Rittenhouse Stabbing: Was This A Case Of Self Defense

Michael White with family

Rittenhouse Deadly Stabbing Suspect Michael White Released From Jail; Placed On House Arrest « CBS Philly
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Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner reduced a first-degree murder charge against  White to third-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter and had his bail set at $150,000. White is accused of fatally stabbing 37-year-old  Sean Schellenger on July 12. Schellenger was a real estate developer in Philadelphia.

Police say Schellenger was riding with two others in a Mercedes-Benz when a confrontation ensued with White near 17th and Chancellor Streets. Investigators say White, who was delivering food on his bicycle, got into an argument with Schellenger over a traffic issue. A struggle took place and police say White stabbed Schellenger once in the back.

Details are lacking in this story. It is a story to follow closely. Reduced charges suggest Michael White defended himself against Sean Schellenger’s attacks.   Schellenger was in a Mercedes-Benz with two other friends.  He had to get out of the Mercedes for a struggle to occur, right?  Let’s hope Schellenger’s friends will do the right thing and tell the truth.

 The backgrounds of the two men.

Schellenger was a graduate of Coatesville High School. White was a graduate of South Philly’s Academy at Palumbo.

Schellenger had been a Penn State quarterback. White had been an anthropology and sociology major at Morgan State University in Baltimore who had taken a year off to earn tuition money, according to family spokesman Greg Thompson.

Schellenger had arrests for burglary, criminal trespass, and battery. White had arrests for marijuana possession, theft, and possession of an instrument of crime.

Two men from different worlds. They met only once, and only one survived. These are the facts we can be sure of.

The Rittenhouse stabbing: The facts aren’t black and white

The case appears to be one of self-defense. A black man defended himself against the attacks of a privileged white man.

Remember George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.  Zimmerman got out of his car,  started a fight with Trayvon Martin and murdered him.  Zimmerman was found not guilty.  According to Florida criminal system, Zimmerman had the right to stand his ground.

Appears Sean Schellenger (white man) was the aggressor, should Michael White (black young man) have allowed Schellenger to kill him?

However, this is America where race determines justice. Let’s follow and support the family.  This case may be about a black man’s right to self-defense.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

7 thoughts on “Rittenhouse Stabbing: Was This A Case Of Self Defense

    1. Not many reserved judgment in thinking Trayvon Martin deserved to be murdered. Trayvon was dead and Zimmerman’s story accepted despite evidence.

      Now this case, Schellenger got out his car. However you slice it he was a threat. But this is America where justice is not justice and neither is the truth.

        1. Criminal system wants to convict Michael White for self defense. George Zimmerman committed murder but got off. Schellenger would have been another George Zimmerman and Michael White a Trayvon Martin.

          America is being given an opportunity to make things right and free Michael White. Unfortunately, America is not about justice but bigotry, hate, profit and violence.

          Why would anyone want to live in such a world?

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