The debate over landownership has engulfed South Africa, where a proposal to seize land from white farmers has roiled a country still struggling with the effects of apartheid and widespread economic inequality.

White residents, who make up about 8 percent of the population, own roughly 70 percent of the private farmland, according to government figures. And President Cyril Ramaphosa announced this month that the African National Congress would move ahead with a proposal to change the Constitution and allow the expropriation of some property without compensation.

His government has said that the move is necessary to deal with longstanding inequities. Only unused land would be subject to seizure, it added, suggesting that land that is being actively farmed would be safe. But opponents of the plan include far-right groups who have said that forced expropriations are already happening, and that white farmers are being killed in alarming numbers.

The reclaiming of land stolen by South African whites is justice. Justice is alien to white supremacists when it comes to relinquishing what was stolen by them.

Trump seized the opportunity to shift focus to South Africa, hoping to stir racist anger among Americans for South Africa’s black population. Who knows he may invade the country to prevent justice?

It’s necessary for Trump and his mob to incite hate and fear in his base to deflect from recent revelations.  Revelations that criminally implicate Trump committed felonies when he paid hush money to influence his election that he marginally won.  That is not a rumor but corroborated by Cohen, a tape recording, and now David Pecker who hid the paperwork.

The legitimacy of Trump’s presidency is in question. He concealed information to influence the U.S. presidential election that he barely and now we know unfairly won. Did Trump also accept or solicit aid from a foreign adversary, Russia, to win the U.S. Presidential election? Mueller’s investigation will tell us that too.

Don’t let Trump and his mob distract or con Americans. Keep your eyes on the investigation. America’s national security depends on Mueller exposing the truth about Trump.


South Africa’s Apartheid

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