FFT: Is there a problem with white men owning guns

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There is a problem with white men owning guns. It is becoming a weekly event called mass shootings and sometimes called hate crimes. The shooter is not an alien, an MS-13 gang member, a Muslim terrorist, or a black thug, but rather “lone wolves–confused mentally ill white men.” Perhaps the problem is not guns but white men with guns.

To solve a problem one needs to identify it. Thus far, we managed to ignore the growing elephant in the room.

  • What has white men so on edge?

Over the centuries, white men had it fantastic! They did whatever they desired, so it seemed to rest of us. White women were toys, Black women/people property. White men had powerful networks of wealthy men who had each other’s back. White women were barred from that network and so were Asians, Blacks, Latinos and at one time Jews. And everyone wanted blonde hair and blue eyes.

White men deftly deployed a “divide and conquer” strategy to secure their supremacy status. They created conditions where the oppressed fought with each other while the wealthy [white men] stoked the flames of fear, hate and violence. They designed a surreptitious system of discrimination where groups subjected to its abuses, subsequently, embrace it once a carrot of superiority to other groups dangled before them.

During slavery, wealthy slave owners became fearful when poor white men and women joined forces with slaves and poor black farmers. To sever that connection slave owners granted poor whites authority over slaves along with financial incentives. It worked like a charm. Just a bit of power was enough to sever bonds that could have changed history for the better.

In the past, in the white man’s world order, they were “kings,” even “gods’ and everyone else created to serve their delights. They raped and pillaged and then lied about it. Time changed and many white men can’t accept the new reality. The results are mass shootings, hate crimes, and white nationalists.

To reduce gun violence, we need to address the problem of white men with guns, many are not mentally stable and are lone wolves.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

3 thoughts on “FFT: Is there a problem with white men owning guns

  1. Hello Angela. You have a great point. Maybe we need to restrict the movement and stop entry into the country of white men until the government can figure out what is going on. After all that was the idea behind the “Muslim ban”. Hugs

    1. Scottie, I believe white men had free rein of the world for centuries. That rein is coming to an end, and most are not willing to accept that or share power. They want to cherry pick groups of people who will continue that culture of discrimination–a divide and conquer strategy.

      Many white men especially those with inheritances have never worked an honest day in their lives. They were put on pedestals and that is changing.

  2. It’s such a cliche when it comes to how so many of those aforementioned white shooters can kill several people, yet they get called mentally ill and just happen to be taken alive way more often than not. The mentally ill and lone wolf tags are such strawmen because people with mental health issues are far more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators. The long wolf buzzword is really a smokescreen to the MSM can mislead people into thinking that there couldn’t be other groups who think the same thing. The OKC bomber was radicalized by WS movements and Niklaus Cruz went to a bunch of alt-right sites long before Parkland happened. These words imply that they are isolated incidents while low-key supporting those killers.

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