My Thoughts: Leave It To The Universe

Sometimes when I can’t see my way out, I leave it to the universe after doing all I can. Once again, I call on the universe to take care of my house as I can’t see my way out.

I appreciate the advice and concern of everyone here. You helped me to stay present.

Writing my thoughts is cathartic. Keeping them in multiple pre-determined locations helps me remember where to look for them.

My house is a mess. I can’t function in a home where the only comfortable area is my bedroom, and it’s not very comfortable.

Turning the water off did stop the leak. Funny, I didn’t think of that. Anyway, I can turn the water on for showers, and I have bottled water.

The claims adjuster was not helpful. He did not suggest turning the water off or anything useful. He said it was my problem, and would not discuss State Farm investigating the damage. I guess I will spend the winter living in hell again.

I’m living in a house that is making me ill. But I’ll figure it out. Don’t I always? I’m beginning to realize how adaptable I am.