SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – Just one week until the Midterm election and a Spokane Valley [Republican State] representative [Matt Shea] up for reelection finds himself under federal scrutiny after a manifesto distributed by him was leaked to the public.

The four-page document, titled “Biblical Basis for War” was originally reported by the Spokesman-Review. It’s a radical Christian call to arms, outlining 14 steps for seizing power and what to do afterward in explicit detail. It calls for an end to abortions, an end to same-sex marriage, and if enemies do not yield and everyone obey biblical law, all males will be killed.

We reached out to Shea multiple times to ask him about this manifesto, contacting him on Facebook, calling his legislative offices in both Olympia and Spokane Valley, as well as his Spokane Valley law firm.

Read the full story at Spokane Valley representative under scrutiny for leaked manifesto

Shea facing increasing scrutiny over “Biblical Basis for War” manifesto [HD 720p]


Another white nationalist, alt-right, far-right extremist, KKK sympathizer, Republican using his political pulpit to call for war against those who do not embrace “Christian” values.   He explicitly called for Christians to murder the non-Christian men if they do not yield to “Christian” demands.

Matt Shea’s manifesto

I took screenshots of the full manifesto just in case it disappeared.

Read, research and share your thoughts, do you agree that non-Christians must yield to such demands?  Are his demands reflective of Christian values or Christianity? WTH is going on in America?


Matt Shea’s Biblical Manifesto: