On Tuesday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement sent a 4-year-old separated child from the U.S. to Guatemala City without telling her family she was coming home.

When Karla, a pseudonym HuffPost is using to protect the child’s identity, arrived in Guatemala, no one came to pick her up at a reunification center near the airport.

Instead of reuniting with her deported father, whom she hadn’t seen since they crossed the U.S. border together six months ago, the child spent yet another night in a government-run shelter, according to Kids In Need of Defense, an organization helping the U.S. government to reunify families.

“Just imagining this 4-year-old going back [home] after months and months of separation … and then her dad didn’t show up after all of this,” said Lisa Frydman, KIND’s director of regional and policy initiatives. “The trauma level is unimaginable.”

Legal and immigration experts say ICE is sending children back to Central America without properly notifying parents of their travel plans.


“The government is often not taking even the most minimal steps to ensure the reunification is being done without inflicting additional emotional damage on the families,” he said. “I think every additional night a child spends in a shelter causes more damage.”

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Kids In Immigrant Detention Center ‘Effectively’ Incarcerated

Young boys held at an immigrant detention center at an abandoned Walmart building in Texas are “effectively” incarcerated, says MSNBC Correspondent Jacob Soboroff, who toured the facility.

Is the US waging war on ethics or a war on humanity?  Or maybe certain factions within the US government want to create chaos and division?

Trump’s zero-tolerance policy is worse than the Nazi’s anti-jewish policy in WWII.  Who is behind these policies?  Stephen Miller, a 33-year-old Jewish Republican advisor to Trump!   It’s rumored he has orgasms at the thought of migrant children suffering, despite, his migrant family background that benefitted from chain-migration, a policy he now vilifies and wants to eliminate.  He should be pleased to know the migrant children will suffer irreparable harm for the rest of their lives.

Warning!  They will look at US government as being solely responsible.

 Stephen Miller the man who gets aroused by separating children from their families.

Stephen Miller the man who gets aroused by separating children from their families.