Kavanaugh: Add Possible Witness Tampering, Perjury and Bar Fights to the List

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Seriously, can Kavanaugh be confirmed after numerous reports now corroborate he committed perjury? Doesn’t the Supreme Court lose as a face of justice if he’s confirmed? How can a judge who lied under oath to the Senate and in front of millions of Americans be the future face of justice in the highest court of the land? How do Americans feel about a suspected sexual predator getting a lifetime appointment to the highest court?

These questions and others keep Americans up as the drama of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing investigation unfolds. Could Kavanaugh still have alcohol problems? Will the FBI look into his recent alcohol habits?

There are many other qualified candidates for the Supreme Court who don’t have Kavanaugh’s criminal baggage, why not select another?

This article from the Huffington Post, while not explicit, implicates Kavanaugh and his lawyers in witness tampering to prevent corroboration of Deborah Ramirez’s allegations that a drunken Kavanaugh shoved his penis in her face.  Already it’s fact Kavanaugh was a heavy drinker, even got into a drunken brawl where the police were called.

New Reports Add To Muddled View Of Brett Kavanaugh’s Character At Yale

Multiple reports on Monday evening shed light on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s recent efforts to rein in his friends’ comments about his behavior as a student at Yale University.

NBC News reported that Kavanaugh and his legal team had been texting with the judge’s college friends to undercut classmate Deborah Ramirez’s allegations of sexual misconduct before she went public in The New Yorker. The messages, summarized in a memo obtained by NBC, suggest that Kavanaugh’s relationship to Ramirez was closer than he let on and that she was uncomfortable around him when they were both at a wedding 10 years after they graduated.

Ramirez was the second woman to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, saying he exposed himself at a gathering when they were both in college and thrust his penis in her face. She said she was inebriated but confident enough in her recollection to go public and ask the FBI to investigate the claims.

Kavanaugh has vehemently denied the allegation and told the Senate Judiciary Committee last week that he first heard about Ramirez’s claim in the New Yorker article. The text messages, however, indicate that his team had been working to refute Ramirez’s accusation long beforehand.

A New York Times report on Monday also seemed to further the narrative that Kavanaugh was known during his Yale days as a heavy drinker.

The Times, citing a police report from 1985, reported that officers questioned Kavanaugh after a bar fight while he was a junior at Yale.


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2 thoughts on “Kavanaugh: Add Possible Witness Tampering, Perjury and Bar Fights to the List

  1. Angela, I’m getting the idea you do not like this Kavanaugh fellow one bit! While all the attention is going to him I think the behavior of the Republicans trying to push him though is just as appalling, but they will get re-elected.

    1. Rudy, I agree. The Republican behavior is beyond words, integrity, and respect for the rule of law. Recent polls suggest conservatives galvanized around support of Kavanaugh who is seen by them as the victim. Sad!

      I don’t think Americans are that stupid. Many are beginning to wake up to an elite white-male dominated society that is above the law. The recent investigative report on Fred Trump’s tax schemes is enormous as it showed Trump ran on a lie.

      The first president ever to not make his taxes publicly available yet he demanded Obama submit his birth certificate to prove he was born in America. Now we understand Trump’s family, and perhaps other wealthy families are engaged in tax schemes many of which are “outright fraud.”

      Trump portrayed himself as a self-made man, and he was far from being self-made. Voters believed him despite red flags that suggested otherwise. He was no shrewd businessperson. At age 40-50 years he was still getting an allowance of 4-5 million dollars from his Dad. Fred Trump, his father, created the Trump dynasty partly through tax evasion. The question is did Trump follow his father and do the same for his children. Americans need to see Trump’s full tax returns.

      We have a POTUS suspected of sexual misconduct, tax evasion, obstruction of justice and conspiring with the Russians to interfere in an election he won, nominating to a lifetime position a judge accused of blackouts, perjury, and sexual misconduct. It’s an alternate reality when Americans decide to win is more important than the truth, integrity, and justice.

      Shifting the blame to victims and downplaying the accountability of white males is not the rule of law or justice. Perhaps female, white Americans will begin to understand the trauma they and their male counterparts have inflicted on black Americans.

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