How could Dr. Ford’s accusation of sexual assault be the truth if both Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh and Mark Judge have no recollection? It’s in the details of Dr. Ford’s story. (3, 4)
Christine Blasey Ford, the professor who alleged that Judge Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were teenagers, said a Senate hearing set for Monday to hear her allegation would not be fair and Democrats insisted that an F.B.I. investigation take place first. Backed by President Trump, Senate Republicans rejected any F.B.I. inquiry, and said that Monday was her chance to be heard. Dr. Blasey’s resistance to appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday seemed to galvanize Republicans and drew wavering Republican senators back into Judge Kavanaugh’s camp. Barring new information or an agreement by Dr. Blasey to testify after all, Judge Kavanaugh may now have enough momentum to be confirmed as early as next week. Republicans set a committee meeting for Wednesday for a possible vote to move the nomination to the floor. In a statement, Lisa J. Banks, a lawyer for Dr. Blasey, said on Wednesday that her client was still willing to work with the Judiciary Committee, but was not convinced that a hearing featuring just her and Judge Kavanaugh would be adequate. “The committee’s stated plan to move forward with a hearing that has only two witnesses is not a fair or good faith investigation; there are multiple witnesses whose names have appeared publicly and should be included in any proceeding,” Ms. Banks said. “The rush to a hearing is unnecessary, and contrary to the committee discovering the truth.”
Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor in California,  showed courage in coming forth about a sexual assault by a then-teenage Brett M. Kavanaugh at a party held at an all-male elite Georgetown Preparatory School.   Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh staunchly denied the incident ever happened or that he was at the alleged party.  A party that Dr. Ford who attended the all-female preparatory school, Holton-Arms,  cannot precisely pinpoint in time or location (How can Judge Kavanaugh know he was not there?). However, she remembered Mark Judge, a friend of Brett Kavanaugh, an accomplice who made sure others did not hear her screams at the party while Brett Kavanaugh held her down. Mr. Judge also has no recollection of the assault that Dr. Ford alleged where both boys were drunk.   (Kavanaugh Accuser’s Schoolmate Says Assault Was Chatter at School Afterward. )  Judge Kavanaugh is a powerful man familiar with the culture in Congress, Christine Blasey Ford is not. In fulfilling her civic duty, Dr. Ford came forth against her better judgment. She wasn’t seeking fame.  She didn’t want to relive a very traumatic experience that occurred over 30 years ago in high school. She didn’t want to be viewed as a Democrat co-conspirator attempting to delay Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. She didn’t want to risk her reputation or her families’ safety. But she did because she knew it was the right thing to do. Her request to the Judiciary Committee is not unreasonable.   She wants the FBI to investigate the merits of her story before she is attacked by a male-dominated Congressional Committee that appears to have already made up its mind without all the facts.  The news pundits make her request confusing by harping on whether she is requesting a criminal investigation or an additional background check.  An investigation into whether the party occurred and if a young Brett Kavanaugh was present is crucial. The entire case rests on that fact. Shouldn’t the Senators have it before questioning?  It would save a lot of time questioning the validity of her accusation. Christine Blasey Ford is a credible woman with no known motive to lie. Why would she risk her reputation and the safety of her family to question the “unblemished” record of this “distinguished” Judge?  Recall the GOP has refused to release all records related to his tenure when Bush was POTUS. If Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge were at the alleged party, that does not mean they lied.  Both boys were extremely drunk and apparently displayed “uncontrollable male passion” that could have possibly resulted in a sexual assault with amnesia. Could this be alcohol-induced blackouts in both men?  It’s possible. Did Judge Kavanaugh have a drinking problem in his younger days? Were the three teenagers–Dr. Ford, Judge Kavanaugh, and Mark Judge — seen or known to be at any party together?  Was there any chatter of a party where the kids were so drunk a girl was attacked? If Judge Kavanaugh has no recollection and an investigation reveals he and Mark Judge were at that party, wouldn’t that trigger a different line of questions by the Senate Judiciary Committee?  Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing is raising many red-flags, warnings worth heeding. Why aren’t our elected politicians listening?  Why is this critical lifetime nomination process being rushed?  The Judiciary Committee and the rest of  Congress should do the right thing regardless of party affiliation.   Investigate the merits of Dr. Ford’s accusation before questioning since Judge Kavanaugh has no recollection. Related Stories:

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