Time To Stop Welfare To Israel

Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan are barred from entering Israel on official US business. The man-child POTUS called Trump urged Israel to block their entry to the West Bank, which I thought was Palestine.


Palestinians are slaves in their country. Stating such facts that contradict fake news could be considered anti-Semitic. But aren’t most Palestinians Semites as are Arabs?


What Israel did and continues to do in Palestine is worse than what Hitler did in Germany to Jews. We know better, and they know better. I don’t want my tax dollars going to support Israel’s inhumane abuse of Palestinians. I urge both Congresswomen to draft legislation that puts an end to Americans subsidizing Israel’s violence against Palestinians. I agree Israel has a right to exist, and so does Palestine. For some reason, most American politicians are afraid to admit the latter. The exception being the Congresswomen barred from entering Israel who spoke out against the atrocities of Israel.


Americans can’t provide for themselves; homelessness is on the rise. Why do we provide welfare of over $30 billion to Israel? Don’t Americans need the money to help fight addiction or reduce mass shootings? Trump could quickly build his wall with the $30+ billion in welfare aid given to Israel.


American politicians shame the poor who need food stamps to buy food, yet every year they sign a budget that gives Israel billions in welfare financial aid to oppress Palestinians and disrupt the Middle East. Wouldn’t you say it’s time to stop welfare to Israel and focus on peace?


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

15 thoughts on “Time To Stop Welfare To Israel

  1. Good point about the allocation of money. You could do so much with it for very constructive things. I agree that Israel and Palestine should have the right to co-exist with a two-state solution. It’s a shame that there are all these attacks going on and that’s not even getting into police brutality against the Beta Israel community or their women being sterilized by the government without their knowledge. If someone did the same things to a European Jew, then people would instantly call them Neo-Nazis for trying such a heinous thing.

            1. Will check them out this weekend. Thanks again, I really appreciate you taking the time. I have a bunch that I’ll search for this weekend.

            2. Sure thing. I thought those articles and videos would help. It was interesting learning about the Beta Israel community especially given how they’ve been around since Old Testament Times. They have a unique culture I found fascinating, but it’s a shame how much they’ve been mistreated over the past few decades.

        1. Curtis, I’m reading your links, thinking out loud and have a few questions. Do you think the Jews of today have anything to do with the Biblical Hebrews and Israelites? Do you know when the term Jew came into existence? Was there a race called Jews in Biblical times?

          Modern Bibles have replaced the Hebrews and Israelites with Jews but did the latter exist in those times?

          1. Sure thing. I’m not an expert, but I will tell you what I know. I know the word Jew wasn’t a word until a few hundred years ago since the letter J wasn’t used in the English language until the 16-1700s. It’s an ethnoreligious term, so it depends on the ethnicity of the believer of that faith. What I do know is that multiple African groups have followed the Hebrew faith for ages. Not just Beta Israel, or some Eritrean or Sudanese people. The Lemba tribe from South Africa and Zimbabwe have DNA lineage to the ancient Israelites and they proved it on an episode of Nova of all things. I also heard there are some Hebrew cognates in Bantu-based languages. Before Leopold’s brutal reign of the Congo, the Congolese followed a monotheistic religion that has similarities to Judaism and Christianity. Leopold had a letter that told his cronies not to tell them about God or spirituality because they knew the commandments as a way to subjugate them.

            I seriously doubt it when it comes to your last question because Biblically speaking, the only Caucasians that we’re around the Israelites were the Greeks and Romans at the time. Most other European groups didn’t join the faith until long after New Testament Times. Also fun fact: the modern Israel location is on the African tectonic plate.

            1. Your knowledge of history is impressive. It makes sense that term Jews was not in existence during ancient times as the letter J was not part of the alphabet. Older Bibles like the ones I grew up with never mentioned the term Jews. However, modern Bibles hardly says Hebrews or Israelites but instead use the term Jews. The insertion of an ethnic group that did not exist during those times takes cultural appropriation to a whole new level.

            2. Thank you, Angela. It’s strange how J wasn’t always a letter in the English language let alone with Latin text since we take the alphabet for granted.

              Okay, getting back to being serious here. That is interesting how you bring up the terminology of the words with the age of the Bibles. You brought up something I haven’t thought about in that regard. It’s fine if people use their spirituality, worldview, religion, etc. to do good in this world, but it really makes you wonder if this is cultural appropriation on a wide scale. Since you have evidence of the aforementioned Lemba tribe and several other African ethnic groups having Ancient Israelite lineage since they scattered across the world, it really begs so many questions. Then you have the Deuteronomy 28 scripture saying how the Israelites would be sold into slavery again and be sent in ships which makes it even more eye-opening when you consider only one group of people was sold and enslaved while being captive on ships. Just saying.

  2. I agree with you Angela we should stop aid but the Kazar lobby is one of the strongest in Congress. Almost impossible to do. I believe they got a lot of dirt on Congress. Jews were known as Judeans at least the people from the tribe of Judah were the word Jews is associated with.

    1. Hi Rudy, interesting you said Judah because it was Yehudah and not Judah. As Curtis point out, there was no letter J in Hebrew until the 17th century.

      Isn’t that confusing in the context of the Bible?

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