3 thoughts on “Opinion | How the Suffrage Movement Betrayed Black Women – The New York Times

    1. No, I’m not. With mid-term elections approaching, I see black people being courted for their votes. This article is a historical reminder of how black activism inspired white female activism. Also how Black women suffragists were sold out by white women. Whenever black women support white women, they have to ignore their blackness. As Frederick Douglass said its impossible for black women to separate their blackness from their femaleness.

      Many white women in the suffrage movement supported the KKK and dehumanized black women fighting for the same cause. The article mentions Elizabeth Stanton, one of the founders of the white women suffrage movement, who used racism to further the white women’s suffrage movement.

      I see mid-term elections as an opportunity once again for white people to exploit black people to vote democrats. Let history be a guide. #BlackVotesMatter and we should not give our votes without demanding something in return. Currently, the democratic platform ignores the problems that are devastating communities and families of color.

      If I negotiated, justice for victims of police brutality would be one of the top three issues on the democratic platform. That issue alone would address discrimination, drug addiction, health care, homelessness, mass incarceration, poverty, and the criminal system.

  1. Black people were never considered human in the devils eyes. We need to have our own movement without them as they cause so much interference.

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