Red Flag: Why Isn’t The Media Reporting On Racial Violence In America

Seems every time I’m on Twitter or Facebook, I see a video of a white woman or a white man yelling profanity. Usually, they are attacking a female because of her color or religion. This is news that’s not being reported or taken seriously. It’s also a big red flag!

Black people have enough shit to deal with in this bigoted evil world. Now we have to watch over our shoulders when we see a white person.

I saw a video of a white man who decided he wanted to beat up a pregnant black woman in a parking area. Fortunately, people were watching, and a black man came to her rescue while someone else videotaped.

White people are stabbing or mutilating random black people out of hatred. That is an escalation of white hate that went from calling the cops when a black person was spotted in a predominantly white area to now physically attacking black people in public.

It’s not illegal to own a gun, yet the white man immediately felt the black man committed a crime by holding a gun. The black man never pointed the gun at him though he was threatened. I believe the gun prevented further violence from the white guy. He kept threatening to call the cops because the black man had a gun. Fortunately, the entire incident was on video. If not, I am sure the white man would have lied to get the black man and the pregnant black woman arrested. #Evil Seems nothing much happens when white people behave violently.

BTW, please note the black people in the above incident felt threatened, and no one died. If the white man had the gun, you could bet your life there would be dead black bodies. Why do you think trained cops murder people of color in cold blood under the guise of feeling threatened? The problem is not guns, but people. Most of whom, except in the south side of Chicago, is white.

If I were white, I would be appalled. But I hear many whites defending this behavior or arguing not all whites are like that instead of showing understanding.  Or even listen to learn how to respond to racism within their culture instead of remaining silent which is support.

I don’t understand the white hate for black people, Muslims and now immigrants. I don’t know how such hate can come from people who claim to be chosen or superior or Christians.

Many of the problems we face today are directly due to white greed and violence. Isn’t it time to report the truth? Many uneducated white people and black people believe the lies published in the media.

If the media reported the truth, why doesn’t it cover the daily incidents of white terrorism that are terrorizing people of color?  Why does the media blame people of color when they know it isn’t so?  Even when a white man commits brutal murders, a dark image of the white man is displayed.  Sometimes the picture is so dark the murderer who is white looks black.

Red flags are crucial in the early detection of future problems. Why ignore them? The incident I described might seem minor but is a definite trend that will likely lead to future brutality and a racial war most of us don’t want.


Source of image:  Pinterest