Warning: Full of profanity, this post does not hold back. I’m not a believer in going high when others go low.

Trump issues threats over immigrant caravan heading to U.S.

First, look at the faces of the “caravan of migrants.” Do these people look like they are coming to kill white people as Trump implied? But many white people find it convenient to believe such trash. I live in an area where people swallow Trump’s word despite his pathological lying. If the GOP retains Congress, I would not be surprised if someone burned a cross on my lawn. Trump said what most white people feel but was once afraid to publicly admit. Now, these whites are out of the closet. Trump encouraged and legitimized their fear, hatred and innate violence toward ethnic groups.

I don’t see any weapons or angry faces, like the marches of white supremacists, as if they are marching to harm anyone. White supremacists who marched down US streets yelling racial threats and wielding weapons were given police escorts to protect their right to hate and incite violence. These demonized refugees traveled by foot thousands of miles with their families to seek asylum.  Their plight and suffering ignored by the land of the free.

Even the liberal media is supportive of Trump’s fear mongering as they show hoards of people headed to Mexico and use the same code words to describe people seeking asylum. I for one think there are two sides to a story. I’d like to hear theirs from their mouths.

We quickly forget it was US interference in Central and South American governments and the economy that resulted in the refugee crisis. It’s not much different from the refugee crisis in Europe caused by the US and Israeli-sponsored wars in the Middle East.

Trump blamed the Democrats for the “ the caravan “ of immigrants. But wait for a second, isn’t he POTUS? Aren’t Republicans in control of Congress? Didn’t Trump wage war on immigrants? If there is a “caravan” of immigrant about to overtake white people, it’s because of Trump’s failed family separation and zero-tolerance policies. The responsibility for this problem falls squarely on Republicans and Trump, not the Democrats.

But somehow Democrats were outmaneuvered by Trump, the demagogue, who started the problem, defined the response and blamed the Democrats who had little to no say in the activities of the Federal government since Trump became POTUS. Trump’s expanding base of terrorist white men and women suck any shit that comes out of Trump’s ass. His shit feeds their innate hatred and violence for ethnic groups. FoxNews spreads that shit daily. White people love it, young and old! They hang on to every lie told on Fox as it was food needed for their survival.

What has Trump’s presidency taught me so far? That most white people are cruel,  hypocritical and violent bigots. It’s given me a glimpse of what slavery must have been like for black people.  Black people have been rendered irrelevant–truth is Black Lives Do Not Matter except during election–whites have moved on to destroy Hispanics,  code word migrants.

Conservative columnist Max Boot called out President Donald Trump and Fox News for “demagoguery,” “racism” and “nativism” in their comments about the caravan of refugees that recently crossed the Mexico-Guatemala border.

Trump mentions the caravan at his campaign rallies and often says the 2018 midterm elections will the “the election of the caravan.”

“It is demagoguery,” Boot said Sunday on CNN. “It is also, I believe, racism and nativism really pandering to the fears of Trump supporters and Fox News viewers, who tend to be older white males who are alarmed about the supposed invasion of dark-skinned newcomers coming to America.”

“The threat is entirely bogus because, in fact, border crossings have declined dramatically in the last 18 years, down 80 percent,” said Boot, a CNN analyst. “There is not this massive army of illegal immigrants. And these people are not even illegal immigrants. They are refugees who are seeking legal admission to the United States.” 

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