This reblogged post is a reminder of mindfulness and comfortableness in one’s skin. What other people think of you is their business. As long as you know who you are and what you want, don’t let other people’s view of you get in the way.

Race and Privilege

Recently I was sitting on the beach with a friend. The air was crisp. There were parachutes flying at distance in the ocean. Sail boats could be seen on the horizon and all around us people were immersed in their lives. Each of them experiencing the beach in our own way.

Suddenly my friend grimaced: “Ew a pigeon.” His disgust was palpable. I paused for a few seconds taking in my friends experience. Next, I watched as the pigeon waddled along the sand. In my mind the pigeon appeared to be living its’ best life.


The pigeon unencumbered by my friend’s disgust, was a walking metaphor for life.

Black folks are the “pigeons” of the world. Just like that pigeon we could be gingerly walking along the beach, the grocery store aisle, heck even down the side walk. Ultimately at some point we’re going to get the “ew a pigeon”…

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