This post consists of four articles from the HuffPost. Each is followed by a brief commentary that points out double standards, disparity, bias and hypocrisy in the media and Trump. Despite traditional media’s role in coddling white criminals and helping Trump incite violence, it’s vital Americans vote to curtail the power of the madman who currently occupies the white house.

The bomber, Cesar Sayoc, was motivated by Trump’s incendiary remarks and support of violence towards his critics.

Cesar Sayoc Identified As Mail Bomb Suspect

Police have arrested a suspect in connection with at least a dozen packages containing likely pipe bombs mailed in the past week to people critical of President Donald Trump.

Cesar Sayoc, 56, of South Florida was taken into custody on Friday, FBI Director Chris Wray confirmed at a press conference. 

Sayoc has been charged with five federal crimes ― interstate transportation of an explosive, illegal mailing of explosives, making threats against former presidents and certain other persons, threatening interstate communications, and assaulting current and former federal officers ― the Department of Justice said. He faces up to 48 years in prison.


When law enforcement arrested him on Friday in Plantation, Florida, they also took possession of a van covered in stickers supporting Trump and criticizing Democratic officials.

Sayoc is a registered Republican and a self-described promoter and booking agent. He has a history of multiple arrests, including for felony grand theft and misdemeanor retail theft. 

Authorities were initially vague about the content of the packages, calling them simply “suspected explosive devices.” Wray elaborated at Friday’s press briefing that each device contained roughly 6 inches of PVC pipe, as well as a small clock and wiring. “These are not hoax devices,” he said.

Wray noted that the investigation was ongoing and warned there could be other packages not yet intercepted.

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Note there were no charges of domestic terrorism, will those come later or not at all?

While Sayoc was charged with five felonies, none mentioned terrorism. One source reported further investigation might result in additional charges. Will this act of domestic terrorism be downplayed or called out? If Sayoc crimes are not acts of domestic terrorism, this terrorist bomb scare before the midterm election will be another example of how structural racism sustains itself by stacking the stats to feed stereotypes.


Cesar Sayoc ‘Found A Father In Trump,’ Family Attorney Tells Anderson Cooper

An attorney for the family of bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc said in a CNN interview Friday that the troubled Florida man “found a father in Donald Trump.” 

Sayoc, 56, was arrested Friday and charged with five federal crimes.  He’s suspected of sending mail bombs to 14 Democratic political figures and other targets of the president’s harsh attacks. The van he was apparently living in was plastered with photos of Trump and pro-Trump slogans.

“This was someone lost,“ attorney Ron Lowy told Anderson Cooper on CNN Friday.

He said Sayoc was “abandoned by his father” and was desperately seeking an identity. He “was looking for anything and he found a father in Trump,” said Lowy. Sayoc had never been politically active until Trump’s campaign for the presidency, said Lowy, who represented Sayoc in the past on various criminal charges.

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According to Cesar Sayoc’s lawyer, the 56-year-old man had ‘daddy issues.’ He found a father in Trump.  Although Sayoc has a long history of violence, already traditional media appeared sympathetic, his lawyer’s statement nationally published and barely any recent images of him blasted on social media. His life struggles have received more national coverage than the recent racially-motivated murders of two elderly black people by a white man or the continued killings of innocent black men by police officers.

The disparity in coverage when a white person commits a crime is what causes many POC not to trust traditional media. Also, it’s a reason why Trump’s criticisms of the media works. He’s correct the media is biased and does misinform the public.


Bomb Mailing Suspect Cesar Sayoc Was A Big Trump Fan With A Criminal History


Van belonging to Cesar Sayoc Source of image: Twitter
Van belonging to Cesar Sayoc
Source of image: Twitter

The man arrested on suspicion of mailing at least a dozen suspicious packages to Democrats criticized by Donald Trump is a big fan of the president, with a long criminal history.

Sayoc is a registered Republican and called himself a promoter and booking agent. He was also an amateur bodybuilder and worked as a stripper, according to The Associated Press. He was once sentenced to probation for a bomb threat, the AP reported.

According to The New York Times, Sayoc threatened a power company customer representative in a dispute over a utility bill. He said the bombing would be worse “than 9/11” and that he planned to blow the agent’s head off, according to records released by the Miami-Dade state attorney’s office, the Times reported.

Sayoc appeared to be living for years in his van, which was parked in a lot outside a strip mall in Aventura, Florida, and was showering at a nearby beach or at a local fitness center, according to the AP. The van was plastered with pro-Trump slogans, photos of the president and at least one sticker saying, “CNN sucks.”

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Donald Trump Claims Media Is Using Pipe Bomb Scare To ‘Score Points’ Against GOP

President Donald Trump attacked the news media yet again at a rally on Friday, just hours after law enforcement apprehended a suspect in connection with over a dozen package bombs mailed to Democratic public figures and CNN this week.

“The media has a major role to play, whether they want to or not. They have a major role to play as far as tone,” Trump said, as the crowd booed and chanted “CNN sucks!” “The media’s constant unfair coverage, deep hostility and negative attacks only serve to drive people apart and undermine healthy debate.”

“For example, we’ve seen an effort by the media to use the sinister actions of one individual to score points against me and the Republican Party,” he added, in an apparent reference to this week’s pipe bomb suspect, who was a big fan of Trump. The suspect’s van was covered with decals and messages praising Trump and attacking the president’s critics ― including a sticker saying “Dishonest Media” and “CNN Sucks,” echoing Trump’s own frequent vilification of news media.

The mail bombs were all sent to people who have been critical of Trump, including former President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).

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After the man arrested turned out to be an avid Trump supporter galvanized to violence by Trump’s rhetoric,  instead of apologizing for calling the bomb scare a hoax or false flag or blaming CNN and Democrats Trump continued to incite violence towards the media and all those who oppose him.   Is this the behavior of a president who wants to make America great?

I want a president who is not a coward.  I want a president who is an adult.  I want a president who will be accountable and not blame others for his cruelty, inhumanity, and incompetence.   How about you?

We have an opportunity to reduce his power on November 6. Please vote despite evidence of election fraud and voter suppression in the red States. Early voting is adviced, if possible.