This was such an inspirational post I had to reblog and share.


24FB3C7E-7345-4580-A75A-65B060C3E9BAFor years I’ve been selfless to the fact that I’ve found myself caring for the concerns and needs of others more than I’ve cared for the concerns and needs for myself. Nowadays, you can find me chillin out maxin relaxin all cool 😎 (if you’ve ever watched the Fresh Prince you know what I mean lol)

The foundation that I’m setting and the decisions that I’m making is solely for me
I’m slowly becoming the woman I imagined I would be
I owe it to myself

Looking back to few years ago to where I am now, I had no choice but to come back tenfold
I worked on myself

Being broken down into pieces at different points in my life
I had to fix myself

I almost gave up on my dreams and counted myself out
I had to encourage myself

I stepped out blindly on many occasions
I had…

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