela Grant

    Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

8 thoughts on “Black Mother of 5-Day Old Baby Dies After Paramedics Refuse to Save Her Life

  1. Dear Angela, it´s a pity that as a non-believer I also cannot believe as well in hell, since that´s the place where such People should deservedly end up! What a shame! But such People are preparing hell on earth for the normal People, for the working class (particularly the Black working class)!
    Saturday hugs

    1. Hi Andreas, it already feels like most Black people are living hell on earth. For centuries, we have suffered and continue to suffer.

      I’m not sure where our strength comes from, but I have no doubt we will survive.

  2. This is straight up MURDER!!!!!!!!!!! They should be charged with murder I’m beyond heartbroken that her children are left without a mother and a family is in grief. It doesn’t matter if Black people have insurance, Black live STILL don’t matter to the devils!!!. They won’t get out of the punishment that already here for them. ASE!!!!!

    1. It’s heartbreaking that her children will grow up without parents. That is normal for black children, and it is destroying us. Our children grow up, exploited in the wild without supervision or positive role models. As adults, we forget our children fight a system of structural racism daily especially when they enter the school system.

      We can’t hide our blackness and must face the threat of discrimination daily. Our children and we have little to no support. We ought to have a national support group with chapters in every state that help black children and families cope with the stress of discrimination. I believe that could help reduce incarceration rates something the prevailing culture doesn’t want since it profits from the mass incarceration of POC.

      Black people have the power, but it’s not tapped to help each other or to help us get stronger. We need to use our power wisely or face continued genocide.

  3. Such a tragic case. Yesterday I watched a TV programme with an African-American presenter travelling in Mexico along the border with the US. And although he said there were racist Mexicans, he felt safe there but just across the line he was genuinely concerned he can be lynched. Something is very sinister, sick, going on in America.

    Like our dear friend Andreas, I struggle to tolerate evil, as I am very sure they won’t be punished in an afterlife. We have to deal with such disordered here on Earth.

    1. Pete, how would you deal with these disordered evil beings on earth? They seem to be in control. People don’t appear outraged, and when given a chance they mimic to normalize evil.

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