I’m Losing My Home

Losing My Home To A Covered Insurance Claim

Standing on the precipice of life watching, waiting and hoping for something. Feeling it close, a warm breathe brushes the nape of my neck. “One hair out of place and you die.”

I wish I could write about happy, feel-good things. How can I when my life is miserable? I am without a home, and that is frightening for me. To make it worse, I fancied leaving the house to my children as something that would grow in value.

Wounded, my blood soaked dress concealed a scabbed blood congealed deep flank wound that left me in tears from the searing pain of removing the scab.

I dread thinking about the house and driving to NH. I get dizzy, fatigued and weak with a sense of impending doom. My blood pressure rises, and I get chest pain. I know it’s anxiety because I exercise and feel great.

Writing about it produces chest tightness. Am I psyching myself out?   I don’t feel well.  My head hurts. I avoid the house because it triggers emotional and physical pain/discomfort.

I feel the house is being taken from under me because my disability hinders my ability to fight back. State Farm retaliated, the contractors fleeced me and left my home uninhabitable. They replaced my high-end things with low-end stuff.   I’m not sure if that was in the contract as my mental state was far worse then than it is now. Then there are the damaged and missing items.

My house left without bathrooms,  except for the master and a half-destroyed one in the basement, and a nonfunctional kitchen and no heat in the bedrooms.

After the flooding in my basement from leaks, the house was deemed unsafe and uninhabitable because of mold. On returning and living there for a year, the duct had not been cleaned out. That exposed me, an already medically ill patient, to mold spores throughout the house.

State Farm in retaliation canceled my policy. I have no homeowners policy. The house is uninhabitable because there is no heat in the bedrooms. I expected the 1st-floor unit to break down from the work of heating the entire home. And of course, State Farm would weasel out of covering the damage which would not exist had they employed fair business practices and didn’t retaliate because I expressed concern.

I hoped to leave something for my boys. As luck would have it even my life insurance that I thought was in effect since my disability is not. Thanks to the Hartford. Dartmouth is working with the Hartford to sort things out since last October 2018. I may need an attorney soon to make them do the right thing.

I don’t much see a future for me. I’m tired of putting out fires and coping with stress. That’s not a future I relish. There will come the point when the kids are better off without me.

Anyway, that was an update on my life and the saga of my home and homelessness.

Please do not contact me with offers to take my home.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

9 thoughts on “I’m Losing My Home

  1. I do hope things work out well for you. It does sounds like a mess and would need relief from that as it’s tiring. Don’t give up though,

      1. Bad times don’t last always and I know that doesn’t provide comfort right now. See yourself out of this even though you might not see full path.

  2. Move on Angela! Unfortunately we live in a predatory system which caught you in your most vulnerable state. It sounds like your health is pretty good. Living in that house will continue to erode your well-being! I truly believe once this weight is off your shoulders you will see things very differently! Always in my prayers!

    1. I know Rudy. But a person can only take so much abuse from a system. It’s depressing to know that I dumped over 20 years of my life and money with nothing to show. I guess I have my life and kids.

      It tears away at me what State Farm did and Bergeron. To make matters worse I have been waiting since last October for Dartmouth to settle the oversight of my life insurance policy with the Hartford. If I hadn’t picked up the screw up my children would be left without life insurance despite my benefits that showed coverage since I went on long term disability in 2010. I may have to retain a lawyer to get the benefits in my contract. Why does it take an attorney for people to deliver on promises or adhere to a contract?

  3. Yes, move on, Angela. In the years I’ve known you your household, and that legalised thief of a insurance company, have been just too much a burden on you.

    Excuse the pun, but as one door closes another one opens.

    You get stronger, then stay strong. We’ll support you in any way we can….

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