FFT: Isn’t Tucker Carlson More Dangerous Than Michelle Carter?

I’m in a hurry but felt compelled to respond to the rants of a racist in a Food For Thought (FFT) post. Isn’t Tucker Carlson more dangerous than Michelle Carter? Why isn’t he in prison?

It is time Fox News got rid of this toxic racist.  Him calling Ilhan Omar a racist is like the pot calling the kettle black. If anything Carlson, a white nationalist, once again confirms that white nationalists indeed are dangerous, unhinged and racist. Aren’t they responsible for most mass shootings and hate crimes?

America is now a country bursting with hate because of people like Tucker Carlson. Why does this Carlson still have a job with a platform to advocate hatred and violence? Isn’t his racist rhetoric dangerous, divisiveness, and a threat to people of color?

Michelle Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for encouraging her friend to commit suicide, shouldn’t Tucker Carlson be at least investigated for the same? Hasn’t his vitriolic lies physically harmed many?

This Food For Thought was motivated by the following article in the HuffPost:  Tucker Carlson Calls ‘Annoying’ Ilhan Omar Proof Immigration Is ‘Dangerous’ To U.S



Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

19 thoughts on “FFT: Isn’t Tucker Carlson More Dangerous Than Michelle Carter?

  1. Tucker Carlson is totally projecting onto Ilhan Omar and others. I never thought about him being a potential accomplice to manslaughter by spouting those talking points, but now you got me thinking…

    1. Tucker Carlson’s hate filled lies are no different than Michelle Carter convincing her boyfriend to commit suicide. We haven’t looked into how his lies have contributed to mass shootings and hate crimes.

      1. Of course and I agree with you. I’m sure his rhetoric has influenced mass shootings and hate crimes. He wouldn’t be the only one, but a notable accomplice.

        1. As such systems financially benefit and are controlled by wealthy whites, there will not be data to show causation or a link…how very convenient.

          Btw, like Elizabeth Warren is Native American, I am partly white based on DNA from ancestry.com–actually many times more white than she is Native American– so I have nothing against the culture. LOL

          1. Yeah, that lack of information really says it all, don’t you think?

            You got a DNA test, too? Cool. That’s one funny way to look at it when you compare and contrast with Elizabeth Warren. She would barely count as a “$5 Native American” as some bloggers and vloggers have said. I can also say the same thing since all my DNA came from either Africa or Europe given my family situation. I’m probably more Scottish or Irish than she is Indigenous and that was a small percentage. Hahaha!

            1. Remember her dubious Native American heritage made her the first tenured minority at Harvard. I don’t know how she can run for potus and be taken seriously. Her deception is in keeping with the prevailing culture to which belongs.

            2. That’s right! She played the (fake) Native American card to get into Harvard which is infuriating. I’m sure there have been and are still real Native Americans who would love to go to a university, but can’t because of different circumstances like a lack of finances for example. Interesting how you brought that up. Just recently, someone asked her a question about reparations and the term “cutting the check” was used. She pretended to ignore the question until he kept asking her and she responded with “A check for what?”. Seriously, Elizabeth? She knew freaking well he meant for Black people (said reporter is a Black man), and her response was infuriating. Not that I was going to vote for her, but it gave me even more reason to not support Warren’s campaign.

            3. As a democrat, she will never be POTUS without the Black vote, not in this environment. Personally, if my back was against the wall and I had to vote for her vs Trump, I’d vote for Trump.

            4. Very true. The DNC has been reliant on the Black vote since the Voting Rights Act. They need to rethink their strategy if they want those votes given how disillusioned the Black voters are. Tangibles, DNC! That’s what they give to everyone but the Black voters! So many of the candidates on the Blue side of the (debatable) two-party system are either typical corporate types or the progressive wing that’s not willing to give tangibles to the biggest swing vote block in the nation.

              Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on Marianne Williamson?

            5. In many ways, Black people discount the importance of their votes. We happily listen to the same BS and let the politicians tell us our needs. Politicians think all they need to get the Black vote is visit a Black community and ”act black.” We don’t demand tangibles.

              I don’t know much about Marriane Williamson. But I wouldn’t vote for her when I can vote for Kamala Harris.

            6. No disagreements there. Not just the importance of their own votes, but only focusing on presidential or the occasional midterm elections. Hey, I’m not perfect about this either since I need to be better at researching local elections. After Voter’s Edge got wonky, it’s been tough finding out who’s running for what or various agendas in my current town, township, or county. As a community, we do need to be better to bring up tangibles.

              Like I said, I didn’t know how much you knew. I do think it’s intriguing how Williamson actually has reparations for Black people on her agenda (I want to say it’s 200-500 billion so far), but one can make an argument that the amount she has promised thus far currently is low.

            7. You’re right! Elizabeth Warren essentially lied about her heritage to get into Harvard. Her deception took a slot away from a real Native American. She portrays herself as a champion of justice. Her definition of justice and mine are polar extremes. She’ll never get my vote.

            8. Thanks! I feel bad for any Native American who could’ve benefited from a Harvard education, but their place was taken by an imposter. Certainly not a champion of justice with that action.

            9. Of course. I know with the results I got on my maternal side, there is strong evidence to make a case. Sure, I knew that side of the family were on the plantations, but knowing which nations in Central and West Africa got there makes a stronger case.

              Out of curiosity, what did you think about your results? Any surprises? Any you guess correctly? Any plans on connecting with the cultures in your results like visiting places or learning languages associated from which ever places? I do remember in a previous conversation that you’ve been told you had Nigerian features from others.

            10. My ancestors were mainly from Benin, Togo, Cameroon, Congo, Southern Bantu people and to a lesser degree Mali, also Ghana and the Ivory Coast. They were right smack in the middle of the transatlantic slave trade route. The results keep changing but the last time I checked I am about as Nigerian as Elizabeth Warren is Native American.

              The results were surprising and had the profound effect of grounding me. I am proud of my African ancestry. I expected to have Ethiopian ancestors with some Arab or Asian ancestry but had none. The percent of European ancestry was a shocker ~15%. To me that was an indicator my ancestors were raped by white slave owners or whites connected with slavery.

              How about your results?

            11. Those are very interesting samples you have there. Funny enough, most of the ones you mentioned were what I got, too (Congo/Cameroon was the biggest African sample I got). That’s a good joke about being just as Nigerian as Warren was Native American. Hahahaha! 😛

              I know, and I felt the same about what I got. Ethiopian? That would’ve been a fascinating choice if you had a sample of that especially since those are some of the oldest and still living African people to this day. 15% European? I’ve heard other Black people talk to me saying they had something like 10-20% European DNA when they took a test. Crazy enough, my mom got about 5 or 6% Norwegian of all things which partially explains how I have a small percentage in my results.

              With my results, it really changed my outlook on myself and even boosted aspects of my confidence. I checked out music from those countries, seeing movies from there, and I’m learning different languages associated with my ethnic results like Lingala and Swahili which are both spoken in the DRC. I might be at the point where my Lingala will surpass my knowledge of Japanese even though I was rusty with that. Side note about Swahili: Shame on Disney for trademarking and culturally appropriating the Hakuna Matata phrase! I learned how to make fufu which was really fun even though I’m not the greatest cook. I would really like to visit Africa regardless if the country matched my results or not.

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