Red Flag: Why Isn’t The Media Reporting On Racial Violence In America?

Red Flag: Why Isn’t The Media Reporting On Racial Violence In America

Seems every time I’m on Twitter or Facebook, I see a video of a white woman or a white man yelling profanity. Usually, they are attacking a female because of her color or religion. This is news that’s not being reported or taken seriously. It’s also a big red flag!

Black people have enough shit to deal with in this bigoted evil world. Now we have to watch over our shoulders when we see a white person.

I saw a video of a white man who decided he wanted to beat up a pregnant black woman in a parking area. Fortunately, people were watching, and a black man came to her rescue while someone else videotaped.

White people are stabbing or mutilating random black people out of hatred. That is an escalation of white hate that went from calling the cops when a black person was spotted in a predominantly white area to now physically attacking black people in public.

It’s not illegal to own a gun, yet the white man immediately felt the black man committed a crime by holding a gun. The black man never pointed the gun at him though he was threatened. I believe the gun prevented further violence from the white guy. He kept threatening to call the cops because the black man had a gun. Fortunately, the entire incident was on video. If not, I am sure the white man would have lied to get the black man and the pregnant black woman arrested. #Evil Seems nothing much happens when white people behave violently.

BTW, please note the black people in the above incident felt threatened, and no one died. If the white man had the gun, you could bet your life there would be dead black bodies. Why do you think trained cops murder people of color in cold blood under the guise of feeling threatened? The problem is not guns, but people. Most of whom, except in the south side of Chicago, is white.

If I were white, I would be appalled. But I hear many whites defending this behavior or arguing not all whites are like that instead of showing understanding.  Or even listen to learn how to respond to racism within their culture instead of remaining silent which is support.

I don’t understand the white hate for black people, Muslims and now immigrants. I don’t know how such hate can come from people who claim to be chosen or superior or Christians.

Many of the problems we face today are directly due to white greed and violence. Isn’t it time to report the truth? Many uneducated white people and black people believe the lies published in the media.

If the media reported the truth, why doesn’t it cover the daily incidents of white terrorism that are terrorizing people of color?  Why does the media blame people of color when they know it isn’t so?  Even when a white man commits brutal murders, a dark image of the white man is displayed.  Sometimes the picture is so dark the murderer who is white looks black.

Red flags are crucial in the early detection of future problems. Why ignore them? The incident I described might seem minor but is a definite trend that will likely lead to future brutality and a racial war most of us don’t want.


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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

17 thoughts on “Red Flag: Why Isn’t The Media Reporting On Racial Violence In America?

  1. I just saw the video of the devil trying to lay his hands on that Black pregnant woman. Seriously, that Black man deserves a freaking medal for punching that idiot in the face.

    Your points are spot on when it comes to how crime is shown in the media. I’m glad there are YouTubers who focus on WOW crimes which people rarely ever see. Since the major media companies are white-owned, they try to make themselves look as best as possible by not covering stories of White criminality or at worst, downplaying the events. White killers become just “shooters”. It’s never WOW crime, just crime. White people who do mass killings with political motivations are NEVER called terrorists by the mainstream media.

    1. Hi Curtis,
      “Seriously, that Black man deserves a freaking medal for punching that idiot in the face.” I couldn’t agree with you more. Had he not been there that white man would have harmed the pregnant Black women and her unborn child. And if he did, many white people and their media would have blamed the pregnant woman and her unborn child. They think that harboring and protecting criminals who are white will make America great. We know better.

      I keep saying we need our own media/communication infrastructure. I am delighted to be connected to a quite a few bloggers who are people of color. Let’s find ways to support each other and amplify news relevant to communities of color.

      Remember, no matter what we do they will attempt to undermine us so let us be prepared of their menace.

      I don’t think white media will ever provide fair and unbiased coverage particularly when it comes to communities or persons of color. The white press has too much skin in the status quo of lies they sell as news.

      1. Thanks, Angela! That is so true, and I don’t want to see a copycat crime of the Charleena Lyles situation. Funny how all those pro-life/anti-abortion types were silent when that happened and when this happened when the man protected her. Exactly! It’s the complexion for the protection to the highest degree.

        I agree and we need to unify whether it’s media, communications, news, etc. It brings me joy seeing people spreading the word for the right reasons.

        Of course and I’ve certainly been aware of that.

        No disagreements there. Not only do they have the media monopoly on representation, but they also have some [buffoons] to pay lip service to non-Caucasian communities so they can say “Hey, we’re not racist.” Even people who aren’t so conscious or aware are catching up to this. When we started the summer camp program last year, we did a unit on the Bechdel Test and Deggans’ Test where we started with a discussion and all the kids had intelligent things to say when it came to female characterization and ethnic minority characterization/representation because even they see what’s going on.

        1. Curtis, Charleena Lyles extra-judicial murder is another one where you feel helpless and defeated. Superior Court Judge Julie Spector completely dismissed the evidence that the cops perjured themselves.

          There is a need to track Judges and prosecutors especially in cases of excessive use of force. They provide cops cover for extrajudicial murders of POC.
          Their identities being public make it easier to track their cases and rulings.

          Truly in order to really change the system there is a need to gather data about the “dirty” cops and the judges and prosecutors who work with them.

          That data might show a pattern involving certain precincts and a select number of judges and prosecutors. At the very minimum it could be used to lower the glass ceiling for their careers.

          Racism is a big factor but it’s not the only one. If we focus on racism only we will go around in circles.

          1. That is definitely true and I sadly felt sorrowful when it happened.

            Of course and that’s why local elections matter. Some people have been becoming aware of it like how Anita Alvarez got voted out of office after the Laquan McDonald case or even Judge Aaron Persky after the backlash from giving that rapist Brock Turner a soft sentence. Let’s hope people turn up the heat to vote those judges, DAs, politicians out of office.

            Sure. A database filled with all of that information would be helpful.

            Exactly and it would be helpful for people in those districts to know who’s working things in their communities. It could be like the Voter’s Edge website, but more in-depth.

            Yes, and I’m certainly aware of that. While race can affect a sentencing and judgment, it’s not the only factor. Class is another impetus that can sway a judgment. In the words of the band Body Count: “When it comes to the poor, no lives matter.”

  2. Angela, they say white people are quick to call the cops or shoot black men because they’re afraid of them. BS that white guy seem to have absolutely no fear of that black man even with a gun!

    1. Rudy, Great point! They are lite years ahead of us when it comes to BS. Ofc they don’t fear or feel threatened that’s just the legal term used. It legally frees them to unleash violence on us. I believe their hate and resentment come from the fact they can no longer have public lynchings and eat our body parts.

      If that white man had a gun, he would have used it then claimed he felt threatened just like George Zimmerman. While family and friends mourned, the white media would have demonized the black woman and her unborn child. Ofc a legal defense fund for the white man would generously cover his legal bills and more. Justice would consist of the prosecutor, his private attorney and the judge all protecting the white man’s rights and privilege.

  3. The disgusting US reality: if a White carries a gun that is “US freedom”, if a Black carries a gun that reason to kill him with impunity! The US are racist to the bone! Built on genocide of the indiginous Population and on the enslavement of millions of Blacks. And this Country is boasting of being the protector of “Western Values”, In $?
    Weekend regrards

    1. Andreas, it seems Europeans are beginning to embrace many of Trump’s racist policies in regards to immigration and Muslims. The far right is gaining prominence in Europe especially in Germany. Seems Europeans are just as racist when in Africa.

      1. In the end all those “Presidents” are or become puppets of the facist US Power Elite. Let us not forget that Bill Clinton and Albright initiated the big massacre in Central Africa that took the life of EIGHT to TEN MILLION Conglese during the last 26 years (as many as King Leopold took from Congo)!
        “Rwanda, Half the Truth is a whole Lie! 20 Years of brazen Desinformation!”

      2. And, no doubt, I have a sharp eye on European and particularly German growing racism, which constutes a danger also for my Family!
        With European Slave trade and Colonialism the whole mess began. And I always bitterly laugh when I hear Trump and his likes to talk about “illegal immigrants” to the US. The pale faces were the first illegal immigrants to the US!

        1. Hypocrisy and double standards are values embraced by most pale faces. Christians who subconsciously to compartmentalize the horrors and atrocities they committed and continue to commit without remorse in the name of god.

  4. As a non-intellectual White person I am daily learning from the likes of Andreas our shameful past, plus on the social media I battle brainwashed military types and racist trolls who have inherited the psychopathic predatory streak the old colonisers had. They just don’t seem to see anything wrong with plundering weaker peoples.

    What we have in much of Europe (particularly in the east), and North America (Canada also, due to Nazi Eastern European immigration soon after WW2) is a morality war between the left liberatarians and the right authoritarians, where the latter still want to dominate and the former want to atone.

    1. Isn’t it interesting that our races are just beginning to learn the truth about history? Many stereotypes and labels applied to other races in particular people of color are psychological projections of the white race.

  5. I don’t expect the devils to know the pain of Black People. They hate us as they were grafted to do. They are reaping what they sowed as the Universe is doing a spiritual cleansing.

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