Food for thought:  With Kavanaugh confirmed, did white women just get what they deserve?

I was not a fan of Brett Kavanaugh for a lifetime position given the allegations of sexual assault, his partisan retort as well as his volatile temperament. Now that he’s confirmed it’s time to move on but also indelible in my mind are the Senators who voted for the bastardization of justice. As a new week begins, it’s time to reflect upon the irony and perhaps #karma.  After years of falsely accusing black men of rape, white women finally started to point fingers at their perpetrators with the #MeToo movement.

Over the last several weeks, I read stories of how traumatized white women became after instances of groping white males, genital flashing or rape by a train of white boys/men.   On TV and in images, I saw the anger and rage of white women who decried not being heard or taken seriously by white men.  I thought welcome to the tip of my world as a woman of color.

Then I reflected on American history. The countless number of times white women maliciously and without remorse falsely accused black men and boys of rape.  These white women intentionally traumatized and destroyed black families with uncorroborated false accusations knowing the outcome would be torture then death.  Maybe Curtis, Rudy, Pete, and others can share such cases in history such false allegations inflicted indelible trauma on the hippocampus of black children and black families.

I read today white women plan to #TakeAKnee; they want to change it to #TakeAKneeForWomen. Can you believe that? Weren’t white women on record blasting as unpatriotic black NFL players who protested police brutality by taking a knee?  Isn’t this sort of the #Hypocrisy and  #DoubleStandards white women condemn in white men with the #MeToo movement?

I recommend white women pause a moment to understand why the presumption of innocence and corroboration are necessary for justice. Unfortunately, both appear required only when white men stand accused but not when white women accuse black men or children, why is that?

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