Yesterday I woke up to frost on the lawn. It’s cold under the blankets. The space heater on maximum heat but it’s still below 60 degrees in the bedroom. If I leave my bedroom, it’s even colder below 50 for the rest of the house (based on the thermostat).  The house feels colder inside than outside.  It’s 30 degrees outside, and it’ll warm up later.

The dampers that control the zones for the bedrooms shorted after the leaks in the summer of 2017. In NH, not sure if it’s a conspiracy to kill me by hypothermia or electrical fire or mold spores from the duct that was never cleaned but can’t seem to get someone to fix them. Maybe it’s just my TBI making me unable to deal with stress. The old HVAC person didn’t know how to fix it but rather than say so he left me hanging. I don’t like the idea of strange men in my basement, but I am having difficulty finding someone competent who understands water damage. They seem afraid to make a firm bid.

Further, State Farm no longer takes my calls despite their obligation to honor the claims.  BTW, the new claims adjuster and his supervisor at State Farm retaliated by discontinuing my homeowner’s policy after I filed a complaint to HUD.  The contractor doesn’t do HVAC, so I have to fend for myself at a time of weakness, extreme fatigue and the inability to focus.

What am to do? The winter is coming. I believe this will be my last.  Do people die of hypothermia in the fall?  My neighbors will worry about their property values if that happens.

Death may be the greatest of all human blessings. – Socrates