President Trump has cited the first-degree murder charge against Mr. Bahena Rivera as proof of the need for tougher border security. Iowa politicians and conservative news outlets have seized on the case as ammunition as November’s election nears. And here in Brooklyn, population 1,400, residents have struggled to understand how the man they saw at the grocery store could be tied to the death of Mollie Tibbetts, a psychology student and summer camp counselor who disappeared last month while out for a jog.

Mr. Bahena Rivera, who is jailed on a $5 million cash bond, was one of many Mexicans who have made their way to Iowa’s pastures, where farmers often struggle to find eligible workers to tend their crops and cattle. Mr. Bahena Rivera grew up in El Guayabillo, a village of unpaved roads some three hours’ drive from Acapulco on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, and attended the only elementary school in the village of about 400 people.

Not sure if it’s the timing or the politicization of the case but the facts are a bit sketchy and leave many unanswered questions such as motive. Also, was there DNA evidence?

US prisons are filled with innocent people forced to confess to crimes they never committed.

Cristhian Bahena Rivera arrest sounds like a movie straight out of Hollywood. A story made for Trump to further incite hate for immigrants.

Can someone investigate the investigation of this case? We might find Trump’s fingerprints. Seems Mr Rivera was presumed guilty from the start. Don’t let hate blind us from looking beneath the surface or questioning the narrative.

This administration is desperate and will do anything to stay in power.