What a soft sentencing, but I’m not surprised.

US justice is not blind. It is hypocritical and racist with violent white men getting little or no time for serious crimes. If violence is on the rise, it could be that the most violent criminals are not going to jail but back to their community to try again and this time not be caught.


  • Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.


11 thoughts on “What a soft sentencing, but I’m not surprised.

  1. This sickening case is almost unbelievable.

    As you write, if a whole demographic are not serving time then of course crime figures overall will increase. And for the judge not to consider masturbating over a dead and murdered body isn’t sexual, is so ignorant I’m struggling to find the right words to express myself. This “demon” killed just like a typical serial killer does, with masturbation being as a result of the sadistic exhilaration he felt killing the woman.

    1. Hi Pete, you bring up an excellent point about how skewed the US stats are when an entire race is being under-prosecuted for violent crimes.

      Also, knowing what was revealed about Kavanaugh makes me wonder about the judge’s background and past attitudes and behaviors against women.

      1. Thank you, Angela.

        Yes, maybe the judge shares the same opinions about women and their sexuality. “Birds of a feather!”

  2. Thanks for reblogging.

    One point I didn’t think about mentioning was a theory about why so many of them walk or at worst get light sentences. I believe these judges and legal teams are aware of the recent crime stats from the FBI. Once they realized that most of the people arrested for rape and sexual assault look like them, I’m sure they were freaking out to curb that number. I could be wrong, but that was just a guess.

    1. Great point! That why stats can be manipulated. You are not wrong.

      It’s being manipulated at the structural level where judges, prosecutors and even defense attorneys intentionally discriminate based on race. The quality of your defense, your conviction and sentencing depends not on your innocence but on your wallet size and your race. It’s called justice in the US and there is none for people of color.

      1. I forget if I’ve used this quote before on your blog, but it reminds me of the phrase: “It doesn’t matter who’s crimes count, but who counts the crimes [in the justice system.]” When those rape/sexual assault crime stats came up even when the books were cooked, that probably sent the justice system into a panic.

        That has become more obvious as I do more research on these matters. Sometimes, they’re all in on the same sick joke when it comes to choosing the fate of someone in the courtroom. That’s certainly true and it reminds me of Body Count’s song “No Lives Matter” which the lyrics are exactly what you’re talking about.

        1. Who counts the crimes does matter. Black people are so busy trying to survive at a basic level we don’t have time to plan or strategize how to oppress or destroy another race likes whites do.

          Whites have a history of blaming other races for their crimes. They have a history of projecting their violence onto other races and religions.

          Kavanaugh’s attitude at his hearing was emblematic of white male privilege and how easily they lie and cover each other’s lie. Kavanaugh called to arms the old white boys during that hearing, and they came to support him. Did you hear Lindsey Graham? He completely dismissed Dr. Blasey’s allegations and went on a rampage about how dare we question such a “distinguished” judge. A judge who happened to be a drunk in younger days and is now accused of sexually violating several women some during high school and college and possibly law school.

          That blue wall of silence is the old white boys network redux.

          1. Oh yes and I’m definitely aware of that when it comes to counting crimes. What you say has true credence and I know I’ve felt the same way without even knowing it. There was a time where I called myself apolitical during my college years, but I realized how foolish I was by not paying attention to what’s going on locally or nationally.

            That’s unfortunately right and I still see it from others whether it’s overt or covert.

            I know, right? He was a total man-child during that hearing. There was a meme that Scottie’s Toy Box shared that said (paraphrased mind you) “If a woman acted just like Kavanaugh during a hearing, then they’d be considered too emotional for a SCOTUS position.”

            Exactly although one could argue that it was always there, but modernized. I mean, the archetype for the police system in this country were the slave patrols back in the 19th century, so that makes perfect sense.

            1. If a woman acted like Kavanaugh, there would be no old white boys network to support her. Both women and men would have buried the nomination. But we see the rules are different for white men. They commit the most unspeakable unimaginable crimes and somehow find a way to blame and convict someone else for their crimes.

            2. Well said, Angela! They would dismiss her nomination and call her way too emotional or think she has (from a man’s perspective anyway) “nagging wife syndrome” should she have even got nominated in Kavanaugh’s position.

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