A unique lens to view people with anti-social personality disorders (ASPD). A reblogged post that peeks into the mind and brain of ASPD.

Diaries of a Psychopath

If you ask someone with ASPD what they struggle with most in life, they would probably struggle to narrow it down to one universal factor. Environmental factors such as upbringing, education, and social lifestyle (and many other things) all play a massive role in shaping the mind of an antisocial. It’s important to distinguish between brain and mind before we continue. Personal views on monism vs dualism are not reflected in this paper, but for the sake of this piece we will see the mind and brain as separate entities.

You see, I have the brain to be dangerous. My genetic coding is what society labels as a personality disorder. What that really means is that my brain has been identified to carry and act on a sequence of consistent traits and patterns of behaviour which we categorise under the DSM-V as a disorder called ASPD.

This brain is not…

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