Why White Americans Love To Claim Native Ancestry

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Why White Americans Love To Claim Native Ancestry?  Money and access to services meant for Native Americans as well as future claims of ancestral ties to America. (Africans were the first to live in America, not Native Americans.  That history is murky.  In the future, Native Americans’ claim to America will be just as murky)

Warren was the FIRST minority women to receive tenure at Harvard. 🤮🤮🤮 That statement by Harvard about Elizabeth Warren showed the extent of the conspiracy to replace the history of Native Americans. In the future, white people can claim to be the real Native Americans and reap the benefits such as being named the first minority women tenured at Harvard.

Why did Elizabeth Warren benefit from being 1/32 white yet POC who are 1/2 white or greater are considered Black with no benefits of white privilege?

The ‘one drop rule’ makes sure POC cannot receive the benefits of white people but white can receive the benefits given to POC.  The latter benefits “compensate” POC for the cruelty and inhumanity inflicted upon them by white people.

Both Harvard and Warren should be ashamed, but they are not. My children have more white in them than Warren has Native American, how come they can’t benefit from being 1/2 white but she benefits from being 1/32 Native American? The ‘one drop rule’ another example of hypocrisy and greed within Anglo-culture.

Truth is Trump could take the DNA test and have similar results as Elizabeth Warren. She is probably no more Native American than he is. Her DNA test proved nothing except Elizabeth Warren like most white folks will claim anything to gain the benefits they set aside to compensate other groups for their ruthless cruelty and inhumanity. The article called her a race shifter, I call her your typical white person who wants to replace Native American culture so whites can recreate history to support white supremacy.

Cherokee Nation, the largest tribe in the United States, agrees. In a public statement,the tribecalled Warren’s use of a DNA test “inappropriate and wrong,” and said the senator “is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage.” Neither Warren nor the Democratic Party has responded to the statement. {USA Today}

Isn’t it typical for a white person to know there are no Native American genes then use a DNA test as proof? Wonder how many real Native American friends Elizabeth Warren has? Or do they need DNA tests to show their 1/32 Native American Cherokee ancestry?

Trump is right Pocahontas has as much Native American in her as he. Hope Native Americans will feel insulted to make sure they don’t support her bid to be POTUS. If I’m around, I certainly will not!

For many white Americans, there is something appealing about being a “little bit Cherokee”; some observers call it the “Cherokee Syndrome.” In the 2010 census, more than 819,000 Americans self-identified as Cherokee ― but the combined population of the three federally recognized Cherokee tribes (the Cherokee Nation and United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee in Oklahoma, and the Eastern Band of Cherokee in North Carolina) amounts to fewer than 400,000.

Material benefits are part of the allure. The ability to assert a Native American identity on official forms can lead to result in access to additional resources. For instance, in the late-nineties, a company owned by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) in-laws won more than $7 million in no-bid and other federal contracts at U.S. military installations and other government properties in California based on a dubious claim of Native American identity by McCarthy’s brother-in-law. At Harvard Law School, Warren was celebrated as the first “minority” woman to receive tenure. This was based on her own claims of Native American identity on employment forms, although she and Harvard Law have denied her identity had anything to do with her promotion.   

When Elizabeth Warren took the bait of her political rival by using a DNA test to “prove” her claims, she endorsed a way of thinking about race, DNA and Native ancestry that reinforces white supremacy. The notion that an individual can discover their tribal affiliation through a DNA test reinforces the white supremacist notion of “race” as a biological trait tied to a specific gene, discoverable from saliva. It’s the same idea at the core of the Ancestry.com advertisements that you’ve surely seen on TV. This simplistic view of how genetic markers work strengthens retrograde notions about about “blood quantum” and race.

When the question of using DNA to establish Sen. Warren’s lineage first emerged in 2016, Professor TallBear wrote about the fallacy of using genetic markers to establish tribal membership. “Because we are all genetically related, there are no tribe-specific markers, i.e., no Cherokee, Pequot, or Lakota markers,” she wrote. So, Warren’s claims that she has a “gene” that proves she is Cherokee is false, but her championing of this idea to score political points reifies a particular set of ideas about Indianness and biology.

Read the full story at Why White Americans Love To Claim Native Ancestry

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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

15 thoughts on “Why White Americans Love To Claim Native Ancestry

  1. Dear Angela,
    the answer is obvious: it should serve as a support for their claim on the stolen land! Otherwise the racist “one drop” is ruling!
    Weekend hugs

    1. Hi Andreas, yesterday I was too cold to type but added the one drop rule to the post today.

      It’s the rule that allowed slave owners to rape Africans and engage abusive relationships because the off-springs were considered property and not people since even a drop of African blood meant you were black. Why are whites so scornful of black people? Is it projection? Or is happiness or inner peace for white people tied to the need to feel superior?

  2. Nice posting Angela, but as you mentioned the copper colored indigenous people had their land stolen and still haven’t been compensated for it!!

    1. Thank you, Rudy.

      Oh but in the minds of whites they were compensated. They received parcels of land where they can gamble and self-govern under the watchful eyes of the US government. Unfortunately, as in the past, even that is slowly being taken away by the Elizabeth Warrens of America, those with 1/32 Native America genes.

      Don’t you want to know more about the first Africans who inhabited America before Native Americans?

        1. Hi Andreas, I’m scanning your links that provide excellent background information but still doesn’t answer the question as to what happened to them. Are Native Americans descendants of those Africans? Or did Native Americans like European whites colonize America and stole the land from Africans?

          As an aside: I must admit I no longer consider Wikipedia a credible source for a variety of reasons including the fact the material is often biased, incorrect and not presented in a format that provides relevance to the information sought.

        2. Now I see Africans predated the Ice Age.

          “The dawn of modern homo sapiens occurred in Africa between 60,000 and 80,000 years ago. Evidence of modern man’s migration out of the African continent has been documented in Australia and Central Asia at 50,000 years and in Europe at 40,000 years. The fact that humans could have been in North America at or near the same time is expected to spark debate among archaeologists worldwide, raising new questions on the origin and migration of the human species.”
          New Evidence Puts Man In North America 50,000 Years Ago https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/11/041118104010.htm

          1. Dear Angela,
            I know Science Daily generally as a serious publication, so I´m astonished to read “The dawn of modern homo sapiens occurred in Africa between 60,000 and 80,000 years ago”, which is definitely wrong. It´s well established that modern (African) man evolved in Africa at least 200,000 years ago. As for the People who have most probably inspired the real Olmec culture, their presence occured about 3,600 years ago (with this article Wikipedia seems to be correct): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olmecs
            As for findings hinting to early immigrants of the Black type (possibly from the Pacific Black lineage, dated to be 11,500 years old) see: https://www.cabrillo.edu/~crsmith/luzia.html
            Obviously People of East Asian descend outnumbered this type by far.
            Weekend hugs
            PS: indeed one has to be careful with Wikipedia. Some articles are serious, some are far from that.

            1. Hi Andreas,
              Wouldn’t it have been easier if history represented the facts instead of hiding them? What’s clear is if Africans were around for at least 200,000 years and relics of their existence found in America, Asia, Europe and even Siberia, it stands to reason that Africans gave birth to all other races. It also stands to reason that all whites have genetic patterns of African ancestry and so if the ‘one drop rule’ applies there are no pure whites. And all whites should be considered black. That is part of ancient history white geneticists, anthropologists, and social scientists want to dilute and obfuscate to maintain the myth of white supremacy.

              In deliberately seeking to erase African contribution to human existence, white people doomed humanity to repeat the same mistakes of violence, hatred, and fear. When did the conspiracy to strip Africans of their heritage/history begin?

              Nowadays, everything I read is taken with a grain of salt as it’s written by a culture that despises and wants to destroy people like me. How can I trust that culture to tell me the truth? When have they ever told us the truth?

  3. That is still a devil, regardless. They have raped into everybody’s culture and they should be included. Just dumb

  4. Angela – this is a very well written commentary. I am an “aging senior citizen” who grew up during race riots in Los Angeles, and tried as a child to understand why all the adults hated each other. We kids all went to school together, and played together and went to each others homes for parties and camp outs in the back yards. I believe that children are color blind. And adults need to stop hating and blaming and stripping each other of their history. When I joined the US Air Force, we had to attend mandatory “race relations” courses, and it was the first time that I realized that what we learned in history class was still relevant today. In the US Air Force, in the 70’s, I learned how discrimination happened to my friends who were bi-racial couples. I hope I raised my kids to be “color blind”, kind loving people. I think we as a country need to make sure history is written to tell the truth, and not fit a specific agenda. Can’t we just be humans, celebrating each other’s cultures and differences and love one another? Good article.

    1. Thank you, stitchinggrandma. I agree kids have a natural curiosity. They will point out differences then go on to be friends if parents allow it. However, there is no such thing as “colorblind” unless you are medically color blind. People subconsciously register the color of one’s skin within less than a second of seeing a person. It’s also been proven the concept of being colorblind doesn’t work. It is an excuse to double down on racism. It was a policy used in workplaces to prevent discrimination lawsuits against employers. The concept holds that if a workplace is colorblind, racial discrimination does not exist.

      I would suggest teaching children to embrace our differences as well as our humanity. We are not the same and should not pretend that is the case. No matter how well-intentioned the color-blind ideology, the outcome is toxic as it denies one’s individuality and provides cover for discrimination.

  5. The question is, is she claimed by any Native American tribe? Does she carry the traditions and culture of a Native American? As you stated, it is a matter of convienence at this time for her.

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