NEVER FORGET: America’s Terrorism Of Communities of Color

Never Forget wants Communities of Color to NEVER FORGET!  #BlackVotesMatter and #BlackLivesMatter

To that end, a gallery of images on police brutality, slavery, and torture will serve as reminders of our fight for justice. Eventually, I hope to put the images and videos on a decentralized public blockchain for history.

Mid-term elections are fast approaching. Communities of color will be deluged with politicians from both sides scaring you to vote for them. Already Trump found a group of black pastors willing to sell their souls and congregation to him. Don’t trust them, and they do not speak the word of the Lord if they take orders from the devil.

As usual, the Democrats will take black voters for granted, promising us nothing but expecting loyalty and our votes. They will use black celebrities to corral our votes.

What has the Democratic party done to deserve the loyalty of communities of color over the last several decades? Democrat sponsored legislation supporting a war on drugs and mass incarceration have destroyed families of color. Liberal Democrat supported media portray black men as super predators. To make matters worse, Democrats profit from private prisons and the mass incarceration of people of color.

Black lives do not matter to either party but #BlackVotersMatter tremendously. It’s time we use our votes to build our communities. We need candidates who will hold police and white all accountable for their racist crimes. Vote for candidates who prioritize issues of inclusivity or issues that are relevant to communities of color.

To end police brutality and reduce mass incarceration, society needs laws that make it criminal and also shameful, unethical and inhumane for any system to produce those outcomes.  The criminal justice system in its current state rewards racial profiling and police brutality.   Every time an innocent person or a suspect of a misdemeanor dies or winds up imprisoned then dead, that death often deemed justified, means financial gain to the US prison-industrial complex.  It’s a complex composed of different arms of a system that feeds on taxpayers and the bodies of prisoners through mass incarceration. The more prisoners, the more profit for everyone who is part of the prison-industrial-judicial complex.

Also, the courtroom, a significant portal of entry into that complex is exceptionally biased so much so that cases involving people of color result in a culture that is unsympathetic and hostile to the majority of innocent people of color.

The Democrats’ use of healthcare will sway voters since the GOP are bent on repealing the ACA. There is another issue that is emblematic of Trump and his supporters. The issue is racism, in particular, structural racism and it is relevant to communities of color.

The industrial-prison-judicial complex is an example of structural racism that is destroying communities of color. It’s executing a slow genocide by stripping people of color of human rights then using their bodies for profit,  crimes, experiments, and sexual exploitation.

If Democrats want the Black vote or the Latino vote or POC  vote, let them make our children’s lives and safety a priority and a major party theme this midterm election.

In addition, here is an incomplete list of action steps that can cut police brutality and incarceration rates.

  1. End the use of excessive or lethal force at traffic stops and on 911 calls for help
  2. Mandatory drug testing after cops harm or kill a suspect
  3. Mandatory body cam. A fine and temporary suspension without pay if body cam was off during an incident of excessive use of force.
  4. All suspensions will be without pay
  5. Psychological screening of all police on hiring, biannual routine testing and after use of excessive force.
  6. People who call the police because a person is black or an immigrant will be fined and a clear path to civil suit available.
  7. All contractors hired to support the prison-industrial-judicial complex will be held accountable for poor outcomes to prisoners under their responsibility.
  8. Mandatory reports of all deaths and injuries while in police custody or imprisoned.

What are the relevant issues in your community?

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Source of Images: Social Media; Pinterest and Twitter


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

19 thoughts on “NEVER FORGET: America’s Terrorism Of Communities of Color

    1. In other words, racism is part of America’s DNA. Very true!

      Capitalism is an economic system of private ownership that we made perverse. I don’t think there is any system that can resist corruption without transparency and objective metrics. Note in America the absence of transparency and objective metrics to determine efficacy in the prison-industrial system, law enforcement, or the judicial system.

      US government is a constitutional republic where the constitution guarantees fundamental rights and limits the power of government to abuse human rights which are inalienable whether the majority likes it or not, at least that is what I thought until Trump pissed all over the constitution and its protections.

      1. Your famous Constitution was put together by white people. Some of them were slaveholders. So what did you expect? And why would YOU want to build “your society” on crap like that?

        And when I hear people talking about their Founding Fathers, I’m really lmfao. Sounds like a religious cult to me, within which a bunch of devote slaves are following, admiring, worshipping, and defending their masters. Gtfooh.

        1. I believe the principles of the Constitution when applied without prejudice. They are fundamental rights of all human beings. Yes, the Constitution was written by many slave owners, and that’s the irony.

          The Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognize human beings have inalienable rights. Go ahead and laugh.

  1. If people of color and so called Latinos really would want to make an impact on what’s going on in political USA, they would go out into the streets, use social media, television, billboards, newspapers, or whatever tool they would consider of help, and let their political parties, government, and associates, know it’s over, and that they won’t go to the ballot box to cast their votes anymore, but only will be there to convince others it’s time to NOT vote. Create a public firestorm, spread it around the world, look for supporters from other countries. and maybe all THAT will be the start of the change you so dearly want for “your” country. Protesting and all that other usual stuff done during an election, will only bring you more of the same: Nothing substantial.

    1. Roald I partly agree with you but become suspicious when a white person recommends I don’t vote. 🙂 You can create a firestorm, and the media would not dehumanize you. You have unlimited access to money, and you are part of a wealthy tribe. Communities of color don’t have such privileges, but we are creative and resourceful.

      In this situation, look towards the future. Start the infrastructure for a third party that represents the values of CoC. We have to build active, healthy communities first.

      I don’t care which party wins or lose because my plight will be unchanged or worse. I believe this should be the attitude of black voters looking for a change from overt vs. nuanced racism to making racism a crime that carries a mandatory fine with jail time. Black people have a mindset that tells them to vote for Democrats who often carve policies that harm CoC or lead to their dependency. Democrats were in control of Michigan during the Flint water crisis, and they still don’t have clean water. Democrats were in control of Missouri during the Mike Brown investigation. Many blue states are known for their support of police brutality. So why the hell would I go out and give the Democrats my vote?

      1. You’re suspicious? Well, go and vote then.

        A third party? More of the same shit! You don’t think so? Then go, go, go for it.

        I’m part of what? A tribe? Only in your mind. I belong to nobody and nothing. Never was. Told you that.

        1. These days I don’t trust many people. I would advise any person of color to be suspicious of a white person who encourages them not to vote. Call it a lesson from history.

          That’s your opinion, in my opinion, a third party offers a viable solution. However, we can’t have too much milk, or else our interests will be subverted. A third party could be powerful without being a majority party.

          1. Angela, I have a serious suggestion for you, or you with several African-American women to do together. And it is this: start both a political movement and party, that has the potential to gain just over half the vote, but even if it doesn’t could still be strong and effective in forcing change in the Government. Here it is:

            Niche being Black American mothers;
            Appeal to most American women and some American men;
            Political spectrum being left libertarian social democratic;
            Mission to enable single mothers to well raise their children, esp. boys;
            Potential to move into other countries viz. Brazil and Britain;
            Movement called ‘Motherhood’ #Motherhood;
            Party officially called ‘The US Motherhood Party’; MotherhoodUS . org; USMP . gov. us

            You saw it first here….

            1. Time and again I was, and am, accused of being an unrealistic dreamer by what I call FOB’s (Fixers of Broken Stuff). They’re preaching: “Think out of your box, open your mind, leave your comfort zone”, but……….they never practice that themselves. They only want(ed) me to think in THEIR box, copy THEIR mind, and live in THEIR comfort zone. Your “left libertarian social democratic political movement and party” will be like that, Pete. If successful maybe they will fix a few issues, but that will be all. As for the rest? Basically, more of the same.

              The time I still was working for the government, a director once screamed at me in despair (translated to English): “Roaaaald, come on man, you can’t behave here like a bull in a china shop”. I replied: “In THIS china shop, Richard, to clean it up, we need a couple of bulls.” The poor man almost fainted, and started to cry.

    2. My first response reflected my mood. The hostility and violence that is normalized don’t bode well for the future. Collaboration could be the key. If moved to collaborate with other groups who share similar visions, maybe we could create a firestorm.

  2. Black people have been voted out of the wealth that was stolen from us. Where the outrage in that? All of the parties are run by devils and Black people need to realize voting will NEVER bring us back reign as rulers of this planet.

    1. Some want to belong so badly they renounce their culture and support a life of oppression for POC. Those black people are mostly our black politicians.

      I will never forget being referred to a black politician and a renowned black lawyer who proceeded to toy with me when I needed help. They offered no help because I wasn’t in their inner circle. It was a white man who helped me and didn’t care about my circle or social class.

      Black men have earned the reputation they have. They have done very little to help or protect black women instead we protect them and they show little to no appreciation.

    2. I hate knocking black men but it’s time they appreciate black women with more than words. It’s time they acknowledge responsibility for their children. Whether rich or poor they go around creating single black mothers who they do not support. This is fact.

  3. “Capitalism, as already above mentioned, is based on exploitation (eg. racism and slavery). And this applies to ‘wage slaves’ of any colour. In capitalism one person’s gain is many thousands of peoples’ loss. With the World having finite resources and desperately needing to adopt the scarcity and localism principles of ‘social ecology’ (which is left libertarian ‘green socialism’), I strongly advise all who care about the planet and the impoverished to start such a political party and movement. However, one that welcomes non-Blacks but encourages and funds the use of new technologies to solve ecological and societal problems. Angela mentioned using a decentralised blockchain to store for eternity Black history. Yes indeed, this is what we need to see, and via Angela’s vision, we see a concerted effort to enable the best Black brains to make this exciting development work for them within the economic structure known as ‘group economics’. Let’s see this start….”

  4. Democrat, Republican, left wing, right wing…they’re all two wings of the same bigoted eagle. Politicians can’t just espouse platitudes, they must have tangibles for their voters. People need to put pressure on whoever’s in office. It’s a shame that no one told me about non-presidential elections for the longest time. I had to learn things by myself and research who’s going to get office positions for Congress, state, and local positions.

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