Impeach Trump: Time Americans Look Beyond America

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Impeach Trump: Time Americans Look Beyond America

Before starting my blog in 2013, I knew little to nothing about foreign policy except about the Palestinians. That’s to say, I’m no expert. However, I do know enough to understand Trump’s “cease-fire” agreement with Turkey is no victory for civilization. It’s the very opposite.

I was not in favor of the US invading Syria under the pretext of ISIS and then also fighting for regime change in Syria. But once we did and placed American lives and values on the line, even I realized we had a responsibility. We convinced the Kurds to put their lives on the front line for our fight. Kurds didn’t ask for our help, we asked for theirs.

Now Trump, without consultation or heeding the warnings of defense department officials, ordered the evacuation of our troops from Syria. He did that after a phone call with Erdogan, Turkey’s President. After ordering the evacuation, Trump proceeded to demonize the Kurds, who were our allies, using Erdogan’s rhetoric.

Yesterday, Trump claimed a 120-hour pause in Turkey’s assault on an American ally,  a “victory for civilization.” During the 120 hour pause, the Kurds have two choices, pack up and leave their homes or get killed. How is that victory for the Kurds? How is that a victory for American values? How is that a victory for America’s future?

Americans should take the next 120 hours to pause and evaluate Trump’s presidency. Americans need to decide if they want to continue to follow Trump down the ” shithole” he created for Americans here and around the world.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

10 thoughts on “Impeach Trump: Time Americans Look Beyond America

  1. That situation with the Kurds is infuriating. They were our allies and they have also been a persecuted group in multiple countries. I became more aware of this after watching the Turkish film “Before Your Eyes” which took place in Diyarbakir in Southeastern Turkey AKA Turkish Kurdistan. It was a very powerful film about Kurdish children who had to survive after their parents were murdered by a paramilitary officer. When I saw that rhetoric of the Kurds being demonized, my heart sank. This was not a victory for civilization and anyone with a modicum of understanding with that sociopolitical issue would say it wasn’t.

      1. That’s a bummer. I wasn’t aware of that. Looks like Film Movement (the US distributor) has it for streaming and this site called Tubi has a stream of it, too.

    1. Hi Roald, I noticed that too. I didn’t delete it but wondered if you did. Not sure what happened. Was getting ready to respond to you and Curtis when I couldn’t find your response.

  2. Hello Angela I hope things are working out for you! Trump is only doing what he is told to do just like all the other Presidents. This country has no honor, does not keep promises and like the real father of this country will lie to get what they want. I have absolutely no respect for this country at all

    1. Hi Rudy, I’m in firefighting mode. Hope all is well with you.

      I’m curious to see if our government works. If Trump is not removed from office or is re-elected then I agree with you entirely. But I’m hoping this country is the baloney I was fed as a child. Then I was a proud American.

      1. Hi Angela! I remember that nostalgia myself baloney meaning that the US was unbelievably good but that was really baloney! I have seen the real character of this country to many times!

        1. I wish some of us could take the knowledge we learned here and build strong nations in Africa. Given history, we need strong nations with decentralized semi-autonomous infrastructures.

          1. What “we” need is sociocracy, The majority power of so called democratic systems would be over then.

            Re: “……..and build strong nations in Africa.” Hurry up then, as China and Russia is taking Africa over with speed. Yup, the next colonization of the continent is on its way. It’s just not called like that.

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