My Thoughts: My Plight

Usually I can see the light in most situations, but lately, I say why do I bother? The light will lead to a roll a coaster ride anyway. Once fun, now exhausting, draining and unhealthy.

The other day I thought, what would make me happy? My children’s happiness and success, naturally. Their success would make me happy but I’m afraid they will repeat my mistakes, and that could be dangerous in this hostile society. Someone like me was never born to be happy; I finally accepted that.

If I imagined a life full of luxury and without financial woes, I’d still be lonely only wealthy.  That would help.   Bottom line, some of us were never meant to be happy while for others happiness and prosperity were always their destiny.

I want to give those who can be happy and find inner peace more space to do so.  This life is not worth the air I breathe.