33 thoughts on “More Racist Crap Afflicts Africa (Kenya and Uganda [once again])

  1. I have great hope for Africa, with it as a continent eventually {again} surpassing the rest of the World’s. That humanity began there and it shall reach its peak also there.

    1. I know little about Africa and probably shouldn’t comment.
      You are more confident than I am about Africa. It seems to me most African leaders line their pockets before thinking of the country or its citizens.

      Another issue is they import skills from non-blacks, many of whom look down on black people/Africans.

      It’s as if many African governments give their resources to other countries and use their citizens to fetch the resources.

      1. Hi Angela, I think the despot leaders are near enough all gone now, being replaced by more sincere and professional premiers.

        Also, there is a growing grassroots movement by ordinary Africans to take control of their own resources and make Africa trade with itself. Indeed there is a new trading area that covers the north and east of the continent. Interestingly, this Pan-African policy was what Libya’s Colonel Gadaffi wanted, with an Africa central bank and it’s currency as the reserve one.

        Taking further Gadaffi’s idea into the now blockchain direction, I see technologists wanting from scratch introducing such ledgers and associated currencies into the state infrastructure. And although Western and Chinese expertise will be needed for a while yet, there are Africans who are also innovating at the highest levels of contemporary technology.

        Africa’s time is coming….

        1. That sounds like music to my ears but I need to see much more to believe it.

          I knew there was a reason the west wanted Gadaffi dead, it wasn’t just because France wanted its oil. Gadaffi might have disrupted Africa’s dependence on the west. That dependence appears vital to the survival of the supremacy and world order of the west.

          1. Indeed it does! Africa has vast mineral resources that the West desperately needs. With the other great power, Russia, they have huge potential in Siberia.

            Therefore, if Africa can again find a leader as clever as Gadaffi they could hold the West to ransom. This of course is not good for we Westerners, but fair to Africans.

            I’m hoping, though, that Africa rises above such revenge and show us in the West mercy. Then that will empower Africans and move the human race forwards in a civilised manner. Maybe even into space and on to a new planet for its survival.

            1. Rn the west uses Africa as a source of labor for its resources as well as a source of bodies to illegal conduct experiments.

              I think without reparations and punishment the west will continue its culture of dividing and exploiting others to suit its needs. That the history, isn’t it? For Africans to forgive and forget would be the greatest mistake of a lifetime because of the irreparable damage in the past and leaving the gate open for even worse in the future.

              Africa needs more than one great leader. It needs a distributed system of leadership groups whose goals are to advance Africa and its disadvantaged children.

            2. A very valid point there, Angela, on Africa needing several coordinated and united great leaders. After all, it is a huge continent and of many ethnicities.

              I would welcome Andreas’ expert knowledge on African matters for a possible way this could work?

            3. Yes Andreas or Curtis who is extremely knowledgeable too.

              Black people are not one homogenous group where “one great leader” can rule us all from the continent of Africa to the shores of the US. Black people are like other races. Not only do we have diversity in appearance we have diversity of values, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.

              Many whites tend to reduce us to a singular blob with their assumptions and labels.

            4. I understand! I did not mean to be patronising as in the expression “Africa is a country” and not a continent of many nations and multiple ethnicities. Indeed, the DNA there varies more than between any Black person and Whites.

              Please see my revised suggestion for Africa’s leadership….

            5. It’s time to stop referring to Black people as one group with one set of values, beliefs, and mindset. We are the embodiment of diversity. No one can say we look alike or think alike. So when cops mistake a random black person for a suspect that is just plain deceptive BS.

            6. Hi Angela, and the others. I have rethought about the leadership conundrum. And it is this: leaders are prone to bribery/blackmail and assassination. We’ve seen much of this in Africa and the United States.

              Therefore my suggestion is Africa develop a bottom-up management of its vast resources, with its businesses and local/national authorities being based on the cooperative model and something from social ecology called ‘libertarian municipalism’ (democratic citizens’ assemblies in towns and urban neighbourhoods).

              Yes, this is socialism, indeed specifically ‘communalism’ (not communism), but it is “green socialist” libertarian and not “red socialist” authoritarian like was tried (and failed) before.

              I will leave the above to those more politically intelligent/experienced than me to design and plan for. This is though, IMHO, is the way to go for Africa/Afrika.

            7. Hey Pete, those terms and labels make the process confusing and western as those are western terms. I suggest Africans develop their unique type of government and create the terminologies and definitions instead of letting the west define African governments.

  2. Thanks for reblogging, Angela!

    Anyways, I’ve come to the conclusion that the colonizers from around the world are parasites with some more dependent on Africa than others. Several European nations don’t have many or any natural resources, so they take over what’s in the motherland. China has more than Europe, but still nowhere near several African nations. One of the big minerals that’s being excavated right now is cobalt because smartphones, tablets, and computers use it. Africa is the richest continent from a mineral and natural resource standpoint. France has been very predatory with a ton of the Francophone African nations (Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, etc.) since they make them pay to the Central Bank of France which gives that country at least 40% of their national revenue and that’s saying nothing about them getting in on all the resources, taking their athletes for their teams, or wanting French to be the “official language” of Africa instead of let’s say Swahili, Amharic, or Zulu to name a few.

    I would bet you money these 1st world nations would go broke in a day if Africa said no or at the very least sold the minerals, resources, oil, etc. at standard market price instead of free trade agreements.

    1. Curtis, your breadth of knowledge and talent are impressive! I learn from your comments.

      Africa needs to shore up its military and find a way to do it quickly in plain sight without calling attention. The west will never leave Africa alone or let it Africans fully benefit from their countries resources. The greed and hypocrisy of the west know no limits while they impose restrictions on other groups in the name of God, humanity, their national security or whatever nonsense they can craft to con Africans into serving their needs.

    2. Re. Congo’s massive cobalt reserves, here is confirmation of ‘Osprey’s’ belief, a tweet from September 29th:

      “Geopolitical Futures @GPFutures Sep 30

      The Democratic Republic of Congo has as much #cobalt reserves as the rest of the world combined. How did this come to be, and what does this mean for global production of lithium #batteries? #graphics #maps #geopolitics #DRC ow.ly/q4jk50jhpvA pic.twitter.com/WW29xvunzJ”

      1. WOW! I knew the DRC had a bunch of cobalt, but I didn’t realize they had THAT much. It’s no wonder all these international companies are exploiting the Congolese for those cobalt mines. That’s insane!

          1. Good question! According to this article, by the news agency Reuters, I think so, as the DRC Government want royalties paid to the country from the foreign mining companies:


            Apparently, two thirds of the World’s cobalt mining is already from the Congo and is expected to increase. Also apparently, Apple want to buy up as much as possible. They are concerned that their mobile devices will become obsolete if otherwise. So good news for Africa as a whole.

            1. Thanks for the article and thanks for doing the research.

              Its still blows my mind that the DRC had that much cobalt in their country. Apple would go after all of those minerals given how much iCheddar (joke intended) they get with their wares. I do hope the DRC and any other cobalt-owning country knows about economics enough to try and get a fair shake with the money let alone have miners to be paid decent wages.

            2. Given African history, I don’t have much confidence in their ability to save themselves let alone their country and its resources. Are South African diamond mines owned by South Africa? Wasn’t it Africans themselves who sold other Africans into western slavery?

  3. Thank you, Angela! I’m still doing my best to educate myself on so many matters. I’ve certainly learned from your posts and comments, too. You are intelligent and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Of course! It would be a tricky task since other nations have their own bases and/or are training the African armies (France helping out Francophone nations and the UK helping out some of the Anglophone ones [I heard England has a base in Kenya]). Even I was amazed at how many resources were there let alone how some of them can be replenished. Sure, I knew about the gold and diamonds including the conflict diamond issue before that Blood Diamond movie came out, but the cobalt one shocked me when I saw a video of Chinese businessmen walking around all over the place while their Congolese laborers (including children) were getting paid pennies for their hard work. Before that, I became aware of the Black Gold documentary which talked about fair trade in regards to the coffee industry. I just hope these leaders and their constituents can get paid fairly for the resources they own.

    1. Curtis, thank you! I know I’m extremely intelligent despite head trauma. I know me.

      I hope Africans learn the necessary skills so they will not need foreigners.

      You know as a race black people are rather meek. Our aggression comes from the stress scars of chronic oppression and discrimination. It’s troubling when black people are discriminated against in Africa. That’s horrible! If I was an African leader I would hold my head down in shame that I can’t protect my country or its people from the discrimination of foreigners.

      While the military training received from the French and British is limited there should do what Israel does and after High school everyone should receive military training that consists to self-protection militia style. A war is coming and Africa countries needs to band together to defend Africa .

      1. Working with Angela on a project of hers, for almost four years, I can confirm she is extremely intelligent (both analytically and creativity).

        War! I hadn’t thought about that and yet I really think you could be right there. I agree that a 2-year conscripted militia type training is the way to go. If small Israel is very effective then imagine how much so all of Africa’s young men (and women in support functions) could be. Even a huge American or Chinese army might then think it is too damaging for them.

        Angela, just in case any of Africa’s movers & shakers are reading your blog, I advise we all here develop it in proposing workable ideas that will uplift the continent out of its dependency on the parasites.

        1. That’s great how you have collaborated with Angela!

          I haven’t thought that much from a military standpoint, but that raises some legit points. Another country that has conscription would be Switzerland. Once people turn 18, they do a one-year tour in the military. Funny enough, they’ve never warred with anyone for centuries since they are neutral and apparently no one wants to mess with them.

          Good call. It’s building bridges as Garvey would say even though some people only know that quote because of Black Panther whether they knew who Marcus Garvey was or not. Hahaha!

          1. If African countries banded together to form a military force, they would not need sophisticated weaponry to inflict casualties that make non-African countries hesitant to engage in war or demand regime change or resources without fair compensation.

            African countries have an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of other so-called advanced nations. They can create an economy geared to make a better future for their people. Instead of seeking help from NGOs whose motives are far from altruistic, they should seek out help/training from subcontractors in technology and healthcare fields.

            Create programs that incentivize skilled black Americans to work in Africa and help create the infrastructure. There are many black Americans with skillsets not valued in America, make Africa a destination for those skills. Also, design systems that integrate blockchains and AIs to safeguard data integrity, reduce costs and prepare for the future.

            Information is a powerful weapon. African countries should use data from sources around the world to safeguard Africa from further imperialism, discrimination, and destruction of its people.

            1. Yup. Unity would be a huge part of that.

              I definitely agree. They can reallocate some of their funds by starting with their own businesses, educational opportunities, or even something like infrastructure. Health care and technology would be huge fields which I certainly agree with. Could you imagine if someplace like Addis Ababa, Lome, Nairobi, or even Windhoek had their own Silicon Valley of sorts? I also heard that Akon of all people has been doing business in Africa with his solar energy company. That could be one way of him giving back to the community since he did live in Senegal for part of his life.

              That would be great and I believe there are some steps to make it happen. Ghana for example has the biggest African-American expat community where people have worked in various positions. In Phil’s interview with that African Union employee, she said that they really want people in the diaspora (especially those with degrees and specialized skills) to come to Africa to work over there since they know about the unemployment rate in the Black community. Very good call about blockchains and AI since I know you’ve expressed that in an earlier article. That could be huge in that sector alone.

              Of course and they could use that information for the right reasons if done well.

        2. Hi Pete, Thank you. Yes, I think a conscripted militia type training, as well as building defense infrastructures, might ward off western aggression and violence, allowing African nations to develop independently of the west. It will not be comfortable that is why building trusting relationships among leaders of African nations and West Indian countries will be crucial to support. The west will use divide and conquer to prevent such alliances.

      2. You’re welcome. I just wanted to give you some encouragement since you’re one of the few people on WP where I can have conversations like this. I’m glad you have that confidence about your intelligence.

        Sure thing. Them being self-sufficient again would be a godsend.

        I can’t argue with that and even some of my friends of all ethnic groups told me that I’m too nice. There have been years of internalized anger and I hated how no one would believe me whenever someone would wrong me sometimes. I totally agree about seeing Africans getting derogated in their home countries. Some recent stories like China buying out multiple Zambian businesses including one of their news channels and the case of that colonizer sexually assaulting a little girl at a restaurant in Pretoria made me sick.

        Interesting point. I do know Eritrea requires their citizens to serve in their military even though there have been people who fled the country because of that reason. Self-defense/self-protection would be good even if it were required classes instead of full-on military service.

        1. Education is essential to make people understand it’s the law of physics that created the world not superstitions. Black people will have to step outside their boxes and comfort zone if we are to unite and work together for relevance and survival.

          1. Good point. I’m sure you’ve felt the same way, but I’ve realized that most of the education I’ve been getting lately has been on my own time and research especially when it came to history, politics, and sociology. Just hearing about Black Wall Street a few years ago before watching Hate Crimes in the Heartland gave me a desire to know more about Black/African history and I was amazed about what I wasn’t taught all this time. People do need to go outside of their comfort zones to find knowledge.

  4. 🙂 Great dialogue there Angela and ‘Osprey’, just what we need. I am taking note of your suggestions, as I would like to also help Africa progress.

    For some interesting but very little known facts about African-American history such as Black Wall Street, I find Rudolph’s Twitter handle @Rudy_Servant my best source. I much recommend it.

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