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It’s interesting how we create a false sense of obligation or importance. While taking my break from social media, I couldn’t avoid reading the news despite knowing how frustrating it is to read about injustices or compelling stories that focus on irrelevant points. My false sense of importance and obligation compelled me to post this morning on a story regarding Brett Kavanaugh.

I read the articles and kept thinking when will someone mention the possibility that both men could have blacked out from alcohol? That could be the reason they both have no recollection. It’s also possible one party is lying. If the truth is important, then an investigation of the story is warranted.

If it is established that Kavanaugh was not at the party, then clearly Dr. Ford is mistaken. If he was at the party, then Kavanaugh blacked out or lied. Dr. Ford ‘s Story Could Be The Truth And So Could Kavanaugh’s Story, How?

As I read the articles, I also thought about my son who was denied due process in NH. No one in the criminal court system of NH mentioned my son’s right to due process. His story was never heard, and it did not matter. Why? Did his skin color negate an investigation or the presumption of innocence?  The local newspaper intentionally put my life at risk when it printed my address and assumed his guilt.

Just thinking…there was no evidence of a crime except hearsay from a warrant where the alleged victim gave no signed statement. Also, the warrant was deceptive in detailing an unrelated story that was again hearsay but racially prejudicial. Did I mention the warrant predated the alleged incident? Case Of Intellectually Disabled Teen Falsely Accused of Sex Offense Reveals Registry Flaws – The Appeal

The corruption within the judicial system is appalling with structural racism deeply entrenched.  Nothing is being done about it as the court profits from false arrests and accusations of black and brown people.  Spend one day in NH court, and you will see structural racism on display.  I never saw so many black and brown people in one building in NH and most wore orange.

The other story that caught my attention and my heart was about family detention centers that is more about private companies profiting from unspeakable cruelty than about national security. This story is also about the US culture of mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex using children to destroy family bonds.  The Trump Administration Plans To Detain More Children And For Longer

Another 1488 migrant children are missing under the care of HHS or rather the US government.  What is going on?  So many migrant children missing under the government’s watch.  Children turned over to sponsors whose whereabouts in the US are unknown.  How does that protect national security?  Isn’t the US government creating the risk factors that are highly likely to lead to more gangs and violence in the future than not?  Federal Agency Says It Lost Track Of 1,488 Migrant Children

It’s as if I just woke and realized I live in enemy territory based on the color of my skin. Yes, my passion for justice keeps me writing and my belief that by writing I can change the world keeps me blogging and engaged with a world I no longer desire.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

15 thoughts on “Editor’s Note: Blogging, News And Life

  1. Isn’t the US government creating the risk factors that are highly likely to lead to more gangs and violence in the future than not? YES! They know exactly what they’re doing!

    1. It’s more sinister I believe. They know the family bond in Hispanic culture is very strong and so their goal is to destroy that bond.

      Whites have studied other races under different environments in their private labs. They know what values are central to each race. Those are the values they target with their inhumane policies. They did it to Africans, American blacks, Muslims and now Hispanics. Asians are next as they represent the biggest threat to the white vision of world order.

      Funny how distrustful I’ve become of white culture. Sure not every white person is evil but enough are and enough hate me because of my color that I have to watch my back around them. I know in their minds I don’t matter.

  2. I’m grateful you have a passion for justice and for exposing all of the flaws in the criminal justice system. I’m sorry to hear about your son’s experience since no one should ever have to deal with it and we know that certain complexions wouldn’t have that problem in America. It can be depressing knowing about all of these injustices, but I know it’s better to be cognizant of what’s going on in the world. Keep fighting the good fight.

    1. It’s particularly disturbing as I hear about the presumption of innocence and due process afforded Kavanaugh. My son received none of that in NH. That is a wrong I wish to right one day!

          1. Exactly! If you can file a countersuit and challenge them, then it would be a great way to call them out on their extortion. Don’t let them walk over you, your son, or anyone!

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