FFT: Is It Anti-Semitic To Speak The Truth About Israel

Food For Thought: Is It Anti-Semitic To Speak Critically Of Israel

Have we returned to the days where people feared speaking critically of Israel or its people? Why is Israel a protected country–26 States enacted laws that punish businesses that choose not to do business with Israel— when Jews are at the very top of the food chain? Is an Israeli life more valuable or has more right to exist than a Palestinian life or members of other ethnic groups?

With money and power, Israel is part of the shadow government that runs the US. Ask me for proof. I can only ask that you use common sense. Why does Israel get billions in aid and military financing from American taxpayers –Trump just gave three billion in military financing for Israel–when Israel is a wealthy country? Why can’t politicians be honest about the crimes against humanity and war crimes of Israel? Aren’t the activities of Israel against Palestine similar to war crimes committed by Nazi Germany against Jews?

In the past, it was career-damaging to be critical and speak of the atrocities committed by Israel, atrocities ignored by mainstream media. Today it still is, as the few brave elected officials, who spoke out, discovered. However, ordinary people, unlike law enforcement or our elected officials, value justice–not the use of anti-Semitic labels to silence the truth.

The desire for Israel to occupy the Middle East, after seizing Palestine, is understandable. After all, the expulsion of Jews from countries in Europe over the centuries is a sore spot. It’s also one in which the details are murky. Having Israel prevents Jewish expulsion in the future. Why were Jews expulsed from so many countries in Europe?

Israel was born out of WW2. Palestine was divided. They hunted the Nazi monsters responsible for crimes against humanity and brought them to justice. Why are Palestinians denied the same justice? Why does the international community turn a blind eye to Israel’s war crimes?

I am not anti-Semitic. I am against cruelty. It’s challenging to watch Palestinian genocide in plain sight. Is it anti-Semitic to speak the truth of Israel and its war crimes?

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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

6 thoughts on “FFT: Is It Anti-Semitic To Speak The Truth About Israel

  1. Salut Angela,

    Anti-Semitism or not seems to depend on who is talking and who is listening. Here’s a good recent example of someone who can talk and be heard:

    U.S. Jewish Leader Henry Siegman to Israel: Stop Killing Palestinians and End the Occupation

    For my part, I view Israel as having been a victim of the geopolitics that played out since Constantine AD 306–337 decided to secure the Roman empire via the peace of Jerusalem, when in fact, his concern was to serve the New Jerusalem.


    Had Constantine served the New Jerusalem, there would not have been any need for Ishmael to turn into Islam, but instead, the Arab people would have found peace with Isaac in the Spirit of God.

    Here are 2 articles I wrote to appeal for the focus to shift from the never ending conflict to the New Jerusalem:

    Looking for peace
    Ishmael and Isaac

    From the US, “Evangelical”
    is now The Church’s final
    Reformation Bowel Movement …

    1. Thanks for the links. It was illuminating to watch the DemocracyNow video with Henry Siegman.

      I wish man did not destroy or distort history for his benefit.
      Despite the calls for Israel to stop the Palestinian genocide, in the US, our media and politicians tell another tale that support Israel’s occupation and killing of Palestinian civilians—the US is helping to arm Israel. That means US taxpayers partly fund Israel’s war crimes against Palestine. That is money that could be used to help make America great!

      1. I agree that America can use some help to make it great by first recognizing that there is no past to look up to, only future opportunity that lies at the heart of the crisis that the US has become. I’ll leave you with some thoughts from the North of the US opportunity, continentally first and with my name at the top, I’m leaving a link to a global opportunity from the continental united stand of:
        Deep calls unto Deep

  2. Interesting points. To repeat a certain other comment you might remember, you can’t be Anti-Semitic since it has an Afro-Asiatic template which would also mean you would be Anti-Black in addition to Jewish, Arabic and multiple other groups in that field, so you clearly aren’t. I’d like to add to your point by mentioning the racism against the African Jewish community especially Beta Israel when you have police brutality against them or women being sterilized against their will. Even the recent deportations of the Eritrean and Sudanese (including those who follow Judaism) by sending them to Kenya and Uganda despite the language and cultural barriers was bad in itself.

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