Editor’s Note: Trump Redefines What It Means To Be American

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Lately, to tell the truth is un-American.


A pattern of distraction has emerged in Donald Trump’s timing of propaganda generated chaos. He’s become a master at creating distraction through hate and violence. His latest is to make people of color feel they are not Americans for speaking out against the injustices of his administration. Since many people of color are Democrats, it’s easy for him to transfer his litany of lies and deception to paint Democrats as harboring or supporting un-American sentiments. He is laying the groundwork to make any compassion or empathy to those less fortunate un-American and a form of extremism.


Trump understands the power of his words and the harm they can do. He doesn’t care if his words harm Americans, Black or White, and neither do those who support his deception.


Something is wrong with this President. Most Americans feel it but can’t articulate the problem except to say he’s racist. Some are in complete denial that a problem exists within the Trump White House. They call any evidence that points in that direction or that creates cognitive dissonance, fake. Trump’s demagoguery is necessary to make them feel superior as if they belong to a superior class of beings.


Trump shrewdly tapped the implicit biases on which America was founded and built. Implicit biases rooted in slavery, eugenics, and white supremacy.


Recently, Trump raised the stakes by doubling down on calls for four freshman women of color in Congress—US Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) —to return to their countries. In doing so, he implied a person of color could not be American. All four women are US citizens, and three of the four women were born in the US and are natural citizens. He embraced racist and ignorant stereotypes held by many hate groups who assume only Whites can be trusted to be Americans.


Trump is confident of his presidency, and why shouldn’t he? He has the DOJ, the Republican Party, and the Supreme Court in his pockets. Also, he is rich, powerful, and a part of the American elite. Who would have believed William Barr would put his career on the line to deceive the public about the Mueller report? Barr knew others would read the report, and those investigations would continue, yet he lied to Americans. With the Supreme Court stacked on Trump’s side, why wouldn’t he deceive the public on Trump’s behalf?


However, Jeffrey Epstein might be the key. Michael Cohen told us a little about Trump, but Cohen worked for Trump. Jeffrey Epstein and Trump were equals who partied together. If anyone knows some of Trump’s dirty secrets, it’s Epstein. They had a longstanding friendship that spanned decades. We have evidence of at least one private party along with 28 girls flown in to entertain them–that many girls to entertain two men. What were two grown men doing with 28 girls? How old were the girls?


That is not the first glimpse at Trump’s promiscuous and adulterous life. The Access Hollywood tape from 2005  heard him talk about grabbing women’s private parts. Then there were the known payoffs to at least two women during his presidential campaign and while married to Melania. There was also the Miss USA pageant where he was accused of sexual misconduct by one of the contestants.


The fact that he and Jeffrey Epstein were pals is not the issue of concern. Many come in contact with pedophiles and other criminals without knowing. Some even become friends. What is alarming is that Trump’s administration is full of people with a history of sexual misconduct, domestic violence, and racist beliefs. It’s unsettling to know Trump’s former Labor Secretary, current attorney general, and personal lawyers are linked to Jeffrey Epstein as well as the lenient plea deal Epstein received in Florida.


Amid all this investigation, Trump singled out four women of color with racist comments meant to spark chaos, hate, violence, and distract. What’s more, he’s doubled down to make this a campaign strategy with his fans chanting, “Send her back” to Rep. Ilhan Omar. One has to ask, why?


There are many theories, but behind the incendiary rhetoric is Trump’s ability to trigger implicit bias in his fans. His carefully crafted words flood their minds with involuntary biases of religion, race, gender, and culture. In the process, he is defining who is American, independent of the law or the Constitution.


It appears he scored a home run by telling the four freshman American women of color in Congress to return their country which is the USA.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

31 thoughts on “Editor’s Note: Trump Redefines What It Means To Be American

    1. Hey Onno, how are you doing? Haven’t seen you around in a while.

      Touche. The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree…like father, like son.

      1. One of your previous questions got me sidetracked and I’m still not done fully exploring that.

        The more things change, the more they stay the same; it’s only a matter of efficiency.

  1. This is really exhausting. Some Black people haven’t learn about these devils no matter what position they are in. The Wig(trump) is laughable now because that’s how they ALL act. The main thing what is Black people going to do?

      1. We have to get back to our African spirituality and knowing who we are and our enemies are. That is the essence of who we are and no escaping that.

          1. Good question, as there’s an African spirituality, as there’s an American, as there’s a European, as there’s an Asian, as there’s ……….. Ergo >> there is none.

            Oh, and in case one believes there is one, then tell me: Is there a difference between the Angolan spirituality and the Algerian one? Or, to keep it “all black”, the Nigerian one and the Namibian one?

            Um……to believe there is one, I believe is based on what the guy in the link I shared with you called “groupism” and, in this case, one of the major side effects of this phenomenon, called racism. But “we” knew already where your little “devil 😈 destroyer” stands, eh? 😛

            1. Aren’t all the countries you mentioned in Africa? What percent of those in Algeria of African descent?

              I don’t like the term “groupism.” It’s a term that bunches important attitudes and survival skills into a light-hearted fad type word. Society is a form of groupism, isn’t it?

            2. Re: “……into a light-hearted fad type word.” If that is so, so is “African spirituality” (yeah, yeah, 2 words 😛 ), and a lot of other ones.

              So you consider Chuck Almdale’s thoughts were crap?

          2. One is connecting with the ancestors who paved the way for us. The African spiritual systems vary but that’s the main part as well connecting with one self.

  2. Those sentiments certainly aren’t new. I remember 10 years ago when I was in Jacksonville for my college choir tour. The person who hosted my choir roommate was someone in the military who just came back from Iraq. He asked me if I was an American citizen and not my Caucasian roommate. Even though I was still waking up (it was 6 AM when we got breakfast with him), I knew there was dog whistle language going on just because of the color of my skin. I certainly was dark enough to look like a foreigner to him and I told him that I was born in America. He asked me if my parents were and I said yes (never mind that my dad has the same skin tone as him). That moment made me really uncomfortable and I felt unwanted. Then again, the word American is code word for White in this country.

    1. Curtis, did you ask that guy if he and his parents were born in this country? A side note is that White people love to talk about their European heritage.

      On St. Patty’s, the only day I eat corned beef, I went to a local restaurant that wouldn’t not let me in without an ID. Curiously, I didn’t see them asking white patrons for their ID. This was in MA.

      Trump knew the reaction he would get. Public outrage from Democrats but fist bumps from his republican colleagues.

      I didn’t realize but you’re right American is becoming a code word for White.

      1. Unfortunately, I didn’t even though I should’ve. One of my weaknesses is that I can be too nice and not have any snappy comebacks even to this day. However, blogging has helped me be more open with my frustrations. You’re absolutely right about the European heritage aspect.

        Are you serious? WOW! How many other patrons most likely getting wasted (this IS St. Patty’s Day after all) without showing off their ID? MA…how crazy. I’m sure that state or at the very least Boston has one of the biggest Irish-American populations in the country. Why do you think they call them the Celtics?

        Oh, yeah. I definitely noticed that when it came to the partisan reactions.

        Thank you. I’ve been noticing it used in that context very recently. One usage where I realized it was a dog whistle in politics was the issue of the decreasing birth rate in America (saying nothing about several countries in Europe and even Asia). Paul Ryan said in a speech “America, please have babies!” like he was worried that the country would look like that Children of Men movie. The context and tone totally meant White America having babies.

        1. The decrease in birth rate among whites is a global crisis for them. May explain why they seem intent on killing or damaging our children. They come up with all kinds of “evidence-based” studies to justify their cruelty and inhumanity.

          I’m working on a post that looks at how omissions in the recent National Threat Assessment Center annual report on mass shootings can lead to policies that unfairly target people of color instead of those most likely to be mass shooters: white men.

          Reviewing the report made me angry. Even when data show their guilt it’s concealed or omitted. Then use the same data to craft policies that target people of color as the ones who are a threat.

          1. Yeah, I’ve certainly noticed that. Some European countries like Serbia and I believe Norway have been offering free things to couple to have children like apartments, baby supplies, and cash payments due to the decreasing birth rate. Going back to America, it’s also a reason why abortion clinics are mostly in Black-majority neighborhoods and fertility clinics are in White-majority neighborhoods.

            That’s not surprising, but I’m still looking forward to your post on that subject.

            I don’t blame you and I’d feel the same way. They’re obviously trying to adjust the stats ever since independent Black media brought up the FBI crime stats and how despite still being fudged, still proved that the crime stats on the news don’t fit the narrative of who does the most criminal activity.

            1. The whole criminal system stinks. It’s not about law enforcement, justice or the rule of law when policies target POC instead of the actual perpetrators.

              The drop in birth rate is probably another reason behind the renewed push to make abortion illegal.

            2. Of course. It’s the same reason why the American criminal system was based on the slave catchers centuries ago.

              That’s something I never thought of, but I’d also say that those same people who are “pro-life” don’t care when any POC gets an abortion.

            3. How to do move on and focus on building our culture and communities? How do you avoid sabotage attempts by Whites? Sabotage that comes from the media, both Republicans and Democrats, and those responsible for public safety and the criminal system.

            4. Those are good questions and I wish I had good answers. The media and both political parties in America certainly are waiting to pounce on any form of liberation or at the very least self-sufficiency for the communities.

            5. In the past, we weren’t aware tools meant to keep us down, or of the collective mindset to do so. Knowledge is power. We know now.

            6. That’s right and I do apologize for coming across as stupid, ignorant, or clueless in that previous comment. I don’t know if I have surefire answers, but I believe we have to own the narrative like making counter-propaganda against obvious racist lies. It’s like becoming the media, if you will. I would also say group economics would be key like starting something that can be functional and useful for others. John Henrik Clarke used an example of making an underwear factory which sounded silly at first, but he mentioned how it’s something that everyone uses and can make an economic system in a town.

  3. You should be a psychotherapist, Angela 😛

    Btw, being an American, what does that mean? Living between some artificial borders? In possession of an american passport? Or what?

    1. I think American means white to Trump and his fans. I thought it had to do with citizenship.

      I missed my calling in psychotherapy. 😂

      What is your opinion of implicit bias? And using it to drum up racist beliefs?

  4. This is the first time I recall visiting your blog, but I must say this is excellent and spot on! To add a tidbit … I was watching a Stephen Colbery video clip about Trump’s abominable tweets regarding ‘the Squad’, and he seized on when Trump complained that the Congresswomen were “trying to tell us how to run our government”, and Colbert said, quite aptly, “They are members of Congress … they ARE our government!”

    There are those who say we are simply being anti-Trump when we call him a racist, but no … his racism dates back several decades. He is a bigot of many stripes … Islamophobia, homophobia, misogyny, and blatant racism.

    Great post … thank you!

    1. Hi Jill, thank you for stopping by. I’m a fan of your blog. 🙂

      It’s telling that Trump doesn’t even recognize elected officials who are people of color yet he claims not to have a “racist bone.” As I said, there is something wrong with Trump, something very wrong.

      1. Thank you so much … glad to know you are a fan. I long for the day that this blog sports happier material. Yes, it is telling … and yet, so many people still claim he isn’t racist and that it is all in the perception. Sigh.

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