Same Shit Different Package: NYC Plans to replace Rikers Island Facility

Four jails New York City plans to replace its Rikers Island facility will have cells with natural sunlight, space for programming and a children’s play area,

Full story at  New York City Plans ‘Sunlight and Space’ Jails for New Era of Corrections

That is plain bullshit to start there and to call it change. The question is, do we need to incarcerate so many innocent people and people who are victims of  “normal accidents?”
Indeed, the conditions in prisons are deplorable, but part of the reason is that over 1/3 of those incarcerated don’t belong behind bars.

The other question is, should corporations and states profit from mass incarceration? This last question is at the heart of the problem as well as the elephant in the room. Instead of creating more hospitable prisons why not look at why we incarcerate so many innocent people or poor people who are victims of “normal accidents?”

NYC wasting taxpayers dollars to make prisons more friendly to families and inmates does nothing to reduce mass incarceration. Btw, once funding dries up and income from mass incarceration becomes necessary to maintain profits to states and big businesses, those facilities will be no different than the old Rikers.

Another example of how taxpayer’s dollars are wasted on projects that sound noble but are the same shit in a different package.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

7 thoughts on “Same Shit Different Package: NYC Plans to replace Rikers Island Facility

  1. Good point about the new prisons to replace Rikers Island. There’s too big of a prison-industrial complex going on in the country. It’s obviously a PR move.

      1. Oh, that is certainly easier to spot and I would’ve figured that out even if I wasn’t required to take a PR class back when I was a student. Maybe they should reallocate the money to something more useful such as education, health care, or jobs, but we know that’s not going to happen even if it costs less money despite the long-term growth in more constructive sectors of the country if it were enacted.

        1. White liberals aren’t our friends either. They tend to come up with the least effective program that doesn’t address our needs to waste tax dollars and then call it change.
          Just as they are doing in NYC.

  2. So build more jails than give Black people reparations? So stupid, the devils should be the ones UNDER the jail.

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