11 thoughts on “Donald Trump Laments Young Men Being Accused of Sexual Assault, Yet He Wanted Central Park 5 to Suffer

  1. Angela, I believe President Trump comment came straight from his heart ❤️. He only left out one word “White”!

  2. 45 has no right to talk about freaking out about people being accused of sexual assault. That Central Park Five case angered me so much when I watched that documentary by Ken Burns. I know he would never do the same thing to some white teens or even adults as seen with his philandering self. There’s also three words that destroy his argument: Access Hollywood Bus!

    1. You know it. Listening to Trump talk about it’s a dangerous time for young men and the presumption of innocence made me think about his full page ad on the guilt of the Central Park Five. Their innocence was never presumed, and there were not given due process. Even after they were proven innocent with DNA testing, Trump didn;t believe in their innocence, why?

      1. Of course. Heaven forbid there’s an attempt for GASP! equality for sex criminals regardless of race, right (I’m speaking hypothetically, but I hope my point came through)?

        His reaction years after the fact of the Central Park Five being exonerated was quite infuriating and they aren’t the only ones. I’ve heard more stories of Black boys and men getting more time being falsely accused of rape than those who actually did the crime (see Brock Turner, Roman Polanski, that Schneider devil from Anchorage, AK, etc.).

        1. It’s depressing, defeating and infuriating. I wake up wondering why bother? I am miserable living in this white man’s world. There should be a place other than the afterlife if you want to escape them altogether. I now realize residing in an African country might frustrate me even more if I face more racism there from the same people here.

          Some people can accept that and move on. For some reason, I don’t want to. The other day I re-evaluated my life and came to the conclusion it was a waste. I apologize to my children for bringing them into this world. I truly am sorry for that selfish act. I could have spared them and me a lot of pain and suffering.

          1. I know that feeling of being depressed in this world, too. There have been times where I hated myself because of how I was treated. I will have to respectfully disagree that African countries would be racist against you. Are some individuals prejudicial to African-Americans? Yes, I’ve seen examples, but there are places that want to see African-Americans visiting or living there instead of the typical colonizers visiting. Look at Ghana, they just recently made a program called Ghana 2019: The Year of Return which will allow the diaspora to get easy visas and a right to abode in the country as building a bridge to Black people worldwide and also to coincide with the 400 year anniversary of the slaves coming to America.

            I’m in the same boat although for different reasons since I’ve held grudges against those who have slighted me in the past. I still suffer with internalized anger and bouts of depression. But onto what’s going on, all I can say is that I wish you wouldn’t believe that your life is a waste. You weren’t selfish by having children. It’s not their fault or yours for the suffering in this world. You don’t need to apologize to them or anyone. Granted, I’m no counselor or some expert on helping people, but Angela…you DO matter. Even when this world is going to hell with all the wars, sociopolitical strife, and other atrocities, you’re not responsible for any of that. I may not know every aspect of your life’s story, but I hope you can find joy and peace. This isn’t me saying these things just to be nice. No. I’m doing this because I don’t want to see anyone I respect suffering.

            1. So, Curtis, I looked up Ghana 2019 and could not find much useful information on Google. One youtube video I watched praised Trump and his wife. Thanking God for their existence. It was exactly what I feared about Africa– still brainwashed, living in darkness and looking down on its people and their potential while still glorifying Americans or past colonizers.

              I accept that my life was a waste, only wish I hadn’t brought others into it. Yeah, I’m suffering but what’s new? Isn’t life about eternal suffering and pain?

            2. I see. I do apologize given the timing of all the other events such as Melania’s visit to Ghana. It is saddening that people have been praising 45 in that country. I’m also aware that a military base was put there, but at least a good portion of the Ghanaian people have been protesting against it. Here are a couple of videos from where I heard about Ghana 2019.

              One thing that I do hope is that it sends a ripple effect (with the right people of course) that other nations can offer the same. I heard Benin was trying something and interestingly enough Gambia is doing something with Black Brazilians, but that’s to the best of my knowledge. Maybe I’m more optimistic than I thought.

              Have I thought my life was a waste at times? Yes, and I’m going to be honest about it. There are things I wish I knew and wish I’d done when I was younger. It’s certainly been showing as I go back to being educated when I’m not working. Life certainly has suffering and pain which I know firsthand. A least you’re not someone who wears rose-colored glasses while ignoring the societal ills or get strung out on what I call “fake optimism” like so many people who think life is like some Disney movie with a guaranteed happy ending. I wish more people would face reality and honesty. You’re certainly more conscious than all of them, but I do hope that you can see the worth in your life and existence. Trust me, I’m working on that as well with my life.

            3. Curtis, sadly I don’t as I always return to this point. In the past I listened to others now I’m following my heart.

              You have talent and I feel the energy in your writings. You are prepared for that opportunity to come along and I hope it will soon. You deserve a big break!

            4. I see. I just wanted to encourage you, but I understand.

              Thank you very much! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying some of my works. Any favorite things that I’ve written. I appreciate the kind words. I know you have talent, too.

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